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Have you ever woken up with nagging shoulder pain or a stiff spine after a night of sleep on your old mattress? You're not alone.

As a side sleeper, I understand the need for the perfect balance of support and cushioning to ensure proper spine alignment and a comfortable night's rest.

Imagine drifting off into a dreamland where your body feels perfectly cradled, waking up refreshed and pain-free.

Dive into my comprehensive review to discover why the Dreamcloud Mattress might be your best option.

DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud: Sleep's luxury redefined.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Price Range: $499.00 - $999.00

Best For Side and Back Sleepers

DreamCloud isn't just another mattress; it's an experience tailored for those who value comfort.

It's a medium-firm mattress that is versatile enough to accommodate all sleep positions. However, it truly shines for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Our DreamCloud mattress review uncovers sleep's opulent secrets. Its design considers the typical pressure pains combination sleepers sleeping on their side faces.

The plush pillow-top layer gives that luxurious pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, ensuring you don’t wake up sore or uncomfortable.

Moreover, the supportive layers of memory foam are meticulously designed to ensure good spine alignment, a must-have for back sleepers.

The DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress construction has 7 layers of memory foam and coils. The top layers are soft foams that provide pressure relief, while the bottom layers are made of supportive coils that align the spine.

The prices for the DreamCloud mattress by size:

  • DreamCloud Sleep:
  • Twin: 38" x 75", $1,199
  • Twin XL: 38" x 80", $1,332
  • Full: 54" x 75", $1,499
  • Queen: 60" x 80", $1,669
  • King: 76" x 80", $1,999
  • California King: 72" x 84", $1,999

Why I Enjoy It

Beyond its remarkable features, the DreamCloud offers an unparalleled sleep experience.

The DreamCloud mattress review unveils elegance. Its combination of quality materials and design precision envelops sleepers in a cocoon of comfort, ensuring restful nights and energized mornings.

Features and Benefits of the DreamCloud Mattress

  • Adaptive Memory Foam: The foam layer adjusts to the combination sleeper body's contours, providing customized support and comfort.
  • Cooling Technology: Infused with cooling gel, the new mattress ensures hot sleepers don’t overheat during the night, offering a cool and restful sleep.
  • Durable Edge Support: Designed for longevity, the new mattress's robust edge support ensures it doesn't sag over time, extending its life and offering consistent comfort.
  • The DreamCloud mattress, with its memory foam and pocketed coil layers, offers a firmer mattress ideal for various sleeping positions. On the firmness scale, it minimizes motion transfer, ensuring a peaceful sleep regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Are you curious about the cost of the DreamCloud mattress? Visit the DreamCloud website for the latest deals.

Experience the Layers of DreamCloud's plush embrace.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: Suitable for all sleep positions, particularly side and back sleepers.
  • Luxurious Comfort: The plush pillow top ensures that every inch of your body feels cradled. With its gel memory foam layer, the DreamCloud offers a cooling mattress experience, perfect for hot sleepers.
  • High Durability: Made with high-quality materials designed to last.


  • Weight: Due to its robust construction, DreamCloud can be heavier, making repositioning or moving it slightly challenging.

Why It's a Top-Rated Hybrid Mattress With Strong Edge Support

DreamCloud isn’t merely about comfort; it reflects understanding combination sleepers' needs and delivering them consistently.

The durable mattress has raving reviews; numerous return customers testify to its quality and satisfaction.

DreamCloud stands tall in the competitive premium hybrid mattress market, blending technological advancements and classic comfort.

DreamCloud cradles you nightly.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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DreamCloud Premier Mattress

DreamCloud Premier: Ultimate sleep luxury.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Price Range: $699.00 - 1299.00

Best For Back and Stomach Sleepers

This DreamCloud mattress is a step from its sibling, the DreamCloud.

While it can accommodate all sleep positions, this variant might be optimal for back and stomach sleepers.

Designed with a slightly firmer finish, the Premier's structural integrity ensures no sinkage, a critical point for combination sleepers who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

The individually wrapped coils are its magic wand, offering unparalleled responsive support for the spine. The intricately designed layers of memory foam ensure that every pressure point is lovingly cradled.

What I have here isn't just a great hybrid mattress but an emblem of enhanced luxury for optimal comfort.

Here are the prices for the DreamCloud Premier mattress by size without the chart:

  • Twin: 38" x 75", $1,299
  • Twin XL: 38" x 80", $1,399
  • Full: 54" x 75", $1,599
  • Queen: 60" x 80", $1,799
  • King: 76" x 80", $2,199
  • California King: 72" x 84", $2,199

Why I Enjoy It

The DreamCloud mattress does not merely cater to sleep; it caters to the art of luxurious resting.

It’s like sleeping on a cloud but with the firmness that back and stomach sleepers often crave.

Every layer, every stitch screams perfection, ensuring that sleep isn’t just a nightly routine but an awaited indulgence.

The Hybrid Mattress’s Features and Benefits

  • Zoned Support Coils: These coils are strategically placed to give firmer support where needed, especially in the lumbar region, and gentler support in other areas.
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Sleep cool, sleep right. The gel infusion ensures the body’s heat is wicked away, promising a cooler sleep environment.
  • Luxurious Cashmere Blend Top: This isn’t just about aesthetics. The cashmere blend top is soft, enhancing the sleep experience and adding a touch of luxury.
  • High-Density Base Foam: The base layer isn’t just foundational; it’s pivotal for the mattress's longevity, ensuring stability and years of consistent support.

Embrace DreamCloud Premier's nightly comfort.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Pros and Cons


  • Targeted Support: The Premier's zoned support coils guarantee that every region of your body gets its support.
  • Cooling Excellence: Hot sleepers love the DreamCloud Premier rest because its Gel-infused memory foam eliminates sweaty, uncomfortable nights.
  • Stellar Design: Beyond functionality, the Premier has a beautiful cashmere blend top.


  • Price Point: With enhanced features and luxury comes a slightly steeper price tag. While the DreamCloud Premier offers great value, it might not fit everyone’s budget.

Why It's a Top-Rated Gel Memory Foam Mattress

In sleep, The DreamCloud Premier rest reigns supreme for valid reasons. From its meticulous design to its uncompromising commitment to quality, the Premier isn’t just a product; it’s a promise.

A promise of nights wrapped in luxury, mornings greeted with rejuvenation and undisturbed and pure sleep.

The consistent accolades and commendations it receives from users globally aren’t just for its design but for the tangible difference it brings to their sleep quality.

It’s no wonder that the DreamCloud Premier rest has carved a distinguished niche in the crowded world of hybrid mattresses.

Those who invest in it aren’t just buying a luxury mattress but investing in nights of dreamy opulence.

The DreamCloud Premier and the Premier Rest are not the same Hybrid mattress. The DreamCloud Premier is a luxury hybrid bed in a box that is made with a combination of memory foam and coils. It is 14 inches thick and has six layers.

The Premier Rest is also one of the best hybrid beds in a box, but it is made with a softer combination of foams. It is 16 inches thick and has seven layers of memory foam.

DreamCloud Premier perfects plush dreams.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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DreamCloud Rest Mattress

DreamCloud Rest: Sleep's finest embrace.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Price Range: $999.00 - $ 1599.00

Best For Side Sleepers

Among DreamCloud’s esteemed lineup, the DreamCloud Rest takes pride in being the softest and, perhaps, the most embracing. While it serves stomach sleepers well, it is a godsend for those sleeping on their side.

As side sleepers often struggle to balance cushioning and support, this medium-firm mattress offers an answer in its plush pillow-top layer, which cradles them in a gentle embrace.

The pressure relief is not just palpable; it's transformative. To further enhance the experience, the memory foam layers contour seamlessly to the body's nuances, creating an environment of ultimate comfort and support.

With the DreamCloud luxury hybrid bed in a box, a person sleeping on their side no longer needs to compromise; they get the best of both worlds.

The prices for the DreamCloud mattress by size:

  • DreamCloud Sleep:
  • Twin: 38" x 75", $1,669
  • Twin XL: 38" x 80", $1,873
  • Full: 54" x 75", $2,198
  • Queen: 60" x 80", $2,398
  • King: 76" x 80", $2,898
  • California King: 72" x 84", $2,898

Why I Enjoy It

The DreamCloud mattress resembles a lullaby that serenades you to sleep.

There's a certain allure in its softness, magic in its embrace, and promise in its design. While memory foam mattresses are renowned for comfort, the original DreamCloud mattress elevates the experience.

Every night becomes an opportunity to indulge in rest that isn't just deep but also healing.

Dive into the DreamCloud mattress construction; you'll find layers designed for the best pressure relief and support.

DreamCloud Rest Comfort Layers: Night's rejuvenating partner.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Features and Benefits of this DreamCloud Mattress

  • Advanced Contouring Memory Foam: This soft foam adapts to every curve of your body, ensuring optimal support and comfort and making every sleep feel personalized.
  • Breathable Tencel Cover: A top layer that is luxuriously soft and incredibly breathable, ensuring a fresh sleeping environment.
  • Reinforced Edge Support: Despite its softness, the DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress boasts impeccable edge support, ensuring durability and an extended sleeping surface.
  • Adaptive Response Transition Layer: Acting as a bridge between the soft pillow-top and the firmer base, this layer ensures smooth body weight distribution and enhances the mattress's adaptability.

DreamCloud Rest: Your serene sleep haven.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional Pressure Relief: Designed for side sleepers, the DreamCloud mattress offers second-to-none pressure relief.
  • Cool and Cozy: Thanks to the breathable cashmere blend cover, warmth and sweat during sleep are a thing of the past.
  • Versatile Support: The combination of plushness and the adaptive response layer ensures softness without compromising support.
  • The comfort layer sets DreamCloud apart from other mattresses, ensuring a night of unparalleled luxury.


  • Not Ideal for Heavy Back Sleepers: While it caters to a broad spectrum, heavier back sleepers might find it too plush for their liking.

Why It's a Top-Rated Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattresses are not t just another feather in DreamCloud’s cap; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to diverse sleeping needs.

Receiving rave reviews across platforms, its success is underpinned not just by its features but by the tangible sleep quality enhancement it offers users.

Those sleeping on their side, in particular, have lauded how it addresses their unique needs, offering them nights free from tossing, turning, and discomfort.

The plushness and strategic support make it not just a medium-firm mattress but an experience. Those investing in the DreamCloud Rest aren’t merely purchasing a product but securing a passport to nights of unparalleled rest.

In the vast ocean of the best mattresses, this DreamCloud mattress emerges as a beacon of comfort and quality, a true epitome of what restful sleep should feel like.

This couple relishes the DreamCloud Rest experience.

(Credit: DreamCloud Sleep)

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Why Do Side Sleepers Love The DreamCloud So Much?

The DreamCloud mattresses, beyond their comfort and support, are celebrated for their versatility across diverse circumstances.

The DreamCloud mattress review shows that it is a 14-inch six-layered luxury hybrid that is medium-firm and suitable for varied sleep positions. Conversely, the Premier Rest, a 16-inch hybrid mattress with seven layers, offers a softer foam blend, ideal for side sleepers and those seeking pressure relief. Both cater to different comfort preferences.

But there's a particular affection that side sleepers seem to harbor for them.

To understand this admiration, it's essential to explore the DreamCloud mattress performance across different features:

Motion Transfer

For those sleeping on their side, especially those who share their bed, the motion transfer capability of a medium-firm mattress is crucial. Every time a partner moves, a side sleeper's alignment can get disrupted, leading to disturbances in sleep.

The DreamCloud, with its advanced layering, significantly minimizes motion transfer.

The foam layers absorb movements, ensuring one partner's tossing or turning doesn’t wake the other. This is a blessing in disguise for light-sleeping side sleepers.

Edge Support

Edge support isn't just about sitting on the bed but maximizing the sleep surface. Those sleeping on their side who tend to switch sides or move closer to the edges need robust edge support.

The DreamCloud offers reinforced edge support, ensuring the sides are as comfortable and supportive as the middle.

This is especially vital for preventing that "rolling off" feeling.


A new mattress often comes with a distinct smell due to the manufacturing and packaging processes, commonly termed off-gassing.

DreamCloud mattresses exhibit minimal off-gassing, and any slight odor dissipates quickly.

For Those sleeping on their side who love to snuggle into their mattresses, this ensures an unwelcome smell doesn't greet them.

Average Weight and Body Type:

Below 230 lbs

For those sleeping on their side below this weight, the DreamCloud offers a blend of softness and support almost tailored to them.

The plush upper layers cradle the body's contours, while the supportive base layers offer alignment, ensuring no undue pressure on the shoulders or hips.

Above 230 lbs

Heavier side sleepers benefit from DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress design.

The individually wrapped coils, combined with the memory foam, provide both contouring and support, ensuring that the spine remains aligned and the body is well-supported, preventing sinkage.

For Couples

Beyond motion transfer, couples often have diverse sleeping needs.

The DreamCloud’s adaptive nature ensures that both side sleepers and back sleepers get the support and comfort they desire.

This adaptability makes the mattress a favorite among couples with varied sleeping patterns.

Firmness and Support

The DreamCloud DreamCloud balances firmness and softness, leaning towards medium-firm. For side sleepers, this equilibrium is essential.

The DreamCloud mattress provides the firmness needed for spinal alignment, while its top layers offer the softness required for pressure point relief.

It’s this blend that side sleepers adore, as it feels like they’re being supported and embraced simultaneously.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is paramount for side sleepers. The shoulders and hips are the primary pressure-relieving points; without adequate relief, they can experience discomfort or pain.

The DreamCloud, with its contouring foam layers, cushions these pressure points, providing relief and comfort throughout the best night's sleep.

Pain Relief Performance

Many side sleepers resort to this position due to chronic pain or post-surgery comfort.

The DreamCloud has been heralded for its pain relief performance.

Ensuring optimal spinal alignment and relieving pressure points helps mitigate pain and discomfort, making it a favorite among chronic pain patients.

Temperature Regulation

Sleeping hot can be uncomfortable, and temperature control is crucial for those sleeping on their side, who often sink deeper into the DreamCloud mattress.

The DreamCloud's gel-infused memory foam and breathable cashmere blend cover ensure that the mattress remains cool, wicking away body heat and ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.

Firmness Level

Every sleeper defines comfort when it comes to firmness. However, those on their side generally lean towards medium to medium-firm mattresses.

The DreamCloud offers this exact firmness level, ensuring that side sleepers get the extra support they need without sacrificing the softness they crave.


The DreamCloud isn’t just a mattress; it’s an embodiment of understanding the nuanced needs of side sleepers. Every aspect seems to cater to their unique requirements, from design to features.

Whether it’s motion isolation, pressure relief, or firmness, the DreamCloud checks all boxes, ensuring that those who sleep on their side get restful sleep and wake up refreshed and pain-free.

No wonder those sleeping on their side have a soft spot for DreamCloud in the vast landscape of mattresses.

It's not just about sleeping; it’s about sleeping right, and with the DreamCloud, those sleeping on their side find their perfect companion.

Can the DreamCloud mattress be any good for back and stomach sleepers?

While side sleepers favor the DreamCloud mattress for its contouring capabilities, it also offers some benefits to back and stomach sleepers.

Its luxury hybrid construction ensures a balanced blend of support and comfort. The DreamCloud mattress provides spinal alignment for back sleepers, keeping the back neutrally positioned.

On the other hand, average-weight stomach sleepers benefit from the mattress's firm support core, which prevents the hips from sinking too deep, ensuring proper posture and reducing strain.

Know Your Rights: What to Do Before Buying a DreamCloud Mattress

Purchasing a mattress is a significant investment in finances and the promise of restful sleep.

Consumers must know their rights with brands like DreamCloud making waves in the industry.

Before taking the leap and getting your own DreamCloud mattress, let's delve into some key factors you should be acquainted with:

Financing Options

Money should never be a barrier between you and your dream sleep. DreamCloud understands this, offering various financing options tailored to different financial situations.

  • Monthly Installments: Instead of paying the entire amount upfront, you can opt for monthly installments, spreading the cost over a period.
  • Partnership with Financial Institutions: DreamCloud often partners with finance providers to offer no-interest or low-interest installment plans. Make sure you read the fine print, understand the interest rate, if any, and determine the tenure that suits you best.
  • 365-Night Trial Period:
    Choosing the perfect mattress is a personal journey, and DreamCloud gives you ample time for this discovery.
  • Risk-Free Testing: Once you purchase the DreamCloud mattress, you have an entire year – 365 nights – to test it out. This is incredibly generous compared to the industry standard, allowing you to truly understand if the mattress suits your sleeping patterns and preferences.
  • No Pressure: During this period, if you feel the DreamCloud mattress isn't the right fit, you can return it, no questions asked. It's a testament to DreamCloud's commitment to ensuring every customer finds their perfect sleep match.

Lifetime Warranty

The longevity and durability of a product, especially something as crucial as a mattress, are vital considerations.

  • Commitment to Quality: DreamCloud's lifetime warranty underscores its faith in the product's durability and commitment to customers.
  • Terms and Conditions: While a lifetime warranty sounds enticing, always read the fine print. Understand what's covered – whether it's sagging, manufacturing defects, or other potential issues. Being informed will ensure you can utilize the warranty if the need arises.
  • Free Shipping and Returns:
    The essential factors are the convenience of having a DreamCloud mattress delivered to your doorstep and the assurance that returns will be free of charge.
  • Hassle-Free Delivery: DreamCloud offers free shipping, ensuring your mattress reaches you in pristine condition. The simple unboxing process allows you to set up your sleep sanctuary easily.
  • Easy Returns: The return process is uncomplicated if you decide during the trial period that the mattress isn't for you. With free returns, DreamCloud removes any potential financial reservations about testing the DreamCloud mattress.

Empowered consumers make the best decisions.

Knowing your rights regarding financing, trials, warranties, and shipping can significantly influence your purchasing journey when considering a DreamCloud mattress.

DreamCloud stands out not just for its product quality but also for its customer-centric policies.

So, as you venture into enhancing your sleep quality, ensure you're equipped with all the knowledge to make the most of DreamCloud.

The DreamCloud Mattress and Its Competitions

DreamCloud Mattress vs. Nectar Mattress

Experience restful nights with Nectar

(Credit: Nectar Sleep)

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Material Quality:

Both mattresses emphasize high-quality materials. While DreamCloud blends foam layers with individually wrapped coils for a luxury hybrid mattress approach, the Nectar mattress prioritizes multiple layers of premium memory foam, ensuring pressure relief and body-conforming support.

Cooling features

  • DreamCloud mattress incorporates gel-infused memory foam and a breathable cover, working synergistically for optimal temperature control.
  • Nectar uses a Tencel cooling cover and gel memory foam to remove heat and promote airflow. This helps hot sleepers sleep better.


  • DreamCloud mattress leans towards medium-firm, suitable for various sleepers.
  • Conversely, Nectar situates itself at a true medium, achieving a balanced blend of plushness and support.


DreamCloud's luxury hybrid mattress structure offers robust support, especially bolstered by its coil layer. In contrast, Nectar’s all-foam construction ensures consistent, full-surface support, molding to the sleeper's body.


DreamCloud's mattress combines foam and coils, giving lightweight sleepers a dual experience of contouring and resilience. Nectar, being all foam, offers a deeper contouring sensation, ideal for those who prefer the classic enveloping comfort of memory foam.

Noise Level

While both mattresses prioritize a quiet sleeping environment, the DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress's coils may lead to minimal noise. Nectar, being foam-centric, guarantees a virtually noise-free experience.

In essence, choosing between DreamCloud mattress and Nectar would be a personal preference: a blend of bounce and contouring versus deep, soft, foam-based comfort. Both mattresses bring their unique strengths to the fore, ensuring quality sleep.

DreamCloud vs. Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress: Your plush sleep haven

(Credit: Purple)

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Material Quality

DreamCloud mattress boasts a luxurious blend of layers and a supportive coil system, delivering a luxury hybrid mattress experience.

Purple, meanwhile, emphasizes its unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid combined with foam or coil layers, depending on the variant.

Cooling features

  • DreamCloud mattress integrates gel-infused memory foam with a cover to regulate temperature.
  • Purple's open grid design inherently enhances airflow, making overheating rare to hot sleepers.


  • DreamCloud mattress tends to lean towards medium-firm, catering to various sleep preferences.
  • Purple offers a medium feel but a distinct experience due to its grid composition.


While the DreamCloud Premier mattress provides sturdy support through its coil and foam synergy, Purple's grid system offers dynamic adaptability, catering to different body shapes and weights.


DreamCloud Premier merges plush foam with responsive coils, offering a balanced feel. In contrast, Purple's grid introduces a unique, pressure-relieving comfort, marrying bounce with contour.

Noise Level

The DreamCloud Premier mattress's hybrid nature might result in minimal coil-related noise, but it's generally subdued. With Purple, whether the all-foam or luxury hybrid mattress variant, noise levels will range from virtually silent to minimal.

The decision between DreamCloud Premier mattress and Purple rests on whether one values the classic luxurious luxury hybrid and feel or is keen on exploring groundbreaking grid-based comfort.

Both offer distinct experiences but are undeniably top-tier in their offerings.

DreamCloud Mattress vs. Casper Mattress

Casper elevates sleep to luxurious levels.

(Credit: Purple)

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Material Quality

Both mattresses prioritize high-grade materials in their construction.

While DreamCloud rest incorporates a blend of memory foam, polyfoam, and individually encased coils, Casper primarily utilizes multiple layers of foam, including a zoned support layer.

Cooling features

  • DreamCloud: This bed is a friend for hot sleepers because it uses gel-infused memory foam and a cashmere-blend cover, ensuring breathability and heat dissipation.
  • Casper: Incorporates open-cell foam, which enhances airflow and prevents overheating.


  • DreamCloud: Typically falls in the medium-firm category, suitable for various sleepers.
  • Casper Also sits in the medium-firm range but may feel slightly softer due to its all-foam construction.


DreamCloud's luxury hybrid construction offers balanced support, especially with its coil layer, which ensures spinal alignment. On the other hand, Casper features a zoned support foam layer, providing targeted support to different body parts, such as more lift for hips and gentle cradling for shoulders.


Both mattresses offer contouring comfort. However, DreamCloud’s plush top layer combined with spring coils can provide a luxurious, plush feel, while Casper's all-foam design delivers consistent contouring across its surface.

Noise level

DreamCloud, being a luxury hybrid bed in a box, might produce slight noise due to its coil layer, though it's minimal. Casper, as an all-foam mattress, inherently offers a quieter sleep experience.

Overall Comparison: DreamCloud Mattress vs. Purple, Nectar, and Casper

Our DreamCloud Mattress review indicates that it's luxury hybrid design skillfully merges the coils' responsiveness with memory foam's contouring properties, serving a wide range of sleepers.

The Purple Mattress stands out for its unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid, offering hot sleepers a distinct feel and cooling experience.

As an all-foam option, Nectar leans towards deep contouring comfort, significantly focusing on pressure relief. Casper, another competitor, provides a zoned support system that tailors firmness to different body areas.

While each mattress has strengths, DreamCloud's balanced approach makes it a versatile contender in the fiercely competitive mattress market.

What to Look for When Buying a DreamCloud Mattress as a Side Sleeper?

Pressure Relief:
The most crucial consideration for side sleeping is effective pressure relief. Sleeping on one's side places substantial pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Opting for a DreamCloud mattress that contours and adapts to these curves can reduce the risk of soreness or discomfort. Memory foam, especially, is known for its superior contouring abilities, cradling the body's curves and distributing weight evenly.

  • Support and Spinal Alignment:
    Good support is paramount to prevent the spine from sinking into misalignment. While softness and contouring are essential, the DreamCloud mattress should ensure the spine remains neutral.
  • Luxury hybrid mattresses, which combine layers with pocketed coils, often offer the necessary blend of contouring and support a person sleeping on their side requires.
  • Firmness Level:
    While firmness is subjective and varies according to individual preference, most people who sleep on their side find medium to medium-soft mattresses ideal.

These firmness levels provide the plushness necessary to cushion pressure-relieving points yet are firm enough to prevent excessive sinking.

  • Temperature Regulation:
    Side sleepers may feel warmer during sleep due to the larger body surface in contact with the mattress. A DreamCloud mattress with cooling features, like gel-infused foams or open-cell structures, can help dissipate heat and offer hit sleepers a cooler sleep environment.

Breathable covers, moisture-wicking properties, or mattresses with coil systems that promote airflow can further enhance the cooling effect.

  • Edge Support:
    Strong edge support is crucial for those who tend to gravitate towards the edge of the bed or who often sit on the edge.
  • A mattress that sags or collapses at the edges reduces the usable surface area and can make getting in and out of bed challenging. Reinforced perimeters in luxury hybrids or high-density foam edges in all-foam mattresses can offer robust edge support.

In conclusion, while personal preference plays a significant role in mattress selection, a person sleeping on their side should prioritize pressure relief, spinal alignment, appropriate firmness, body temperature and control, and edge support. Considering these factors, sleeping on their side can ensure a comfortable and restorative sleep.

Maintenance Tips for a Longer DreamCloud Mattress Life

Purchasing a quality mattress is an investment in your health and well-being. To maximize this investment, it's imperative to maintain and care for your mattress adequately.

This DreamCloud mattress review shows that proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of a mattress, ensuring you get years of comfortable sleep. Here are five key tips to help you do just that:

Regular Rotation

Modern mattresses often don't need to be flipped due to their specific layering, but they benefit from regular rotation. Rotate your DreamCloud mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months. This helps in the even distribution of wear and can prevent sagging and indentations from forming, especially in the areas where you sleep the most.

Invest in a Quality Mattress Protector

Spills, sweat, and other liquids can damage a mattress's structural integrity and encourage mold and bacterial growth.

A good mattress protector is a barrier against these, preserving the material and ensuring hygiene. It’s an essential accessory for extending the lifespan of your mattress and is especially helpful if you eat or drink in bed, have children, or own pets.

Regular Cleaning

Over time, dust mites, dead skin cells, and allergens can accumulate in a mattress. Vacuuming your mattress every couple of months using the upholstery attachment can help remove these particles.

Also, please always address the stains as soon as possible. You can use a mild detergent, cold water, and dab instead of scrub to prevent the stain from spreading or the liquid from seeping deeper.

Maintain Adequate Support

The bed frame or foundation is pivotal in mattress longevity. Please ensure that your bed frame provides uniform support to the mattress, preventing any sagging. If using slats, they should be close together to offer adequate support.

Avoid Excessive Weight

Every mattress has a weight limit. While it's fun to let the kids jump on the bed or pile on furniture and heavy items temporarily, repeated or excessive weight can strain the materials, leading to premature wear and tear.

While a mattress's inherent quality is crucial for longevity, some care and attention can make a significant difference.

Following these maintenance tips ensures that your mattress remains a cozy, supportive sanctuary for sleep for many years.


This full DreamCloud mattress review has shown that choosing the perfect mattress is more than just a financial investment; it's a commitment to your health, well-being, and daily vitality.

Beyond the materials and technology, a mattress boasts, the right choice must align with your unique sleeping habits, preferences, and bodily needs.

Every individual deserves a restful night's sleep, and it starts by making informed decisions about where you rest your head each night.

By understanding your requirements, prioritizing quality, and ensuring diligent maintenance, you can secure countless nights of rejuvenating slumber, making each day brighter and more productive.

Sleep well, and choose wisely.

Choosing the Dreamcloud Mattress is more than just a financial investment; it’s a commitment to your health and well-being.

In this full review, I have highlighted the importance of finding a mattress that aligns with your unique sleeping habits and bodily needs.

You deserve a restful night's sleep, and it starts with making informed decisions about where you rest your head each night.

I recommend that you prioritize quality and comfort to secure countless nights of rejuvenating slumber, making each day brighter and more productive. Sleep well, and choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DreamCloud mattress soft or firm?

The DreamCloud mattress is a luxury hybrid that balances softness and support. While its plush pillow top offers a soft initial feel, the underlying layers provide firm support, classifying it as medium-firm. It's designed to cater to a wide range of sleep preferences.

How long do DreamCloud mattresses last?

DreamCloud mattresses are built with high-quality materials designed for durability. Proper care and maintenance can last 7-10 years or even longer. The company's confidence in longevity is reflected in its lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term user satisfaction.

Is DreamCloud mattress good for lower back pain?

The DreamCloud mattress, with its luxury hybrid construction, offers a balance of contouring comfort and firm support. Its design aids in aligning the spine, making it a suitable choice for those with lower back pain. Its supportive core helps maintain proper posture during sleep, potentially alleviating discomfort.

Is DreamCloud and Nectar the same thing?

DreamCloud and the Nectar mattress are distinct brands, but they both fall under the umbrella of the Resident Home company. While they share corporate ties, each brand offers unique mattress designs and features, catering to different sleep preferences and needs.

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