Are you looking for the ultimate indulgence in a mattress that perfectly balances luxury and affordability?

When trying to secure the perfect balance between luxury and affordability in a mattress, your search ends with Brooklyn Bedding. 

Brooklyn Bedding is more than just another mattress company. They are a pioneer in the industry, setting the standard for quality and innovation.

The mattresses are meticulously engineered and exclusively manufactured in the USA, a testament to their unwavering commitment to providing you with the most superior sleep experience.

Their commitment to top-tier craftsmanship ensures luxury and affordability. We offer premium sleep at a fraction of the cost, making it accessible to more people than ever, including you.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

The Signature Hybrid offers balanced comfort. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Best for side and back sleepers

The Signature Hybrid mattress is a perfect balance of comfort and support, designed to cater to different sleeping positions.

It helps alleviate pressure on shoulders and hips for side sleepers and provides ample support for back sleepers. This ensures a refreshing night's sleep, regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Features and Advantages

  • Proprietary TitanFlex™ Foam: The Brooklyn Bedding signature mattress adapts quickly to movements, offering contouring comfort and responsive support.
  • Individually encased Coils: The quality mattress features premium steel coils and pressure-relieving foam crafted with quality control in our Arizona factory. This ensures a comfortable sleep no matter your preferred sleep position.
  • Cooling Gel Foam: Integrated into the top layer, this technology regulates sleep temperature and keeps you cool throughout the night, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.
  • Customizable Firmness Levels: The Signature Hybrid is available in soft, medium, and firm options to suit various comfort preferences. Typically, the soft is around 4, the medium is 6, and the firm is around eight on the firmness scale. This ensures that every sleeper can find their perfect match.
Affordable luxury with durable materials. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons



  • The softer option may not adequately support heavier individuals or stomach sleepers.

Pain Relief Performance

The Signature Hybrid is engineered to relieve pain by combining responsive foam layers with sturdy coils that adapt to body shape, weight, and movement. This results in significant pressure relief at critical points such as the hips, shoulders, and back, which is especially beneficial for side sleepers who often experience discomfort in these areas.

This results in significant pressure relief at critical points such as the hips, shoulders, and back, which is especially beneficial for side sleepers who often experience discomfort in these areas.

It features enhanced cooling technology. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Benefits of the Firmness Level of the Hybrid Mattress

  • Soft: The soft version is ideal for side sleepers, as it cradles the body while relieving pressure on the hips and shoulders.
  • Medium: This mattress offers a balance of support and cushioning, making it suitable for most sleepers, especially those who switch positions.
  • Firm: Provides enhanced support and alignment for back and stomach sleepers, reducing the likelihood of waking up with back pain.

Motion Isolation and Temperature Regulation

Thanks to its individually wrapped coils, the Signature Hybrid reduces motion transfer. This feature is crucial for couples, allowing one partner to move without disturbing the other.

The cooling gel foam also effectively dissipates heat, ensuring sleepers maintain an optimal temperature throughout the night.

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Strong Edge Support: The reinforced perimeter offers robust edge support, allowing sleepers to use the entire mattress surface without feeling like they might roll off.
  • Suitable for Various Body Types: The medium and firm options are particularly beneficial for heavier individuals, providing the necessary support without excessive sinking. The mattress also adapts to different body shapes, providing targeted support and comfort, ensuring a restful night's sleep for everyone.
  • Adaptable for Different Shapes: Regardless of your body shape, the Signature Hybrid adjusts to provide targeted support and comfort, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

In conclusion, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattresses are a standout choice for those seeking a mattress that combines comfort with advanced features like motion isolation and temperature regulation.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the luxury of a Brooklyn Bedding mattress. Shop now and start enjoying a better sleep tonight.

The versatility of our mattresses in terms of firmness levels is a testament to our understanding of diverse sleeper preferences and positions. We strive to meet your unique needs, making our mattresses a solid investment for quality sleep.

Excellent motion isolation properties. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

The Aurora Luxe Cooling maximizes breathability. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Best for hot-side sleepers

The Aurora Luxe mattress is your sanctuary if you tend to overheat while sleeping. Designed for side sleepers and hot sleepers, this mattress features a cooling fiber infusion and a premium quilted top to maintain a cool sleep environment. It's ideal for side sleepers needing comfort and efficiently manages heat retention.

Features and Advantages:

  • CopperFlex™ Foam: This foam is infused with copper to pull heat away from the body, promoting a cooler sleep surface.
  • TitanCool™ Infusion: A surface infusion that maintains skin temperature at 88 degrees for optimal sleep.
  • Phase Change Material: Works to absorb and dissipate heat, ensuring consistent temperature regulation throughout the night.
  • High-density support Foam provides durability and structural integrity, supporting the cooling layers above and ensuring long-lasting comfort.

The Aurora Luxe rates around a 5 for the soft option, 6 for the medium, and 7.5 for the firm, making it versatile for different comfort preferences.

Advanced cooling technology integrated. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons:


  • Advanced cooling technologies provide superior temperature control, ideal for hot sleepers.
  • High-performance materials offer a luxurious feel and responsive support.
  • Suitable for various sleeping positions due to its medium firmness level.


It may be priced higher than other models, reflecting its advanced technology and materials.

Pain Relief Performance: Cooling and Comfort

The Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress is engineered to improve pain relief. It combines soft, contouring memory foam with responsive support foams, which help alleviate pressure points and ensure proper spinal alignment. This is crucial for reducing back and joint pain providing a comfortable and restful sleep experience.

This combination helps alleviate pressure points and ensures adequate spinal alignment, which reduces back and joint pain. The cooling features further enhance comfort by preventing overheating, which can disrupt sleep and worsen discomfort.

Luxuriously soft top layer. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Benefits of the Firmness Level and Pressure Relief

  • Pressure Relief: The medium firmness provides a perfect balance of comfort and support, cushioning pressure points like hips and shoulders while supporting the lumbar area.
  • Adaptive Support: This system responds to body movements and adjusts to provide continuous support and alignment, crucial for preventing pain and stiffness.
  • Comfort Balance: Offers a plush feel without compromising on the support needed for optimal health and rest.

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Enhanced Edge Support: The mattress has reinforced perimeters, allowing sleepers to utilize the entire bed surface without the sensation of rolling off.
  • Suitable for Heavier Sleepers: The robust support foam ensures that the mattress does not sag under heavier weight, maintaining its shape and performance.
  • Adapts to Different Body Shapes: The adaptive foams mold according to the sleeper's body, providing personalized comfort and support, suitable for various body types.

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress is a premier choice for those seeking a sleep solution that combines luxury with cutting-edge cooling technology.

It efficiently manages temperature to provide a refreshing sleep experience, making it ideal for anyone who struggles with sleeping hot. Its exceptional support and comfort features make it a prime candidate in the luxury mattress market.

Designed for plush yet supportive sleep. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite

The Sedona Elite features luxury quilting. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Best for all sleeping positions

The Sedona Elite offers versatile support suitable for any sleeping style. It is the best mattress with a high-density flex base and a premium quilted top. It provides perfect pressure relief and comfort layers suited for any sleep style, all made from our Arizona factory.

Features and Advantages:

  • Quad-Layer Comfort System: Combines multiple foam layers for unmatched softness and responsiveness.
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Enhances cooling by drawing heat away from the body and promoting airflow.
  • High-density foam Base: Ensures durability and structural support, prolonging the life of the mattress.
  • Luxury Cooling Cover: A premium top cover that feels cool to the touch, enhancing the overall sleep experience. The Sedona Elite, known for its luxurious feel, tends to have a medium firmness around a 6, balancing comfort with substantial support.
Responsive and supportive foam layers. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons:



  • The price point might be higher due to the premium materials and construction.

Pain Relief Performance: Luxury and Support

The Sedona Elite excels in pain relief by combining luxurious cushioning layers with a supportive base. This design helps distribute body weight evenly, minimizing pressure points and supporting natural spinal alignment.

The result is a restful sleep with reduced tossing and turning due to discomfort, making it perfect for individuals with back pain or joint issues.

Off-Gassing Concerns: Eco-Friendly Materials

Brooklyn Bedding takes pride in using CertiPUR-US® certified foams made without harmful chemicals and has low VOC emissions.

This minimizes off-gassing concerns and contributes to a healthier sleep environment, making the Sedona Elite a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Engineered for deep, restorative sleep. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Benefits of the Firmness Level and Pressure Relief

  • Balanced Firmness: The medium firmness level perfectly balances soft comfort and firm support, accommodating most sleeper types.
  • Pressure Relieving: The plush foam layers contour to the body, relieving pressure on the hips, shoulders, and back.
  • Adaptive Support: Even as the foam provides plush comfort, it adapts to your body to support areas that need it most, preventing any sinking feeling.

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Robust Edge Support: Reinforced edges provide stability and support, allowing you to sleep or sit near the edges without feeling slipping off.
  • Suitable for Various Body Types: The mattress comforts a range of body weights and types, ensuring a personalized fit for most sleepers.
  • Luxurious Adaptability: The multiple layers of foam provide luxury and adapt efficiently to different body contours, offering a tailor-made sleep experience.

The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite is the epitome of luxury in the mattress world, combining plush comfort with advanced cooling and supportive technologies.

It is designed to cater to the needs of those who value luxury without compromising on environmental responsibilities and health-focused features.

Gel memory foam mattress for cooling and motion isolation. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Luxe

The mattress is ultra-firm, providing maximum support. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Great for stomach and back sleepers

The Plank Firm Luxe is ideal for those who prefer a firmer sleep surface. It offers the sturdy support that back and stomach sleepers need to maintain proper spine alignment, lowering the likelihood of experiencing back pain upon waking.

Features and Advantages: Ultra-firm feel

  • Dual Firmness Options: One side is ultra-firm, while the other offers a slightly softer, firm feel, providing versatility.
  • Engineered for Cooling: The firmer mattress features a breathable top layer that helps to dissipate heat for cooler sleep, even on the firmest setting.
  • High-density base Foam: It provides a sturdy foundation that enhances the mattress's lifespan and supports a firmer feel.
  • Enhanced Lumbar Support: Specifically designed to reinforce the middle section of the mattress to support the lower back and promote better posture.
The mattress minimizes sink and sag. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent support for spinal alignment, particularly beneficial for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Durable construction ensures the mattress maintains shape and firmness over time.
  • The dual firmness feature allows users to choose between two firmness levels based on their preferences or changing needs.


  • The ultra-firm feel may not be comfortable for side sleepers or those who prefer a plush sleeping surface.

The Plank Firm Luxe is one of the firmest options available, offering a very firm side that ranks at a 9 and a firm side slightly lower at 7.

The bed Enhances spinal alignment significantly. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Benefits of the Firmness Level and Pressure Relief:

  • Enhanced Spinal Alignment: The firm support ensures a neutral spine position, reducing the risk of waking up with back pain.
  • Minimized Sinkage: This feature reduces the depth of sinkage typically experienced on softer mattresses, which is essential for heavier individuals.
  • Pressure Point Relief: Despite the firmness, the mattress is engineered to distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points across the body.

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Strong Edge Support: This feature allows you to use the entire mattress surface without slipping off the edges.
  • Ideal for Heavier Individuals: The ultra-firm support prevents excessive sinking, making it ideal for those with a heavier body type.
  • Accommodating for Back and Stomach Sleepers: Provides the necessary firmness to support the hips and shoulders, ensuring they are not out of alignment.

The Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Luxe mattress stands out for its ultra-firm feel and versatility, making it an ideal choice for those who need or prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

This firmer, flippable mattress with a medium firm comfort level offers a unique choice for those seeking firm support who can adjust firmness. It's built with a high-density flex base for enduring support.

Whether you're dealing with back issues, prefer a firmer feel, or need a mattress that can accommodate a heavier weight, the Plank Firm Luxe offers a robust solution tailored to firm sleeping preferences.

The Plank Firm Luxe ensures firmness. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Bedding Titan Firm/Titan Plus Luxe

The Titan Firm is ultra-resilient. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Best for Heavier Individuals

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan Firm and Titan Plus Luxe mattresses are engineered for heavier individuals. They offer enhanced support, durability, and comfort tailored to support a higher body weight.

This mattress includes premium steel coils and a high-density base, providing robust support and durability. Its firmness helps reduce hip pain, making it perfect for substantial support needs.

Features and Advantages:

  • High-Density Base Foam: Provides a sturdy foundation that prevents sagging and maintains mattress integrity.
  • TitanCaliber™ Coils: These heavy-duty individually encased coils are designed to provide extra support and are more resilient under significant weight.
  • Gel Memory Foam adds a layer of comfort and aids in heat dissipation, keeping the sleep surface cool.
  • Reinforced Perimeter: Offers robust edge support, enhancing the usable sleep surface and making getting in and out of bed easier.
The mattress's Layers ensure long-lasting durability and support. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons:


  • Exceptionally durable construction designed to withstand extra weight without degradation.
  • Excellent support reduces sinkage, maintaining proper spinal alignment.
  • Advanced cooling technologies keep the mattress surface comfortably cool.


  • The firmness may be too much for lighter individuals or those who prefer a better feel.

Motion Isolation and Temperature Regulation: Designed for Bigger Body Types

Thanks to their robust coil systems, the Titan series mattresses excel at reducing motion transfer, making them ideal for couples with one or both heavier partners.

The gel-infused memory foam and breathable top layers help regulate temperature, preventing overheating that can be more common in heavier sleepers.

The mattress is designed for heavier body types. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pain Relief Performance: Tailored for Extra Support

These mattresses are specifically designed to address and alleviate pain points often faced by heavier individuals.

The high-density foam and TitanCaliber™ coils provide targeted support that helps relieve pressure on key areas such as hips, back, and shoulders, promoting a pain-free, restful night’s sleep.

Benefits of the Firmness Level and Pressure Relief

  • Increased Lifespan: The firmness level is optimized to prevent quick sagging in softer mattresses under heavier weight.
  • Optimal Spinal Alignment: Ensures the spine remains aligned throughout the night, which is crucial for avoiding back pain.
  • Pressure Point Relief: Evenly distributes body weight to minimize pressure points and maximize comfort.

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Enhanced Edge Support: Strong edges allow the entire mattress surface to be used, which is important for larger sleepers who need more space.
  • Suitable for Heavier Sleepers: Specifically designed to support and comfort those with a heavier body weight, ensuring durability and performance.
  • Accommodates Various Sleeping Positions: The Titan Plus Luxe provides the necessary firmness for back and stomach sleepers and offers additional cushioning for side sleepers.
Titan Plus Luxe adds plush comfort. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan Firm and Titan Plus Luxe mattresses represent top-of-the-line options for heavier individuals looking for a mattress that provides robust support, advanced cooling, and superior durability. The Titan Firm mattress is generally firmer than the Titan Plus Luxe.

This very firm mattress is designed to provide a firmer sleeping surface, particularly suitable for heavier individuals or those who prefer a sturdier feel.

In contrast, the Titan Plus Luxe includes additional cushioning layers that offer a slightly softer feel while providing robust support tailored for heavier body weights.

The mattress includes high-density foam for stability. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan

The Spartan aids in active recovery. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Best for Athletes and Active Lifestyles

The Brooklyn Bedding Spartan mattress is designed for athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. It focuses on recovery, helping to rejuvenate the body after intense physical activity.

Featuring a cooling pillow and a premium quilted top, its construction is ideal for those requiring comfort that adapts to various movements and sleep positions, ensuring recovery and rest.

Features and Advantages:

  • Nanobionic® Technology: This technology infuses the mattress's cover, transforming body heat into infrared energy, promoting better circulation and faster recovery.
  • CopperGel™ Foam: Provides responsive contouring with antimicrobial properties and enhanced cooling.
  • TitanCool™ Infusion: Helps maintain an optimal skin sleep temperature of 88 degrees, ensuring nighttime comfort.
  • Responsive Memory Foam adapts to the body's shape and movements, offering tailored support and pressure relief. The Spartan is a six on the firmness scale, providing a medium feel that supports active recovery while balancing comfort.
The mattress is made with advanced technology for sleep fitness. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons:


  • Cutting-edge recovery technologies aid muscle and overall body recovery.
  • Excellent temperature regulation features for a cooler sleep experience.
  • High-quality, durable materials ensure long-lasting performance.


  • The price point is higher due to the specialized materials and technologies.

Pain Relief Performance: Enhanced Recovery Features

The Spartan mattress excels in pain relief thanks to its combination of responsive foams and recovery-focused technology.

It is designed to alleviate pressure points and support areas prone to pain, such as the back and joints. This leads to deeper and more restorative sleep, which is essential for recovery and performance.

The mattress optimizes rest for athletes. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Motion Isolation and Temperature Regulation: Advanced Technology

The Spartan mattress features excellent motion isolation, ensuring that movements do not disrupt sleep. This is beneficial for those who share a bed.

The advanced TitanCool™ and CopperGel™ foams work together to regulate temperature, keeping the sleeper cool and comfortable and enhancing sleep quality.

Benefits of the Firmness Level and Pressure Relief

  • Targeted Support: The mattress provides targeted support where needed most, adapting to body weight and shape, which is crucial for athletes.
  • Pressure Point Relief: The responsive foams cushion pressure points like shoulders and hips, which is crucial for relieving stress and aiding recovery.
  • Firmness for Recovery: Medium firmness helps maintain proper spinal alignment, which is vital for effective recovery and peak physical condition.
The mattress promotes better performance through sleep. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Robust Edge Support: Strong edge support increases the usable sleeping area, which is important for active sleepers who move frequently.
  • Suitable for Various Body Types: The mattress supports a range of body weights and types, providing comfort and support tailored to the individual’s needs.
  • Adaptive for Multiple Sleeping Positions: Accommodates back, side, and stomach sleepers, providing versatility for any sleeping style.

The Brooklyn Bedding Spartan mattress is an excellent choice for athletes or anyone in regular physical activity.

Its specialized features facilitate physical recovery and ensure a refreshing sleep experience that rejuvenates both body and mind, preparing you for daily peak performance.

The mattress uses far infrared rays technology. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Essential

The Brooklyn Essential is budget-friendly. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Best for Budget-Conscious Shoppers

The Brooklyn Essential mattress is a reassuring choice for sleepers prioritizing quality sleep on a budget. It offers essential comfort without the hefty price tag of higher-end models, making it a smart investment for those looking to save.

This bed in a box offers factory-direct affordability without compromising on quality. It includes quality coils and comfort layers, making it a new bed choice for budget-conscious buyers looking for dependable comfort. Its lightweight design simplifies setup and moving, providing a convenient solution for renters or frequent movers.

Features and Advantages:

  • High-Density Base Foam: Provides a sturdy and supportive foundation that maintains the mattress's shape and durability.
  • Comfort Foam Layer: Adds a soft top layer for enhanced comfort, balancing support with a gentle feel.
  • Breathable Cover: This soft, breathable cover helps keep the surface cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Lightweight Design: Simplifies setup and moving, ideal for renters or frequent movers.
With its simple design, the mattress has straightforward comfort. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons:


  • Cost-effective without compromising on basic comfort and quality.
  • Low maintenance and easy to set up, suitable for all standard bed frames.
  • The minimalist design caters well to those who prefer straightforward bedding solutions.


  • Lacks advanced features such as cooling gels or targeted support zones in more premium models.
The mattress is perfect for guest rooms or kids. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Moderate Edge Support: Provides adequate edge support that allows you to use most of the mattress surface.
  • Suitable for Lighter to Medium Body Types: Best performance is observed in individuals of lighter to medium body weight, as the foundational support is geared towards moderate use.
  • Versatile for Various Sleeping Positions: While not specialized, the firmness and support level are comfortable for most positions, including back, side, and stomach sleepers.

The Brooklyn Essential mattress is a straightforward, no-frills sleeping solution that meets the needs of budget-conscious consumers.

It offers the necessities for a good night's sleep, combining comfort with fundamental performance, all at an accessible price point.

This mattress is particularly suited for those looking for their first mattress, temporary setups, or anyone who values simplicity and affordability in their bedding choices.

The mattress is a no-frills mattress for essential sleep. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Dreamfoam Essential

Foam layers for comfort and support. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Best for children and teenagers

The Dreamfoam Essential is a health-conscious choice made with the needs of growing bodies in mind. It provides the necessary support and comfort for young sleepers, ensuring their developing spines are well-supported and promoting a healthy posture from a young age.

Features and Advantages

  • Durable Foam Construction: Utilizes high-density foam that provides a stable and supportive sleeping surface.
  • Soft Quilted Top Layer: Adding a comfort layer with a quilted top enhances the overall sleep experience.
  • Compressed and Rolled Packaging: The mattress comes compressed and rolled in a box, making it easy to ship and set up.
  • Certipur-US® Certified Foam: Ensures that the foam used is free from harmful chemicals and low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), promoting a healthier sleep environment.
With its various firmness levels, the mattress is Great for children or temporary setups. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Pros and Cons:


  • It is very affordable, making it accessible for those on a tight budget.
  • Simple design and easy setup appeal to first-time mattress buyers or those who move frequently.
  • The lightweight construction ensures easy handling and transportation.


  • It may need more advanced features and longevity than more expensive models.

Off-Gassing Concerns: Low Emission Levels

Despite its affordability, the Dreamfoam Essential is committed to health and safety. The use of Certipur-US® certified foams means that the mattress has lower emission levels than many others in its price range, addressing common concerns about off-gassing in new mattresses.

Benefits of the Firmness Level and Pressure Relief

  • Uniform Support: The firmness of the foam provides consistent support across the entire mattress, which can aid in reducing pressure points and promote better spinal alignment.
  • Suitable for Back and Stomach Sleepers: The firm support is particularly beneficial for back and stomach sleepers who need a firmer surface to maintain proper posture.
  • Minimal Sinkage: Reduces the feeling of sinking into the mattress, which can be crucial for maintaining comfort and ease of movement during sleep.
It is affordable with the necessary features. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Edge Support and Body Type Suitability:

  • Adequate Edge Support: While less robust than more premium models, the edge support is sufficient for most users to feel stable when sitting or sleeping near the edge.
  • Best for Light to Medium Body Weights: The mattress performs best under lighter to medium body weights, making it an excellent choice for children, teens, and average-weight adults.
  • Adaptable to Most Sleep Positions: Although not specialized, the firmness level is generally comfortable for various sleeping positions, providing versatility.

The Dreamfoam Essential mattress is a commendable option for those who prioritize simplicity and affordability, similar to other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses.

It offers the fundamental benefits of a foam mattress, including support and comfort, while also adhering to safety standards with low emission levels.

This new mattress is ideal for anyone needing a cost-effective bedding solution that doesn’t compromise basic sleeping comfort.

The Dreamfoam Essential supports well. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses: What to Know Before Buying Yours

When considering the purchase of a Brooklyn Bedding mattress, several key factors can enhance your buying experience and ensure you make a well-informed decision. Here are some additional considerations to keep in mind:

  • Financing Options:
    • Brooklyn Bedding offers financing through Affirm, allowing customers to pay monthly for their new mattresses.
    • Approval for financing is typically quick, and options vary from short-term (3 months) to longer-term plans (up to 12 months), depending on the purchase amount and credit approval.
  • Trial Period and Warranty:
    • Brooklyn Bedding provides a 120-night sleep trial, providing you with plenty of time to decide if the mattress fits you.
    • Should you decide the mattress isn’t right, returns are free and fully managed by the company.
    • Each mattress has a 10-year warranty covering manufacturing and material defects, providing peace of mind and quality assurance.
  • Free Shipping and Returns:
    • Mattresses are shipped free within the contiguous United States and arrive compressed in a box for easy setup.
    • The expected delivery time is typically between 3 to 5 business days after placing the order.
    • For returns, Brooklyn Bedding simplifies the process by coordinating the pick-up and refund, ensuring the process is hassle-free.

These features make Brooklyn Bedding mattresses appealing for their quality and comfort and for their customer-centric policies, which make purchasing, owning, and returning a mattress straightforward and stress-free.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Ad Its Competitors

When shopping for a mattress, it's useful to understand how different brands compare. Here, we compare Brooklyn Bedding with three competitors: Purple, Casper, and Nectar.

Brooklyn Bedding vs. Purple

The Mattress uses unique technology. (Credit: Purple mattress)
  • Features:
    • Brooklyn Bedding Stands out with its various mattresses, offering customizable firmness levels and materials, including hybrid and all-foam options. This special feature allows you to tailor your sleep experience to your preferences, setting it apart from competitors.
    • Purple is famous for its unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid layer, which dynamically adapts to body pressure, providing support and relief at pressure points.
  • Comfort and Support:
    • Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are known for their ability to cater to various sleep preferences with different firmness options, making them versatile for all sleep positions.
    • Purple mattresses focus on delivering a balance of softness and support, which is especially beneficial for those with back pain due to its grid system.
  • Price Point:
    • Brooklyn Bedding generally offers more budget-friendly options than Purple, which can be pricier due to its proprietary technology.

Brooklyn Bedding vs. Casper

The Casper Mattress offers zoned support. (Credit: Casper Sleep)
  • Features:
    • Brooklyn Bedding: Features include high-quality materials such as TitanFlex™ foam and Ascension® coils in hybrid models.
    • Casper: Some models utilize a zoned support system designed to target different body areas differently for improved alignment and comfort.
  • Sleep Experience:
    • Both brands provide excellent motion isolation and temperature regulation, with Casper offering a slightly softer feel overall, which might be preferred by side sleepers.
    • Brooklyn Bedding offers firmer options that back and stomach sleepers appreciate.
  • Innovation and Variety:

Brooklyn Bedding vs. Nectar

The mattress includes a quilted memory foam top. (Credit: Nectar Sleep)
  • Features:
    • Brooklyn Bedding: Known for custom firmness levels and a wide range of mattress types.
    • Nectar is best known for its use of memory foam, which offers deep contouring and a hug typical of traditional memory foam mattresses.
  • Material Quality and Durability: Brooklyn Bedding mattresses often feature advanced materials like copper-infused foam or high-caliber coils that enhance durability and sleep quality. On the other hand, Nectar emphasizes a single memory foam mattress model that focuses on pressure relief and comfort with a lower emphasis on temperature regulation.
  • Trial and Warranty: Both companies offer generous trial periods and warranties; however, Nectar offers an extended sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, which is exceptional in the industry.

Each brand brings unique features and benefits to the table. Brooklyn Bedding stands out with its customizability and variety, Purple with its innovative comfort technology, Casper with its targeted support systems, and Nectar with its focus on traditional memory foam comfort and exceptional warranty terms.


In our exploration of the eight Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, each has showcased a unique blend of comfort, support, and value, marking them as standout choices in the realm of affordable luxury.

Whether you seek the plush comfort of the Aurora Luxe, the firm support of the Plank, or the innovative technology of the Spartan, The Brooklyn brand offers something for every type of sleeper.

We highly recommend these mattresses for anyone looking to invest in quality sleep without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Brooklyn Bedding and Helix the same company?

No, Brooklyn Bedding and Helix are separate entities. Each company manufactures unique mattresses and operates independently, offering distinct designs and features tailored to different sleeper preferences.

How long does a Brooklyn mattress last?

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses typically have a durability of 7 to 10 years, varying with the type of mattress. Regular maintenance and care instructions may extend the lifespan, ensuring it remains supportive and comfortable.

How thick is Brooklyn Bedding?

Most Brooklyn Bedding mattresses vary in thickness depending on the model. Their mattresses range from 10 to 14 inches thick, providing options for different comfort preferences and support needs.

Do Brooklyn mattresses need box springs?

If desired, Brooklyn mattresses do not require box springs but can be used with one. They are designed to work well on any flat, sturdy surface, including platform beds, slatted frames, and adjustable bases, ensuring versatility in setup.

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