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The Original Lull Mattress

Price Range: $499 - $1099

This medium-firm mattress (6 out of 10 on the firmness scale) is a good choice for side and back sleepers. The medium firmness provides enough support for the back and hips, while the contouring memory foam cradles the shoulders and neck.

The Original Premium Mattress

Price Range: $799- $1399

This mattress is also medium firm(6 out of 10 on the firmness scale). It has a thicker comfort layer than the Original Lull Mattress, which makes it even more comfortable for side sleepers. The extra comfort layer of memory foam also helps to improve pressure relief.

Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Price Range: $ 999 - $1699

This mattress is a hybrid, which means it combines memory foam and pocket coils. It is a medium-firm mattress (6 out of 10 on the firmness scale). The pocket coils support and bounce, while the memory foam provides comfort and pressure relief. The Luxe Hybrid Mattress is a good choice for all sleep positions.

Waking up with lumbar discomfort can be a day-ruiner, and your mattress is often the silent culprit.

Lull Mattress has garnered significant attention among mattress brands, particularly regarding addressing lumbar discomfort issues.

Imagine feeling refreshed and pain-free, with your spine thanking you for the overnight support.

Please read this comprehensive Lull mattress review to see if it is the best option for lumbar discomfort and how it compares to its top competitors.

The Three Lull Mattress Collection:

The Lull Mattress Collection offers three mattresses: Original, Original Premium, and Luxe Hybrid. Each is designed to provide pressure relief, support, and cooling comfort.

The Lull Mattress Collection.

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The Original Lull Mattress

Lull ensures peaceful nights and refreshed mornings.

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PRICE RANGE: $499 - $1099

Best For side and back sleepers

The Original Lull Mattress reviews show it is specially designed for back and side sleepers. Its medium-firm consistency offers the perfect balance to ensure the spine is aligned properly while sleeping.

Side sleepers will particularly benefit, as these Lull mattresses provide ample support to the back and hips, ensuring a comfortable night's rest without added pressure.

Composition & Structure

It was built with three distinct layers of all-foam mattresses. The Original Lull mattress is engineered for comfort and support. Each comfort layer offers an unparalleled sleeping experience, promoting restful nights and pain-free mornings.

Trust Lull for your deepest, undisturbed sleep.

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The Memory Foam Advantage

  • Contouring Comfort: Memory foam adjusts to the average weight back sleepers' shape, cradling the shoulders and neck for optimal comfort.
  • Pressure Point Relief: This material evenly distributes weight, preventing stress on common pressure points.
  • Temperature Regulation: The high-resilience foam ensures a balanced sleeping temperature, preventing overheating at night. Lull mattress review praises its cooling technology.
  • Motion Isolation: Ideal for couples, the pressure-relieving foam minimizes movement transfer, ensuring undisturbed sleep.

Sizing & Firmness

At 10 inches in height, the Original Lull mattress is of a standard size, ensuring easy sheet fit. Ranking 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, its medium-firm nature is ideal for providing the requisite support without compromising comfort.

Experience serene sleep with Lull's unmatched comfort.

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Why It Is Among the Top-Rated Memory Foam Mattresses

The Original Lull stands out primarily due to its advanced gel memory foam. Like most all-foam mattresses, the Lull ensures a comfortable sleeping experience and actively disperses heat. It is responsive, supportive, pressure-relieving, durable, and motion-isolating, addressing the common overheating issue in many other memory foam mattresses.

Furthermore, its medium firmness caters to a wide range of sleepers, striking a balance between comfort and support. This level of versatility means most sleepers find it suitable for their needs.

Lastly, user testimonials frequently applaud Lull's durability and long-term comfort, cementing its place among top-rated pressure-relieving foam options.

Lull transforms every night into a slumber oasis.

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The Original Premium Mattress

Experience cloud-like comfort with this premium mattress.

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PRICE RANGE: $799- $1399

Best for Side Sleepers

The Original Premium Mattress is meticulously designed with side sleepers in mind.

Its medium-firm consistency and enhanced comfort layer ensure that side sleepers receive the utmost support, ensuring a restful night without the usual aches or pressures.

Layered Perfection

Comprising four distinctive layers of all-foam construction, the Original Premium Mattress epitomizes comfort paired with support. Each comfort layer is pivotal in ensuring average sleepers wake up rejuvenated, sans the typical stiffness or soreness.

The Original Premium: where dreams feel real.

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Exclusivity of Premium Memory Foam

  • Deep Contouring: The premium foam offers enhanced body contouring, especially for side sleepers.
  • Advanced Pressure Relief: This superior foam alleviates pressure even more effectively, ensuring all body curves are aptly supported.
  • Temperature Adaptability: The Lull mattress is crafted to regulate sleeping temperatures; this foam prevents excessive warmth.
  • Minimal Motion Transfer: Perfect for sharing a bed, the pressure-relieving foam isolates each movement, leading to undisturbed sleep.

The Original Premium redefines bedtime serenity.

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Height & Firmness Dynamics

Standing tall at 12 inches, the Original Premium Mattress surpasses the original variant in height, lending it a luxurious touch.

Rated 6 out of 10 in firmness, its medium-firm nature and the added Polyurethane foam layer ensure unparalleled comfort.

With a design catering to average-weight side sleepers, it provides more pressure relief, preventing hips from sinking.

Why the Original Premium Is a Top-Rated Mattress

The Original Premium shines with its enhanced layering system, which offers back and stomach sleepers an elevated level of comfort and support. The added thickness, predominantly from the premium memory foam layer, ensures optimal pressure relief, making it a dream for side sleepers.

While consistent with its Lull counterpart, its medium firmness is accentuated by the deeper comfort layers. This balance is pivotal for sleepers seeking both contouring and support.

User reviews frequently highlight its luxury feel, durability, and exceptional comfort, solidifying its top-rated status among mattresses.

Certified by CertiPUR-US, the Lull mattress guarantees no harmful chemicals, minimal off-gassing, and efficient body heat regulation.

Experience sleep's zenith with the Original Premium.

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Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Luxe Hybrid: where luxury meets restful sleep.

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PRICE RANGE: $ 999 - $1699

Best for Combination Sleepers

Designed to cater to the unique needs of combination sleepers, the Luxe Hybrid Mattress seamlessly blends comfort with functionality. Side, back, or average-weight stomach sleepers frequently shift sleeping positions around; this Lull mattress promises a harmonious balance.

The bed frame compatibility ensures combo sleepers can switch positions and sleep soundly.

Combo sleepers prefer the contouring and slight memory foam feel for a restful night's sleep.

Multilayered Design for Maximum Comfort

The Luxe Hybrid Mattress boasts a robust six-layer construction, ensuring every facet of a good night's restful sleep is catered to, from optimal support to plush comfort. Lull mattress review highlights Lull mattress construction.

Its intricate layers, from the comfort layer to the support and base layer, accommodate diverse sleeper types and a person's body type.

Rediscover tranquility atop the Luxe Hybrid mattress.

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The Synergy of Memory Foam and Springs

  • Memory Foam Benefits:
  • Adaptive Contouring: Adjusts to the body's shape, providing personalized comfort. The all-foam bed can prevent the hips from sinking with its added firmness
  • Pressure Point Alleviation: Evenly distributes weight, eradicating potential stress points.
  • Pocket Coil Advantages:
  • Dynamic Support: Offers the resilience required to support all sleep positions effectively.
  • Enhanced Bounce: The coils ensure the Lull mattress responds to movement, reducing the "sinking" feeling.

Dive into dreamland with Luxe Hybrid's softness.

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Specifications: Size & Firmness

With its impressive 13-inch stature, the Lull Mattress stands out in appearance and performance. Retaining a medium-firm rating of 6 out of 10, it combines the plushness of foam with the sturdiness of springs to cater to every sleeper's whim.

Why the Luxe Hybrid Is a Top-Rated Memory Foam Mattress

The Luxe Hybrid innerspring mattresses capture attention with its innovative blend of memory foam and pocketed coils. This fusion delivers the plushness of the pressure-relieving foam top comfort layer and the responsive support of springs, making it ideal for varied sleep styles.

Its six-layered design guarantees a night of tailored comfort, allowing sleepers to experience both pressure relief and bounce. This duality addresses the needs of combination sleepers exceptionally well.

Users often laud its ability to provide the best of both worlds, elevating the Luxe Hybrid to top-rated status in memory foam mattresses.

It's tailored for various sleeping positions, especially beneficial for back and stomach sleepers seeking a balanced firmness.

Luxe Hybrid blends comfort with dreamy nights.

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Lull Mattress: The Ultimate Solution for Back Pain Relief?

A Couple Getting ready to nestle into the embrace of Luxe Hybrid.

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Several parameters come into play when evaluating a mattress's effectiveness in alleviating lumbar discomfort. Let's delve deep into the Lull mattress's capabilities across various circumstances and features:

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to how movement on one side of the Lull mattress affects the other. This is critical, especially for couples, as one partner’s movements can disrupt the other’s sleep.

The Lull mattress excels in this aspect due to its memory foam layer. Memory foam, known for its motion isolation capabilities, ensures that any movement is confined to its point of origin, causing minimal disturbance to a sleeping partner.

The Lull mattress features a memory foam top layer, ensuring sleepers experience optimal nightly comfort.

Undisturbed sleep is crucial for those with lumbar discomfort. Constant movement and waking can exacerbate back issues, so Lull’s effective motion and body heat transfer reduction are pivotal in enhancing back comfort.

Dive into luxury with the Lull Hybrid Comfort layers.

(Credit: Lull)

Edge Support

Edge support gauges a mattress's stability around its perimeter. For people who often sit on the edge of a great mattress or sleep close to it, a mattress with weak edge support can lead to sagging, reducing its longevity and comfort.

With its combination of foam and pocketed coils, Lull's hybrid version provides commendable edge support. This ensures the Lull mattress remains supportive across its entire surface, which is crucial for uniform back support.

Minimal Off-Gassing

Off-gassing refers to the initial smell a new mattress might release, a byproduct of the manufacturing process. While not directly linked to lumbar discomfort, a comfortable and fresh sleeping environment is conducive to overall health.

The Lull memory foam mattress, made with CertiPUR-US certified foams, minimizes off-gassing. Although a faint new-mattress smell might initially dissipate quickly, it ensures users enjoy a fresh sleeping environment.

Experience sleep's zenith with the Lull original Layers.

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Weight Considerations

A mattress's performance can vary based on the user's weight. Let's break down how the Lull mattress caters to different weight groups:

  • Average Weight (Below 230 lbs): Lull's medium-firm configuration is a boon for this weight group. The foam layers offer sufficient contouring, ensuring the spine remains neutrally aligned.

For back pain sufferers in this weight bracket, the Lull foam mattresses provide comfort and support, relieving pressure while ensuring the back remains supported.

  • Above 230 lbs: Heavier individuals exert more pressure on the Lull mattresses, sometimes leading to inadequate support. However, Lull's hybrid option, with its pocketed coils, offers additional support, ensuring the mattress doesn't sag excessively. This means even heavier users can enjoy good spine alignment and back support.

A couple is about to discover tranquility atop their new Luxe mattress.

(Credit: Lull)

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For Couples

Couples have unique mattress needs, from motion isolation to adequate space.

  • Firmness and Support: Lull's medium-firm rating caters to a broad range of sleepers. Whether you're a side, back, or combo sleeper, the mattress offers consistent support, which is crucial for couples with varied sleeping styles.
  • Pressure Relief: The Lull foam mattress excels in pressure relief, a testament to its memory foam layer. For couples, this means both partners can enjoy a mattress that adjusts to their unique pressure-relieving points, reducing the chances of waking up with aches or pains.

Lumbar discomfort is a persistent issue for many, and the right mattress can make a difference. With its diverse features and configurations, the Lull mattress is a worthy contender for lumbar discomfort relief.

Whether you prioritize motion isolation edge support or are concerned about weight-related performance, Lull seems poised to cater to these needs efficiently.

It's evident that while no mattress can claim to be a panacea for all back issues, the Lull mattress’s design and features give it a significant edge in the battle against lumbar discomfort.

Whether you're an individual sleeper or part of a couple, Lull hybrid mattresses offer a promising path to pain-free mornings and restful nights.

Which one of the Lull Mattress Collection will win your heart and sleep?

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The Lull Mattress Sizes and Current Prices

Original Lull Mattress

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $499
  • Full: $699
  • Queen: $799
  • King: $1099
  • California King: $1099

Original Premium Mattress

  • Twin: $599
  • Twin XL: $599
  • Full: $799
  • Queen: $899
  • King: $1199
  • California King: $1199

Luxe Hybrid Mattress

  • Twin: $999
  • Twin XL: $999
  • Full: $1199
  • Queen: $1399
  • King: $1399
  • California King: $1399

Know Your Rights: What to Do Before Buying a Lull Mattress

Investing in a good mattress is more than buying a sleeping surface; it ensures years of comfort and sound sleep.

When considering Lull as your mattress brand, you must familiarize yourself with the rights and privileges they give to their customers. Here's what you need to know:

Financing Options

In today's world, not everyone can make an outright purchase. Recognizing this, Lull provides flexible financing options. Before you purchase, you can explore these options to determine which payment plan suits your budget.

Some plans offer interest-free installments if the balance is paid within a specific period. Please understand the terms and conditions and select an option that matches your financial capabilities.

365 Night Trial Period

One of the most appealing aspects of Lull is its generous trial period. Unlike many brands that offer a 30-sleep trial or 100-night trial, Lull provides an extensive 365-sleep trial. You can sleep on the Lull mattress for a year and determine if it fits you.

However, before initiating the trial, understand the return protocol. There may be stipulations about the mattress's condition or the duration before you can initiate a return.

Knowing these details upfront makes it a hassle-free experience if you decide the Lull mattress isn't for you.

Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty speaks volumes about a brand's confidence in its product. Lull offers this assurance, promising customers their mattress will stand the test of time. However, a warranty often comes with specifics regarding what it covers.

It might cater to manufacturing defects, sagging beyond a certain depth, or other issues but might not cover regular wear and tear or damages due to misuse. You can familiarize yourself with these details to make an informed decision and maintain your Lull mattress appropriately.

Free Shipping and Quick and Easy Returns

Lull’s commitment to customer convenience is evident in its free shipping policy. This eliminates hidden costs and ensures you only pay for the product.

Additionally, if you return the Lull mattress within the trial period, Lull facilitates quick and easy returns.

While 'easy returns' sound convenient, it's beneficial to understand the specifics. What does the company require from you?

Do you need to retain the original packaging, or are there specific conditions the mattress must meet? Clarity on these aspects makes the return process smoother.

Knowledge is power when investing in a Lull mattress or any product. By acquainting yourself with these rights and options, you make an informed decision and ensure that your buying experience is seamless and satisfactory.

Comparing Lull with Leading Competitors

Lull Mattress vs. Nectar Mattress

Material Quality:

Both Lull and Nectar prioritize high-quality materials in their mattresses. Lull incorporates layers of gel-infused memory foam and support foam, whereas Nectar is known for its adaptive hi-core memory foam combined with a breathable base comfort layer.

Drift effortlessly on the Nectar Hybrid's embrace.

(Credit: Nectar)

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Cooling Features:

  • Lull Mattress:
  • Gel-infused memory foam: Provides improved airflow and dissipates heat.
  • Breathable cover: Aids those who sleep hot by keeping the sleep surface cooler.
  • Nectar Mattress:
  • Quilted gel memory foam: Helps contour the body while ensuring temperature neutrality.
  • Tencel cooling cover: Offers enhanced breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

Firmness Level:

While both mattresses hover around the medium-firm range, Lull is often described as a 6 out of 10, with Nectar slightly firmer at around 6.5.

Support System:

Lull’s foundational layers are designed to offer optimal lumbar support, particularly for side and back sleepers. Nectar, on the other hand, with its thicker construction, provides pronounced deep compression support, making it suitable for heavier individuals as well.

Comfort Level:

Both mattresses excel in the comfort department thanks to their adaptive foam layers. Lull’s contouring is more pronounced due to its gel-infused support layer, while Nectar offers a balanced feel of support and plushness.

Noise Level:

Memory foam mattresses, in general, are known for being silent. Both Lull and Nectar maintain this standard, offering virtually noiseless experiences when bearing weight or during movement.

Lull Mattress vs. Purple Mattress

Material Quality:

Lull employs layers of gel memory foam combined with support foam to achieve its unique feel. On the other hand, Purple's standout feature is its patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid, coupled with layers of transition and support foams.

Purple promises unparalleled slumber experiences

(Credit: Purple)

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Cooling Features:

  • Lull Mattress:
  • Gel memory foam: Enhances breathability and heat dissipation.
  • Breathable cover: Facilitates cooler sleep by promoting airflow.
  • Purple Mattress:
  • Hyper-elastic polymer grid: Designed with open channels, ensuring efficient airflow.
  • Temperature-neutral material: Unlike traditional foams, the unique grid doesn't retain heat.


While Lull is generally rated as a medium firmness (around 6 out of 10), Purple's firmness can vary slightly based on the model but usually feels medium (closer to a 6.5).


Lull’s construction offers balanced support, particularly for side and back sleepers. Purple’s grid design, meanwhile, provides dynamic support, flexing under pressure points while staying supportive elsewhere.


Lull’s memory foam layers offer contouring, comfort, and molding to the body. Purple’s unique grid structure gives a distinct, gel-like feel, balancing pressure relief and support.

Noise Level:

Both Lull and Purple excel at ensuring a quiet sleeping experience. Their foam—and polymer-based designs result in heavy sleepers and minimal noise during movements.

Lull Mattress vs. Casper Mattress

Material Quality:

Lull utilizes a blend of gel-infused memory and support foam to offer a unique sleeping experience. Casper, in contrast, is known for its multi-layer design, comprising a mix of proprietary, memory, and dense support foam.

Casper Mattress offers a nightly rejuvenation journey.

(Credit: Casper)

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Cooling Features:

  • Lull Mattress:
  • Gel-infused memory foam: Assists in reducing heat retention.
  • Breathable cover: Encourages enhanced airflow for a cooler sleep.
  • Casper Mattress:
  • Open-cell proprietary foam: Allows for better heat dissipation.
  • Perforated breathable foam: Increases airflow and reduces heat.


Lull is often described as having a medium firmness, rated around 6 out of 10. With its zoned support, Casper sits at a similar medium firmness level, around 6 to 6.5.


Lull focuses on uniform support across the mattress, offering adequate lumbar assistance. Casper's standout is its zoned support, providing targeted relief to different body areas.


Lull’s foam layers contour to the body, ensuring plush comfort. With its zoned design, Casper provides a balance of softness and support, ensuring optimal spine alignment.

Noise Level:

Both mattresses offer a nearly silent sleep experience thanks to their foam constructions, minimizing movement disturbances.

Overall Comparison:

The Lull mattress stands out for its consistent medium firmness and the cooling capabilities of its gel memory foam.

The Nectar offers a slightly firmer feel, focusing on deep compression support, suitable for heavier individuals.

The Purple mattress introduces a unique sleeping experience with its Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid, offering dynamic support and a distinct gel-like comfort.

Casper, meanwhile, excels with its zoned support, delivering tailored reinforcement and spinal alignment.

While each mattress has unique strengths, Lull's blend of support, comfort, and cooling makes it a versatile choice for average-weight sleepers.

Understanding Back Pain and the Role of Mattresses

The Science Behind Back Pain

Lumbar pain is one of the most common complaints worldwide. It can arise from various causes, including injuries, sedentary lifestyles, and age-related wear and tear.

While some sources of pain are more serious, like herniated discs or spinal deformities, others can be mitigated or even prevented with the right support.

How Your Mattress Influences Your Spine

  • Support & Alignment: A quality mattress will provide consistent support across your body, ensuring your spine remains neutrally aligned. An inadequate mattress can lead to or worsen misalignment.
  • Pressure Point Relief: Good mattresses distribute body weight uniformly, preventing pressure points, especially in the shoulders and hips. Stressing these points can exacerbate lumbar discomfort.
  • Material & Firmness: The materials used in a Lull mattress and its firmness level can significantly affect how it supports the back. Memory foam, for example, offers contouring, while innersprings provide a bounce.
  • Lifespan & Sagging: Over time, even the best mattresses can wear out and sag, reducing their ability to support the spine correctly and potentially increasing pain.

Identifying the Right Mattress for Your Back

Finding the right mattress is crucial for those with lumbar discomfort. A mattress that suits one person might not suit another. Personal factors like weight, sleeping position, and specific back pain issues play pivotal roles.

Understanding one's needs and considering expert recommendations and user reviews is essential for making an informed choice.

Conclusion: Is Lull Truly the Best for Back Pain?

This Lull mattress review reveals its superior comfort. After delving into its features, comparisons, and intricacies, it's evident that it offers commendable support and comfort for those suffering from back pain.

Lull's lifetime warranty stands apart, showcasing its commitment to long-lasting quality compared to other mattresses.

Its medium firmness and contouring memory foam offer a balance of support and pressure relief essential for spinal alignment.

While individual experiences may vary, and other competitors like Nectar, Purple, and Casper have their strengths, the Lull mattress consistently stands out for back pain alleviation.

However, the ultimate test lies in personal experience.

For many, Lull might be the lumbar discomfort solution they've been seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the lull bed need a box spring?

The Lull bed is designed with modern materials that provide ample support without needing a traditional box spring. Instead, it can be placed on any flat, sturdy surface, including platform beds, slatted frames, or adjustable bases. However, using a box spring is optional and based on personal preference.

Are lull mattresses good for heavy people?

Lull mattresses offer medium firmness, which can provide adequate support for individuals of average weight. However, the mattress might not offer the necessary support and durability for heavier individuals over time. Those over 230 lbs may benefit from mattresses designed for heavier weight profiles.

What brand of mattress is like Lull?

Casper, Nectar, and Purple are brands often compared to Lull, given their similar online direct-to-consumer model and memory foam offerings. Each brand has unique features, but all aim to provide a balanced blend of support, comfort, and cooling in the competitive bed-in-a-box market.

What are all the benefits of a lull mattress?

Nectar, Casper, and Purple resonate with Lull's ethos in the bed-in-a-box market. While Lull emphasizes gel memory foam comfort, Nectar offers deep contouring, Casper boasts zoned support, and Purple stands out with its unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid. Each brand provides distinct qualities, yet they all aim for optimal sleep.

Is the Lull mattress good for bad backs?

The Lull mattress offers many benefits: it combines gel-infused polyurethane foam for cooling and pressure relief, medium firmness for balanced support and comfort, and a hassle-free online purchase experience. Its design caters to a range of sleepers, promoting spinal alignment and reducing motion transfer

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