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Purple Mattress Twin XL

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Purple Queen Mattress

Best Mattress For Side and Back Sleepers

Purple King Mattress

The Mattress Is Best For Hot Sleepers

Purple Mattress California King

The Mattress Is Best For Combination Sleepers

Are you seeking the perfect mattress for a cozy night's sleep in 2023?

Then, this Purple mattress review is for you!

With innovative comforts like the Purple grid and optimal support, this top-of-the-line bed is designed with superior cushioning and pressure relief. It helps align your spine, allowing you to enjoy cloud-like comfort whenever you slide into bed.

The Purple Mattress might be your best bet.

Get ready to get rid of your old mattress by learning more about why the Purple Mattress is one of the most popular beds today!

Purple Mattress Twin XL

Bed Reviewed: Purple Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers, thanks to its GelFlex Grid, which immediately supports their sleeping position. Its responsive support coils also offer great bounce and help the Purple mattress regain shape as you move quickly.

Unlike other foam mattresses, this combination of features makes this firm mattress an excellent option for those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs.

The hybrid construction also helps reduce motion transfer, which means a more peaceful sleep for you and your partner.

With its combination of comfort, support, and motion isolation, this Purple mattress firm is an ideal foam mattress option for stomach sleepers.

Get the Best of Comfort, Support, and Motion Isolation.

(Credit: Purple)

Pressure Relieving Bed

The Purple Hybrid bed is an excellent choice for pressure relief, thanks to its combination of GelFlex Grid and responsive coils. The Purple mattress quickly regains shape as you move, providing excellent support and bounce. The soft cushioning Purple Grid also cradles points like your hips and shoulders while supporting the rest of your body.

What Makes the Hybrid Mattress the Best of Its Kind?

The Hybrid bed is designed for pressure relief, featuring a luxurious combination of memory foam, pocketed coils, and cooling gel.

Furthermore, the memory foam mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. This Purple Mattress truly delivers the perfect combination of comfort and support!

The Bed Provides Great Pressure Relief.

(Credit: Purple)

A Game Changer Cover: the Premium StretchMax Cover

The Premium StretchMax Cover is a game-changer product that allows you to feel the full effects of the Purple Grid while remaining incredibly breathable due to ultra-breathable woven side panels.

Unlike a traditional memory foam mattress that may lack support and cooling features, the comfortable surface provides contouring body support and helps keep your spine aligned while sleeping cool. Experience the difference with this Purple mattress cover today!

Sleeping on the Grid and How It Feels

Our GelFlex layer of this Purple mattress is designed to offer an incredibly comfortable sleep experience. It's a super-stretchy material that conforms and adapts to the body, providing excellent support while feeling soft and cradling. The Purple bed is the perfect combination for a restful night’s sleep. Try it and see for yourself!

You will Get the Perfect Night’s Sleep.

(Credit: Purple)

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Responsive Support Coils

The memory foam Mattress's individually responsive support coils work with the Grid to provide targeted comfort and pressure relief. In addition, each coil is encased within a premium noise-reducing fabric, allowing for exceptional motion isolation and edge support.

Why We Enjoy It

The Purple hybrid bed is incredibly comfortable and supportive, with its unique grid design allowing for optimal comfort and body contouring—the multiple layers of memory foam work together to redistribute pressure and reduce pain while sleeping.

People who have previously struggled with other mattresses no longer have to worry about feeling uncomfortable, as this Purple mattress is designed to provide a good night's sleep.

With its unique grid design and layers of foam, this Purple mattress is perfect for those who desire luxurious coziness. It’s easy to understand why people enjoy it so much!

The bed Unique Design Provides a comfortable Sleep. 

(Credit: Purple)

The Hypoallergenic Feature of the Purple Mattress

The Purple Twin Mattress is designed with health and wellness in mind. Certified by CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD standards, this Purple mattress is made from recyclable and food contact–grade materials that are safe and reliable. Sleep soundly, knowing you are on a mattress designed with your health in mind.

Features and Benefits of the Purple Mattress

The Purple Twin XL Mattress offers an innovative sleep experience to stomach sleepers with its unique Grid system and breathable foams.

It provides optimal temperature neutrality and 1,400+ air channels for maximum coziness during the night. In addition, the Purple mattress's firmness is between 7 and 9, making it perfect for achieving restful sleep.

The Mattress Has a Pillow Top Style. 

(Credit: Purple)

The Purple Twin XL Mattress has a pillow top style, dimensions of 75 inches by 38 inches, and weighs 65 pounds. Its durability ensures it will remain in excellent condition for years to come. In addition, the continuous airflow feature helps maintain a comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

This Purple bed provides a great sleeping experience with its innovative design. In addition, the Purple mattress keeps you cool all night thanks to its optimal temperature control.

The top layer comprises a 2" Purple Grid, Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and non-toxic moisture-wicking treatment. The comfort layer is 0.5 inches of poly foam. Responsive Support Coils are made with 7.5 Wrapped Springs. At the same time, the Base Layer has 1" polyurethane foam.

The Mattress Features the GelFlex Grid technology.

(Credit: Purple)

The Mattress's excellent Cushions and Supports

The Purple Twin XL mattress is designed for superior comfort. It features a 2" layer of innovative GelFlex Grid technology, providing targeted relief for pressure points such as hips and shoulders while maintaining optimal body alignment during sleep.

In addition, this high-quality cushioning system ensures maximum cushioning and support during the night, allowing you to enjoy a cozy, restful sleep. With the Purple Twin XL mattress, you'll surely get excellent cushioning and support night after night.

Why It's a Top-Rated Mattress

The Purple Twin XL mattress is one of the top-rated beds for stomach sleepers due to its unique design, exceptional coziness, and unbeatable value. In addition, the Purple mattress features a patented grid, evenly distributing the weight so you won't experience roll-off during sleep.

The Bed Gives An exceptional Coziness.

(Credit: Purple)

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Purple Queen Mattress

Bed Reviewed: Purple Original Mattress

Best Mattress For Side and Back Sleepers

The Original Purple bed is the perfect choice for side and back sleepers. Its medium-firm construction provides optimal support for your hips and back, ensuring proper spine alignment during sleep. It also helps promote better circulation, relieving pressure points and reducing facial wrinkles.

Additionally, it's designed with high-quality materials that will last for years. With its unparalleled comfort and breathability, this Purple Mattress can alleviate the back pain of back sleepers.

In addition, you will get a comfortable sleep experience every night. So invest in this medium-firm bed today and enjoy restful, rejuvenating sleep for years.

You Will Get a Comfortable Sleep Experience.

(Credit: Purple)

Why We Enjoy the Original Purple Mattress

The Original Purple mattress provides superior support tailored to the body of side sleepers. With the added benefits of being crafted from recycled materials, this queen-size new mattress offers an eco-friendly option with no compromise on quality or performance.

It is also hypoallergenic, providing a safe environment for side sleepers with allergies or sensitivities. Ultimately, the Original Purple mattress offers the perfect combination of edge support and safety, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to enjoy a great night's sleep.

The Mattress Features an Adjustable Firmness.

(Credit: Purple)

Mattress’s Features and Benefits

Superior Comfort with GelFlex Grid

  • Advanced GelFlex Grid Technology: The queen-size Purple Mattress has a revolutionary GelFlex Grid that contours precisely to one's body shape. This innovative feature ensures that side sleepers receive optimal spinal alignment and support, leading to deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Instant Flexibility: Unlike traditional mattresses, the Purple Mattress's grid design allows it to flex instantly to body shape and sleeping position, providing uninterrupted comfort throughout the night.

Customizable Firmness for Back Sleepers

  • Adjustable Firmness Settings: Back sleepers rejoice! The Original Purple Mattress offers adjustable firmness levels, enabling users to fine-tune their sleeping surface to match their personal comfort preferences.
  • Tailored Cushioning: This customization ensures that individuals can achieve the perfect balance of support and softness, resulting in a more comfortable and satisfying sleep experience.

Deluxe Features for Enhanced Sleep Quality

  • Pressure Point Relief: The unique structure of the GelFlex Grid distributes body weight evenly, reducing pressure on critical areas such as the hips, shoulders, and back. This pressure point relief enhances sleep quality by minimizing discomfort, tossing, and turning.
  • Motion Transfer Reduction: The Original Purple Mattress significantly reduces motion transfer for those who share a bed. Movements from one side of the bed will not disturb the other, ensuring that both partners can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.
  • Deluxe Comfort: Combining these features, the Original Purple Mattress offers a deluxe comfort level that surpasses traditional mattresses, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to improve their sleep and overall well-being.

Proven Comfort Sleep Improvement

The Original Purple mattress is designed with comfort in mind. It's made with a unique, hyper-elastic polymer grid layer that helps to distribute body weight evenly.

In addition, the Original Purple mattress construction and advanced design provide exceptional sleep quality and coziness to side sleepers, leading to improved rest and fewer pain-related issues. The Original Purple mattress is ideal for those looking for a new mattress that offers unparalleled comfort.

Experience Exquisite Relaxation With this Bed.

(Credit: Purple)

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Side Sleepers, Take Your Sleep to the Next Level!

The Purple mattress is designed to provide optimal support for your body with the combination of Hyper-Elastic Polymer material, high-density foam layers, and a non-toxic knit fabric barrier, quite different from your old mattress!

Whether you're a side or back sleeper, this Purple mattress can help improve posture for an incredibly comfortable night's sleep. Investing in a Purple mattress can be the key to unlocking improved sleep quality!

The Bed Provides Optimal Support for All.

(Credit: Purple)

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Performance of the Purple Mattress

The Original Purple mattress offers remarkable pressure relief thanks to its unique polymer top layer, providing users with a medium-firm feel that is both comfortable and supportive.

The Original Purple mattress is quickly becoming a favorite among sleepers due to its ability to provide personalized coziness and unique construction that offers good pressure relief.

Why It's a Top-Rated Purple Bed

The Purple Mattress is perfect for side sleepers who occasionally sleep hot and seek a cooling, comfortable sleep experience. Its cutting-edge grid and individually wrapped coils provide superior air circulation, while its breathable foams ensure you won't be too hot or cold during the night.

With its unique design, the Purple bed is a top-rated bed that will give you the perfect sleep every night.

You Will Get a Comfortable Sleep .

(Credit: Purple)

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Purple King Mattress

Bed reviewed: NewDay Mattress

The Mattress Is Best For Hot Sleepers

The NewDay mattress is ideal for hot sleepers seeking a cooling, comfortable sleep experience. The GelFlex Grid technology allows heat to be drawn away from your body so you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Additionally, it provides pressure relief with its cushioning grid that cradles points like your hips and shoulders. Finally, with 1,400+ air channels that allow hot sleepers' bodies to stay at an optimal temperature all night, the Purple Mattress firm will surely provide you with a perfect sleep experience.

The Mattress Provides Has an Excellent Cushioning Grid.

(Credit: Purple)

Why We Enjoy It

The Purple King Mattress is an unbeatable combination of luxury and comfort. Its GelFlex Grid technology offers exceptional support, temperature neutrality, and breathability for restful slumber. So, if you are sleeping hot, consider this medium-firm bed.

The memory foam mattress's responsive design allows it to conform to your body while maintaining a consistent feel throughout the night. It is also highly durable, making it the ideal bed for years.

The Bed Provides Proper Spinal Alignment.

(Credit: Purple)

The Bed Is Soft and Firm at the Same Time

The NewDay Mattress's Grid technology creates a feeling of softness while providing the critical structure needed for proper spinal alignment and pressure relief.

A mattress firmness scale is rated from 1 to 10, with 1 being a very soft mattress that sinks significantly for side sleepers and 10 being an extra firm surface like a wooden pallet best suited for stomach sleepers.

The softer a mattress is (2-3), the better it provides a deep sink and is great for side sleepers, while medium mattresses (4-6) support all sleeping positions.

Firm mattresses (7-9) provide little sinks and are suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers alike. Finally, level 10 is the hardest, providing an ultra-firm surface only suitable for stomach sleepers.

This Purple mattress balances softness and firmness, ensuring you experience comfort throughout the night. Its advanced design contours to the shape of your body while keeping you cool, allowing you to enjoy a restful night's sleep.

The Bed Allows You to Enjoy a Restful Night.

(Credit: Purple)

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Mattress’s Features and Benefits

Advanced GelFlex Grid for Pressure Relief

  • Instantly Adaptive Support: The King Size Purple NewDay Mattress boasts a GelFlex Grid construction that molds to your body, offering personalized support that alleviates pressure on hips and shoulders and keeps the spine properly aligned.
  • Purple Grid Layer: This top layer, made from Hyper-Elastic Polymer, is designed for ultimate comfort, balancing firmness, and soft cushioning to ensure a restful night's sleep.

Hybrid Mattresses for Enhanced Comfort

  • Superior Edge Support: With its hybrid construction, high-density foam, and innovative grid technology, the Purple NewDay Mattress delivers exceptional edge support, increasing the usable sleeping area and preventing sagging over time.
  • Sleep Cooler: The stretch knit cover dissipates heat away from the body, enabling a cooler sleeping environment. This feature, coupled with the breathable structure of the Purple Grid, ensures you sleep comfortably through the night without overheating.

Safe and Sustainable Sleep

  • Nontoxic Materials: The Purple NewDay Mattress is crafted using safe, non-toxic materials, providing peace of mind for health-conscious individuals.
  • Long-Lasting Support: The high-density foam base of the mattress offers durable, firm support that withstands the test of time, ensuring that your investment in a good night’s sleep continues to pay off for years to come.
  • Luxurious Sleep Experience: Combining the benefits of hybrid mattresses with the unique Purple grid layer and features designed to help you sleep cooler, the Purple NewDay Mattress encapsulates luxury and comfort, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a superior sleep experience.

The Bed's Stretch Knit Cover Draws Heat Away.

(Credit: Purple)

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Why It's a Top-Rated Mattress

The NewDay Mattress from Purple is a top-rated medium-firm bed thanks to its premium cushioning and support.

The Gel Grid technology cradles any pressure point while keeping the spine in perfect alignment, providing unprecedented comfort that ensures you'll get a great night's sleep.

Additionally, this Purple mattress supports any sleeping position you prefer without sacrificing support.

The Mattress Gives You an Excellent Comfort.

(Credit: Purple)

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Purple Mattress California King

Bed reviewed: Purple Plus Mattress

The Mattress Is Best For Combination Sleepers

The Purple Plus Mattress is the perfect combination for all sleeping positions. It features 2 inches of GelFlex Grid and a triple-layer comfort core, providing exceptional support for all sleeping positions.

In addition, this Purple bed ensures an instantly adaptive support system that helps keep your spine correctly aligned while sleeping, reducing neck and back pain.

This Purple mattress is also made with a unique and durable material similar to Jansport backpack straps, making it an ultra-durable product.

The Bed Ensures an Adaptive Support System.

(Credit: Purple)

Why We Enjoy It

The Purple Plus Mattress is excellent for optimal coziness, durability, and support. In addition, its Gel Grid provides exceptional contouring that adapts to your body as you move around in bed, providing the perfect balance of softness and firmness.

This Purple offers enhanced support and resilience to last through years of use. With the Purple Plus Mattress, a stomach sleeper can ensure that your sleep environment is genuinely comfortable and supportive for a good night's rest.

The Mattress Provides a Balance of Softness and Firmness.

(Credit: Purple)

Body Type Examination

The Purple Plus Mattress is ideal for sleepers of all body types. It is specially designed to support individuals with a range of weights, from extra light (150 lbs) to extra heavy (500 lbs).

For those who weigh between 230 lbs and 500 lbs, this Purple Plus Mattress is an excellent option for pressure relief points. Ultimately, this Purple mattress provides a comfortable sleep experience regardless of body type.

The Mattress Relieves Pressure Points.

(Credit: Purple)

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The GelFlex Grid of the Mattress

The GelFlex Grid of the Purple Plus Mattress has an advanced grid technology that features tiny open cells that flex and contour to your body, providing a cushion-like feel while offering remarkable orthopedic help to your back pain relief.

Mattress’s Features and Benefits

The Purple Plus Mattress provides first-rate coziness due to its cushioning and support features. Additionally, the SoftFlex Cover helps you stay cool by regulating your body heat, ensuring a relaxed and comfortable sleep environment.

The top layer has a Hyper-Elastic Polymer. These combined features make this Purple mattress an ideal choice for superior comfort and quality.

With its support and breathability, the SoftFlex Cover ensures restful sleep whenever you lie on this Purple Mattress.

You will Get a Relaxed Sleep Environment.

(Credit: Purple)

The Bed Comes with a Great SoftFlex Cover

The Purple Plus Mattress is equipped with a unique SoftFlex Cover. This cover provides the perfect balance of comfort and support, giving you the ultimate sleep experience.

In addition, this cover is made from an innovative knit fabric that conforms to your body shape for maximum pressure relief.

How the Bed Eases Your Sleep Movement

The Purple Plus Mattress is designed to provide a responsive sleep experience. Its gel Grid technology uses GelFlex Grid material and springs to help you stay comfortable throughout the night by reacting quickly to your movements.

With its edge support, this feature helps ensure a peaceful and restful sleep. With this Purple Plus Mattress, your sleep experience will remain comfortable and supportive, allowing you to rest better each night.

The Bed Is Equipped With a Unique SoftFlex Cover.

(Credit: Purple)

Premium Comfort Foam Layer

The Purple Plus mattress offers exceptional satisfaction and cushioning with its two-inch layer of premium comfort foam. The memory foam responds quickly to movement, ensuring that all body parts remain supported even when tossing, turning, or adjusting your position in bed.

Coupled with the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid, this foam layer helps relieve pressure points and maintain support throughout the night, resulting in more restful sleep. As a result, this Purple offers sublime coziness for all types of sleepers.

Why It's a Top-Rated Mattress

The Purple Plus Mattress is one of the top-rated mattresses due to its innovative GelFlex Grid technology. This mattress contours to your body, providing essential support for all sleeping positions and allowing you to move freely.

The high-quality materials provide excellent breathability and temperature regulation, ensuring you stay comfortable all night.

The Bed Gives You Superior Comfort.

(Credit: Purple)

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The Trial Period

Your Mattress purchase comes with a 100-night sleep trial to ensure the best experience with your new mattress. Once the Purple mattress is delivered, your 100-night sleep trial begins, and you can try it out for up to 100 nights before deciding if it is right for you.

Additionally, to get the most out of the mattress, it is recommended that customers sleep on their Purple Mattress for at least 21 nights before requesting a return or exchange. It gives them enough time for their body to adjust to the mattress' unique feel and support.

Purple Mattress Warranty

The Purple Mattress Warranty protects you for up to 10 years from the original purchase date.

If a defect is found, the Purple mattress can be replaced free of charge n.To make a warranty claim, customers must provide proof of purchase, an official warranty document,

The mattress is made in the USA.

Purple is proudly crafted with American-made materials in the USA—so you can sleep soundly knowing your Purple bed was designed with safety and health in mind.

The advanced Gel Grid technology provides instant contouring support for your body while its responsive construction quickly adjusts to movement as you sleep.

Certified by CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD standards, this Purple mattress is made with hypoallergenic materials and is built to be breathable, allowing for optimal air circulation.

Free Shipping and Return Policy

The Purple Plus Mattress offers free shipping on all orders. In addition, select mattresses include complimentary white-glove delivery with assembly and removal of existing mattresses.

We want you to be satisfied, so we highly recommend that you sleep on your new Purple mattress for at least 21 nights to give your body time to adjust. If you are unsatisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

The SoftStretch™ Purple Sheets and the Purple Mattress Protector will ensure you get the best experience out of your Purple Mattress.

The Purple’s GelFlex Grid, a Difference Maker in the Mattress World

Purple's GelFlex Grid technology is a breakthrough in mattress design that is revolutionizing the industry.

The grid allows unparalleled cushioning and support while reducing any pressure point to keep your body fully aligned. The body weight recommended is 300 pounds or a maximum of 600 pounds.

For some five-star Amazon customer reviews, Purple Mattress performed very well with them. This advanced technology makes the Purple bed one of the most comfortable mattresses.

Their Purple mattress felt amazing, giving them a truly restful sleep. With its superior comfort, Purple's GelFlex Grid is a difference maker in the mattress world, setting it apart from competitors. It truly changes the game of sleep quality.


There are three Purple Mattress collections: the Essential Collection, the Premium Collection, and the Luxe Collection. All three collections offer a cozy sleep experience that suits your needs. So, how much does a Purple mattress cost? This Purple mattress review assesses four top mattress models.


NewDay Mattress

Enjoy the world-renowned Purple sleep with NewDayTM Mattress. A material like the Purple GelFlex® Grid construction provides exceptional alleviation, cradling pressure points, and cushioning. Enjoy a firmer feel at an unbeatable price! This Purple mattress is crafted with thoughtful design and deluxe construction. It provides unparalleled support for a more rejuvenating experience.

Purple Mattress

The patented GelFlex® Grid construction offers superior cushioning for a restful sleep, while the Dual-Layer Comfort Core provides adaptive, substantial support. Enjoy medium firmness with fast delivery.

Purple Plus Mattress

The Purple Plus Mattress is crafted with 2" GelFlex Grid™ for cushioning; it cradles pressure points for a restful sleep experience. The dense support foam in the Comfort Plus Core offers extra cushioning and a medium feel without the bouncy seat. So, enjoy your perfect night's sleep with this Purple Mattress!

Kid's Purple Mattress

Give your children the best sleep ever with our Kid's Purple Mattress! Quality assurance like the Purple patented GelFlex Grid technology provides an instantly adaptive, supportive feel without pressure. In addition, the breathable design keeps kids cool while they sleep and responds to movements.


Purple Hybrid Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is the perfect combination of alleviation and support. It features two inches of GelFlex Grid™ for pressure relief and responsiveness and a Responsive Coil Core for added durability and ease of movement.

This Purple mattress provides a firm yet cushioned feel that helps to reduce aches and pains while giving you the support you need.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

The Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress offers exceptional pressure relief with its medium-soft feel and responsive GelFlex Grid™. In addition, this Purple hybrid premier mattress has 3" of the highest quality foam. Experience the perfect combination of comfort and support with this exceptional Purple 3 mattress.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress

Unlike the Purple 3, the Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress offers the ultimate support with soft, responsive comfort. However, with both, you can experience maximum pressure relief and deep cradling from our exclusive GelFlex Grid™ technology, combined with a resilient Responsive Coil Core for effortless movement.


Deluxe Mattress

Experience the ultimate alleviation with the Deluxe Mattress from LUXE COLLECTION. Featuring GelFlex® Grid Plus, combined with premium Comfort Foam and Coil Core, this Purple mattress provides a blend of luxurious cushioning for restorative sleep.

Supreme Mattress

The Supreme Mattress from LUXE COLLECTION offers the highest level of comfort, with Purple Grid Plus technology and premium comfort layers for maximum cushioning. Enjoy a luxurious night's sleep.

Grand Mattress

The Grand Mattress is a luxurious sleep solution boasting two layers of GelFlex® Grid Plus technology and a 5-zone Premium Coil Core. Experience the best luxury with this Purple mattress: optimal alleviation and full body support all night.

Purple Mattresses FAQ

Knowing which Purple mattress best fits your needs can be challenging. With so many options on the market, deciding which is right for you takes time. We're here to help with this Purple mattress review! Check out the FAQ to help you find the perfect bed.

What makes Purple different than other brands?

Purple stands out from other mattress brands due to its proprietary GelFlex™ Grid technology. This patented, ultra-durable Purple grid and the Hyper-Elastic Polymer perfectly balance comfort and support.

It has been rigorously tested for over 20 years in medical and consumer applications. In addition, Purple's system doesn't make you sleep hot or cause sagging. However, some Purple mattress complaints are related to customer services and returns.

What is the difference between a Purple and a Nectar?

A Purple mattress offers unique satisfaction with its patented hyper-elastic polymer layer, providing exceptional weight distribution and targeted pressure relief.

On the other hand, a Nectar mattress is made of several layers of memory foam, offering an even sleeping surface and contouring feels that alleviate pain points while providing consistent support throughout the night.

What is the difference between a Purple Mattress, a Latex Mattress, and a Spring Mattress?

Unlike latex, it doesn't break down over time. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, Purple's grid relieves any pressure point and reduces motion transfer.

And unlike air mattresses, you don't need to choose between hard and soft problems - the Gel Grid cradles your body regardless of sleeping position. So enjoy a restful night's sleep with Purple's revolutionary technology.

Do Purple Mattresses need a box spring or foundation?

Purple mattresses should rest on a flat, sturdy surface to maintain their shape and provide optimal support. This can be achieved using a platform, slats (3" apart or less), box foundation, adjustable bed frame, or floor.

A Box spring is not recommended as the springs may break down over time and cause sagging.

To experience the best performance, we recommend using a Purple Platform Bed Frame. It is designed with an optimal surface for your Purple bed so that you can enjoy its signature comfort for years to come.

Final Thoughts About the Best Purple Mattresses

With so many Purple Mattresses on the market, deciding which is right for you can take time.

This Purple mattress review has provided an overview of some top-rated Purple Mattresses to help narrow your choices.

When deciding, always keep comfort at the forefront of your mind. You can compare Purple mattresses with their features and benefits to ensure they offer the support you need for a good night's sleep.

Then, when you're ready to purchase, tap one of the buttons on this blog to check the price.

Good luck!

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