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Every parent understands the monumental transition from a crib to a toddler bed and the quest for the perfect mattress that comes with it.

As your little one grows, their sleep needs to evolve, making the mattress a top priority for their comfort and safety.

Imagine a bed that ensures your toddler's sweet dreams and aligns with their developmental needs, promoting healthy growth and sound sleep.

Many toddler mattresses come at an affordable price point.

Dive into this guide as we explore the best transition beds, making your selection process smoother and ensuring your peace of mind with each bedtime.

Understanding the Toddler Sleep Cycle

What defines a toddler's unique sleep cycle?

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It's crucial to recognize that toddlers have a distinct sleep cycle compared to adults. The right mattress aids in sustaining deep sleep, which is critical for cognitive and physical development.

A disrupted sleep cycle could hinder their learning and growth, emphasizing the importance of choosing the correct toddler mattress.

Support and Safety First

Toddlers' bodies are in a constant phase of growth. The Ideal toddler bed supports the spine and neck, ensuring proper posture.

Moreover, as toddlers can be restless sleepers, safety is paramount.

The toddler beds should be firm enough to prevent any risk of suffocation and fit snugly within the crib frame to avoid gaps.

Easing the Transition with Comfort

Transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed is a significant milestone. Selecting a comfortable mattress that mimics the security of their crib can make this shift smoother. A

Additionally, hypoallergenic materials can protect sensitive toddler skin, ensuring a peaceful night's rest.

The 7 Best Toddler Beds

Best Toddler Mattress: Saatva Youth Mattress

Your Toddler Can Experience comfort with Saatva's unique design.

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The Saatva Youth Mattress is one of the top contenders for toddler mattresses.

It offers various features tailored to their unique needs, specifically for young ones transitioning from the crib to their first real toddler bed. Here's why it stands out:

The Saatva bed is among the best toddler mattresses. It isn't just another kind of toddler bed – it's an experience of comfort.

With its dual-sided design, it caters to both younger kids and pre-teens, ensuring a snug sleep.

The cotton cover, cushioning, and responsive support make it feel like a gentle embrace, ensuring your child looks forward to bedtime.


Trust Saatva for your child's best rest.

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Dual-Sided Versatility:

  • The toddler bed is innovatively designed with two sides. One side caters to 3-7-year-olds with a firmer feel, while the flip side offers a softer experience for 8-12-year-olds, accommodating growing bodies.
  • The Saatva toddler beds are meticulously crafted for children, offering a firmer side and a bit softer side to cater to their evolving needs. Made with non-toxic materials, this standard-size mattress seamlessly fits standard cribs, ensuring safety and comfort.

Organic Cotton Cover & Natural Materials:

  • Prioritizing your child's health, Saatva uses a hypoallergenic and breathable cotton cover. The natural thistle flame barrier ensures safety without the use of harmful chemicals. It is CertiPUR-US certified foam.
  • The CertiPUR is a non-profit organization that tests and certifies foam mattresses for emissions of harmful chemicals. Foam mattresses certified by CertiPUR-US meet strict standards for emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.

Durable Coil Support & Spine Alignment:

  • Beneath the plush top layer, a system of coil springs offers optimal support. This design promotes healthy spine alignment, which is essential during these growing years.

Consider dual-sided mattresses for extended use.

Why It's a Top-Rated Toddler Bed:

This Saatva Youth Mattress is more than just a sleep surface; it invests in your child's health and well-being.

Its commitment to organic and safe materials and ergonomic design ensures your toddler gets quality sleep.

Numerous parents laud it for the peace of mind it offers, knowing their child rests on a mattress that supports their growth, health, and safety.

Combined with Saatva's reputation for customer service and material quality, it's clear why the firm mattresses have climbed the ranks to become a favorite among discerning caregivers.

Saatva transforms your toddler sleep into a nightly luxury.

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Newton Crib Mattress

Every toddler deserves a Newton's night rest.

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The Newton Crib Mattress has carved out a significant niche in the crib and toddler mattress industry, primarily due to its innovative design and meticulous attention to children's needs.

As your little one steps into the world of big-kid beds, here's why the Newton Crib Mattress is a frontrunner:

The Newton Crib Mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, with an optimal blend of softness and support.

The breathable design of the toddler beds ensures your child remains cool and comfortable even on warmer nights.

The adaptability of the toddler mattress molds to their tiny contours, making it their favorite sleep companion.


Newton ensures toddlers sleep peacefully every night.

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  • 100% Breathable Design:
  • With Newton's innovative Wovenaire® core, air circulates freely, reducing the risk of suffocation and ensuring a regulated sleep temperature. This design also means no more sweaty backs or uncomfortable tossing and turning.
  • Completely Washable:
  • Yes, you read that right! The entire mattress is washable, ensuring a hygienic sleep environment. Whether it's a diaper accident or a spilled drink, cleaning up is a breeze, ensuring longevity and freshness.
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified:
  • Safety and health come first with the Newton Crib Mattress. It boasts GreenGuard Gold certified, meaning it's free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Caregivers can rest easy knowing their child is sleeping on a surface that prioritizes their well-being.

Why It's Among the Top-Rated Toddler Beds:

Newton mattress is a parent’s top pick for toddlers. The toddler bed stands head and shoulders above many competitors, and the rave reviews speak for themselves. Its emphasis on safety, with the breathable design and chemical-free certification, puts many parents' minds at ease.

The added benefits of washability and temperature regulation further enhance its appeal.

Newton's commitment to creating a mattress that grows with your child and their stellar customer feedback. It is clear why their children's mattress is considered one of the best in the market.

Choose Newton for your toddler's serene slumber.

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Organic Dream Crib Mattress + Toddler Bed

Organic Dream: Infants and Toddlers' ultimate sleep companion.

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The Organic Dream Cotton 2-stage Mattress is a testament to combining nature's best offerings with cutting-edge technology.

It promises your toddler a wholesome and comfortable sleeping experience, but what truly sets it apart from toddler bed mattresses? Let’s delve into:

Wrapped in soft cotton, the Organic Dream toddler bed gives each night a gentle and reassuring embrace.

Its responsive support and plush feel mean your toddler enjoys a restful night, waking up rejuvenated and ready for a new day of adventures.


  • Pure Organic Cotton Outer Layer:
  • It boasts a 100% organic cotton removable cover that ensures a soft, non-irritating touch, perfect for the sensitive skin of toddlers. This layer also enhances breathability and moisture-wicking properties.
  • Dual Firmness Design:
  • Catering to infants and toddlers, one side offers firmer support suitable for babies, while the flip side is slightly softer, ideal for growing toddlers, ensuring extended usability.
  • Lightweight Construction:
  • Moving and handling any of these toddler beds is a breeze due to its lightweight design. This also makes sheet changes and general maintenance more manageable for caregivers.

Choose Organic Dream for toddler sleep perfection.

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Organic Materials Advantages:

Opting for organic materials ensures a chemical-free environment for your child.

Besides being gentle, the cotton is cultivated without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it eco-friendly.

This guarantees reduced allergen exposure, a natural feel, and a sustainable environmental choice.

Comparing the 2-stage Design:

The genius of a 2-stage design is its longevity and adaptability. While infants benefit from a firmer surface that ensures the safety and reduces suffocation risks, toddlers often need more softness for comfort.

This dual-design twin mattress means parents don't need to invest in a new mattress during the early years of their child's life.

Why It's Among the Finest Toddler Beds:

The Organic Dream stands out because it emphasizes natural materials and adaptable design. Its 2-stage feature combined with pure organic cotton offers practicality and peace of mind.

The numerous glowing reviews emphasizing its comfort and durability solidify its position as a top choice among informed caregivers.

For your toddler, Organic Dream can mean peaceful nights.

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Avocado Organic Crib Mattress

Avocado ensures your toddler's deep, restful sleep.

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Nestling into the niche of sustainable and health-focused sleep solutions, the Avocado Organic Crib Mattress has swiftly emerged as a favorite.

With its eco-friendly credentials and meticulous design tailored for the youngest of sleepers, here's what makes it a cut above the rest:

The Avocado Organic Crib, the big kid bed, is synonymous with snug comfort. Its responsive design adapts to your toddler's shape, offering them a personalized sleep experience.

The natural coolness of chemical-free materials ensures your child sleeps through the night, free from overheating or discomfort.


Handmade with GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton:

  • The toddler beds are crafted with a premium, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton cover, which feels luxuriously soft against delicate skin, ensuring utmost comfort.

Nontoxic & Chemical-Free Design:

  • High-density foam guarantees a good night's sleep. Prioritizing your child's safety, the Avocado toddler mattress is free from polyurethane foams, harmful chemicals, and off-gassing materials. It boasts a GREENGUARD Gold certification, reflecting its health and safety standards.

Avocado: Every Toddler's dream sleep companion.

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Supportive Inner Coil System:

  • Beneath the organic layers lies a pocketed coil system designed to provide edge support and distribute weight evenly. This ensures a consistent sleeping surface, which is vital for growing toddlers.

Green Materials and Eco-Friendliness:

The Avocado Organic Crib Mattress is a testament to eco-conscious craftsmanship.

Every material, from cotton to naturally derived latex, is sourced responsibly, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Organic latex mattresses are good for your child and the planet, embodying the ethos of sustainable living and consumption.

Why It's One of the Superior Toddler Beds:

The Avocado standard bigger bed has won the hearts of countless parents, not just for its premium design but also its commitment to sustainability.

The fusion of chemical-free materials, health-conscious certifications, and stellar craftsmanship positions it as a leader in the toddler mattress segment.

Its widespread acclaim stems from its ability to offer comfort and peace of mind, ensuring your toddler's well-being while promoting eco-friendly values.

Your toddler deserves Avocado's organic comfort.

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Naturepedic Organic 2-stage lightweight crib and Toddler mattress

Your toddler thrives with Naturepedic's organic support.

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Naturepedic has long been celebrated for its dedication to combining chemical-free materials with innovative designs.

Their Organic 2-stage Crib Mattress is a testament to this commitment, offering comfort, safety, and sustainability. Let's uncover its unique attributes:

Sleeping on the Naturepedic Organic 2-stage Crib Mattress feels like being cradled by nature. The organic composition offers a gentle touch to their skin, reducing irritations, while the dual-sided design ensures they get the right firmness tailored to their growth stage.


Dual-sided Firmness Design:

  • This 2-stage toddler bed is crafted to serve your child's evolving needs. One side offers a firmer surface for infants, while the other, with its softer touch, is perfect for toddlers, ensuring the mattress grows with your child.
  • Certified Organic Materials:
  • Ensuring purity and safety, the toddler mattress boasts a GOTS-certified organic cotton filling, eliminating exposure to harmful chemicals and allergens.
  • Seamless Waterproof Edges:
  • Accidents are inevitable in the toddler phase. The seamless edges of this toddler bed are waterproof, making clean-up effortless while preventing moisture penetration, ensuring the toddler bed's longevity.

Trust Naturepedic for your toddler's sleep evolution.

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The Importance of Organic in Toddler Mattresses:

For toddlers, with their sensitive skin and developing respiratory systems, exposure to chemicals can pose risks.

Organic mattresses, free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic materials, offer a purer, more natural sleep environment.

This reduces the chance of allergic reactions and ensures they're not inhaling potentially harmful off-gassing toxic chemicals.

The Naturepedic Organic Mattress is excellent for parents seeking a versatile sleep solution. With its toddler side designed for potty training and water-repellent mattress protectors, it ensures longevity and ease during this pivotal phase of toddler years.

Transitioning Ease and Comfort with Naturepedic:

The journey from a crib to a bigger toddler bed is monumental for a toddler. Naturepedic’s 2-stage design eases this transition by providing a sense of familiarity.

The consistent organic feel and the adjustable firmness levels will mean your child transitions comfortably and confidently.

Why It's a Superior Toddler Mattress:

Naturepedic's Organic 2-stage Crib Mattress garners acclaim for its organic integrity and thoughtful design.

Caregivers laud it for marrying safety with comfort, and its organic credentials only add to its allure.

This toddler bed is not just a sleep solution; it's a pledge to holistic well-being, making it a top pick in many households.

Naturepedic ensures your toddler's tranquil night's rest.

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Helix Kids Mattress

Helix promises your toddler restful, dreamy nights.

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Unlike other mattresses for toddlers, the Helix Kids Mattress has rapidly ascended the ranks in child sleep solutions.

Its innovative approach, specifically targeting older children whose needs and growth patterns, has made it a household favorite. You may choose to use it as a floor bed.

Here’s why this big kid bed is gaining such significant traction:

The Helix Kids Mattress feels like a dreamy playground. With its soft yet supportive structure, it cradles your toddler in comfort, encouraging those much-needed restful nights. It adapts to their every twist and turn, ensuring a deep, uninterrupted sleep.


  • Zoned Support System:
  • This unique feature ensures targeted support for older kids' heads, shoulders, hips, and feet. Distributing pressure evenly minimizes tossing and turning and promotes better spinal alignment.
  • Breathable Tencel Cover:
  • The Helix Kids Mattress comes wrapped in a waterproof cover, renowned for its natural cooling properties. This ensures your child remains cool and dry throughout the night, warding off overheating.
  • Durable Construction:
  • Built with high-density foams and a strong coil unit, the toddler bed is designed to withstand time. It accommodates your child's growth and changing needs, promising longevity and consistent performance.

Helix: Crafted for your toddler's sleep haven.

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Design Tailored for Growing Kids:

Design Tailored for Growing Kids:
The Helix hybrid mattresses stand out for their keen focus on the ever-changing sleep needs of growing children. As children mature, their bodies and comfort preferences shift, demanding a mattress to keep up with these changes.

The magic of the Helix hybrid lies in its fusion of coils and High-density foam. This combination guarantees resilience and cushioning, catering to a child's unique sleep posture.

With its zoned support system, the mattress specifically adapts to the evolving pressure points of a child's body, ensuring consistent support.

The perfect blend of softness and firmness ensures that the mattress offers ultimate comfort and the necessary support for spinal alignment.

As a result, the Helix hybrid mattress emerges as a dependable sleep companion, accompanying your child through their growth phases.

Why It's is Among Top-Rated Toddler Mattresses With Organic Covers:

The rave reviews around the Helix Kids Mattress are no accident. Its innovative design, combined with a focus on the unique needs of children, makes it stand out.

Caregivers appreciate its durability and tailored support, while kids adore its comfort.

This perfect harmony of design and functionality places the Helix Kids Mattress among the top contenders in the market for crib mattresses.

Choose Helix for your toddler's bedtime bliss.

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Linenspa 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Linenspa 8-Inch cradles your toddler to dreamland.

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Linenspa has carved out a niche in the toddler mattress industry when blending affordability with quality.

Their 8-inch twin bed offering is a testament to this commitment, proving that luxurious comfort doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. You can also use it as a floor bed by putting it simply on the floor. Here's what sets it apart:

The Linenspa 8-inch toddler bed feels like a gentle embrace. This twin-size mattress is ideal for young sleepers.

The moment your toddler sinks into its contouring surface, the toddler mattress adapts to its unique shape, enveloping them in a cocoon of comfort.

This snug fit ensures a serene and uninterrupted night of dreams.


  • Memory Foam Top Layer:
  • The mattress boasts a plush memory foam layer that contours the body's curves. This provides pressure relief, reducing the likelihood of restless tossing and turning.
  • High-density Base Foam:
  • Beneath the memory foam is a layer of high-density base foam. This provides the necessary support to ensure the toddler mattress doesn’t sag over time and remains durable throughout its lifespan.
  • Breathable Knit Cover:
  • The mattress is encased in a soft, breathable knit cover that enhances airflow. This keeps the mattress fresh and ensures your toddler doesn’t overheat during the night.

Your toddler's comfort layers peak with Linenspa.

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Memory Foam and Its Suitability for Toddlers:

Memory foam is renowned for its body-adapting properties. The high-quality mattress can mold toddlers' body shape, providing targeted support and pressure relief.

This contouring effect ensures a comfortable sleep and aids in proper spinal alignment. The foam adjusts as your toddler moves at night, ensuring consistent comfort.

Why It's a Superior Toddler Mattress:

Linenspa’s 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress stands out for its impeccable blend of comfort and support. Notably, its affordability sets it apart from competitors without compromising quality.

The widespread positive feedback is a testament to its unparalleled memory foam comfort offered at a reasonable price.

When durability is paired with the benefits of memory foam, it's clear why this mattress is a top choice for caregivers prioritizing their child's sleep.

Linenspa ensures serene nights for your toddler.

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Understanding the Crib Transition to Bed

Understanding this transition can be made easier by considering the following points:

  • Safety First:

The move from crib to toddler bed is often initiated when toddlers attempt to climb out of their convertible cribs. This poses a safety risk, and transitioning to a toddler bed can prevent falls or injuries.

  • Sleep Routine:

The shift can sometimes disrupt a child's sleep routine. Maintaining bedtime rituals, whether reading a story or a lullaby, is vital to ensure they feel secure in their new environment.

  • Bedroom Setup:

Transitioning means ensuring the room is toddler-proof. Anchor heavy furniture, secure cords, and ensure no potential hazards around their toddler bed.

  • Emotional Support:

Understand that this change can be overwhelming for some toddlers. Emotional support, comforting words, or a favorite stuffed animal can ease the transition.

  • Celebrate the Milestone:

Make the transition fun. Let your child pick out new bedding or involve them in the setup process. Celebrating this milestone can make the experience positive and memorable.

In sum, the journey from crib to toddler bed is more than just a change in furniture. It's a rite of passage, marking a significant stage in a child's life. Embrace the change, and support your child through this exciting developmental leap.

Safety in this Transition Phase:

  • Bed Placement:
  • Ensure the new bed is positioned away from windows, heaters, or other hazards. This minimizes risks related to falls, entrapment, or unwanted access.
  • Guard Rails:
  • Especially during the initial phase, it's crucial to have guard rails installed. These prevent potential falls and offer security like the crib’s enclosed design.
  • Room Safety:
  • With newfound freedom comes the curiosity to explore. Ensure the room is childproofed, with outlets covered, cords out of reach, and no small objects that can be swallowed.

Recognizing the Emotional Component:

  • Attachment to the Crib:
  • For many toddlers, their crib is a place of comfort and security. Recognize and validate their feelings of attachment, ensuring the transition feels like a positive step forward, not a loss.
  • Make the toddler bed enticing. Allow them to choose sheets, involve them in the setup, and create a bedtime routine that makes them look forward to their new sleeping space.

Ensuring Consistent Sleep Quality:

Transitioning might cause a temporary disruption in sleep patterns.

Maintaining bedtime routines, providing comfort items like favorite toymakers and other models, ensuring the toddler bed is comfortable, and meeting their developmental needs are essential. Most toddler mattresses feature a breathable cover.

Involving the Toddler in Decision Making: When toddlers feel included in decision-making, it fosters a sense of ownership and pride.

Let them have a say in toddler bed or room décor choices. This involvement can make the transition smoother and more exciting for them.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The journey from a crib to a toddler bed is more than a physical transition; it's a developmental milestone echoing a child's growing independence.

Our best toddler mattresses for a seamless transition are more than just mattresses; they're platforms of comfort, safety, and support tailored to this unique phase.

Investing in your child's sleep health is investing in their overall well-being. As they embrace this new chapter, ensure they have the best navigating tools.

After all, a restful night's sleep is the foundation of a bright, energetic day, fueling their dreams and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mattress should a toddler have?

It would be best to have a firm, supportive mattress free from harmful chemicals to make your toddler comfortable. Ideally, it should be hypoallergenic, durable, and designed to promote proper spinal alignment while ensuring safety and comfort during their growth phase.

What type of bed should a 2-year-old be in?

A 2-year-old baby should ideally be in a toddler bed with safety rails or a low-to-the-ground twin-size toddler bed with non-toxic materials, ensuring easy access, reduced fall risk, and giving children a comfortable transition from a crib while supporting their growing body. Please get the best toddler bed rails.

What is the difference between a crib and a toddler mattress?

A standard crib mattress is designed for infants, offering firm support to reduce suffocation risks. A toddler mattress, while similar in size, often provides a softer feel, catering to toddlers' comfort preferences as they grow and their sleep habits evolve.

When should I switch to a toddler mattress?

Switch to a toddler mattress when your child outgrows the standard size of cribs or shows signs of climbing out, typically between 18 to 36 months. Prioritize your baby for safety, comfort, and developmental needs during this transition.

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