(Last Update: 01/16/2023)

Ever tossed and turned on a hot, sultry night, yearning for relief? A cool sleep environment is not just a luxury—it's a necessity.

Delving into the science, we realize that our sleep quality improves dramatically when our body maintains a balanced temperature. It’s about comfort and the deep, restorative sleep your body craves.

As we journey through the evolution of cooling technologies in mattresses, imagine slipping into a bed tailored to offer the ultimate luxury cooling mattress experience every night.

Don't miss out. Stay with us to discover the groundbreaking innovations in mattress technology that ensure you never endure another sweaty night.

Remember, the perfect cool sleep might be a mattress away, and you wouldn’t want to be the last to know, would you?

The Science Behind a Cooler Sleep

The Body's Natural Thermostat: Circadian Rhythms

Researching mattress types sleep cool options is vital. Our body’s internal clock, the circadian rhythm, governs various physiological processes, including temperature.

Our body temperature drops During the night, signaling it's time to sleep. When this natural drop is interrupted or insufficient, our sleep can suffer.

REM Sleep and Temperature Sensitivity

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, the stage associated with vivid dreams, is particularly sensitive to external temperatures. A cooler environment promotes more consistent REM sleep, ensuring we cycle through the vital sleep stages without disruptions.

Sweating, Overheating, and Sleep Disruptions

Sleeping hot can cause excessive sweating, leading to dehydration, frequent awakenings, and a disrupted sleep cycle. Moreover, overheating can cause discomfort, making it challenging to fall asleep once awakened.

Benefits of a Balanced Sleep Environment

A well-regulated sleep temperature results in deeper, more restful sleep. This promotes physical recovery and aids in memory consolidation and cognitive functions. Moreover, consistent sleep patterns can bolster the immune system, reducing susceptibility to illness.

Embracing the Chill: Enhanced Sleep Quality

Cool technologies in mattresses tap into this science. They combat sleep disruptions and enhance sleep quality by facilitating better temperature control. Slipping into a cool bed is not merely a fleeting pleasure; it's a cornerstone for healthful, rejuvenating sleep.

By understanding the intricate relationship between temperature and sleep, we can make informed choices about our sleeping environment, ensuring nights filled with peaceful slumbers and mornings bursting with energy.

Key Cooling Technologies in the Mattress Industry

The Role of Materials in Temperature Control

Different materials have distinct thermal properties that influence how a cooling mattress feels against the skin. Traditional materials like innerspring can offer natural airflow, but newer materials may have different heat dispersion properties.

Memory foam, while contouring, can retain heat unless it's infused with cooling agents. Latex, especially natural or latex foam, is more breathable and cooler.

Memory Foam and Cooling Infusions

Memory foam's heat retention has been a common concern. The industry has seen innovations like gel-infused gel memory foam to counter this. More advanced variations include copper and graphite infusions, which pull heat away from the sleeper, ensuring a cooler sleeping surface.

The Emergence of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

One of the most groundbreaking introductions to the mattress world is Phase Change Materials. PCMs absorb and release heat, adjusting in real-time to body temperature.

This means the mattress remains consistently cool in summer and warm in winter, dynamically adapting to the sleeper's needs.

Natural and Organic Options: Breathability at its Best

With a rise in environmental consciousness, there's been a push towards organic and natural materials in mattresses.

Materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and natural latex have minimal environmental footprints and boast exceptional breathability. These materials wick away moisture, reduce heat build-up, and offer a cool sleep environment.

Technological Integration: Beyond Traditional Materials

Beyond mere materials, technological advancements have found their way into the bedding industry. Cooling covers made from materials like Tencel actively wick moisture and enhance breathability.

Additionally, smart mattresses with built-in sensors and cooling mechanisms offer customized temperature settings, ensuring the bed stays at the optimal temperature throughout the night.

The mattress industry's temperature regulation technology strides are more than just about comfort. They tap into the science of sleep, ensuring that every individual can achieve restful, rejuvenating slumbers regardless of the season or external environment.

As we continue to witness innovations, the dream of a perfect night's sleep becomes a tangible reality for all.

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress With GlacioTex Cover

Helix Midnight Luxe embraces nighttime serenity.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

The Helix Midnight Luxe, tailored intricately for side sleeping, ensures that the peculiar pressure points of the shoulders and hips receive optimal support.

Every curve of your body finds its perfect cradle, guaranteeing comfort and the right alignment for a rejuvenating sleep.

Those who sleep on their side often need softer mattresses. Nothing beats sinking into a mattress that seems to understand and respond to your every curve, especially after a long day.

The luxury firm offers this personal touch, combined with the promise of cool and refreshing sleep, all thanks to the innovative GlacioTex cover. Every night feels like a treat!

Features and Benefits

The uniqueness of the GlacioTex cover

Unlike traditional covers, the GlacioTex is a marvel of textile innovation. Not just an adornment, this unique cover provides tangible benefits to sleepers.

Not only is it plush to the touch, but it’s also engineered to prioritize your comfort. Its luxurious texture invites sleepers into a realm of unparalleled coziness.

How GlacioTex regulates temperature

In mattress technology, maintaining an optimal sleeping temperature is paramount. The GlacioTex cover takes this challenge head-on. Its advanced material design reacts dynamically to your body’s heat.

The GlacioTex helps disperse excess body heat when you're too warm, ensuring you remain cool. On colder nights, it aids in retaining just the right amount of warmth, striking a perfect balance for restful slumber.

Active Temperature Control:

  • The GlacioTex of the Medium-firm mattress (6.5) proactively pulls heat away from the body, ensuring the cooling mattress surface remains consistently cool.
  • Great quality glaciotex cooling cover

Mattress firmness scale:

  • 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the firmest

Moisture Management

The discomfort of waking up feeling damp and sticky is something many are familiar with, especially during those sweltering summer nights. With the Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress, that concern becomes a thing of the past.

Apart from managing heat, it also wicks away moisture with remarkable efficiency. This prevents that clammy feeling on humid nights, ensuring you wake up fresh and invigorated.

Premium Layered Construction:

Beyond its pioneering cover, the Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress boasts a meticulously designed interior. Each layer serves a specific purpose, from providing robust support to ensuring contouring comfort.

The harmonious blend of these layers ensures that sleepers of all types find their sweet spot of comfort and support. Whether you’re a side sleeper needing shoulder and hip cushioning or a back sleeper requiring firm spinal alignment, this mattress has covered you.

Longevity and Durability:

A mattress is an investment, and the Helix Midnight Luxe ensures you get value for every penny. Its high-quality construction materials are designed to withstand the test of time, offering years of consistent performance.

This durability means that you won’t just enjoy premium comfort, but you'll enjoy it for a very long time.

Pros and Cons


Optimal Support for Side Sleeping:

  • Ingeniously designed to offer the right balance of support and softness for the shoulders and hips.

Advanced Cooling Tech:

  • GlacioTex cover ensures a consistently cool sleep environment.

Premium Build Quality:

  • Every layer and every stitch exudes quality, promising durability, and years of comfort.


  • Price Point: Given its premium features, it might be on the higher end of the budget for some. But remember, quality often comes at a price!

Why It's a Top-Rated Cooling Mattress

When you combine the meticulous design tailored for side sleeping with the state-of-the-art GlacioTex cooling technology, it's no wonder the Helix Midnight Luxe is making waves in the cooling mattress industry.

Reviews consistently highlight its unparalleled comfort and the refreshing coolness it offers night after night.

Ready for the ultimate sleep experience? Dive deeper into the magic of the Helix Midnight Luxe. And for those ready to transform their sleep, click here to check the price and make the dream a reality.

Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress

Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress redefines sleep luxury.

Best Cooling Mattress For Back Sleepers

Not all cooling mattresses are created equal! The Saatva Loom & Leaf is an oasis of comfort for back sleepers.

Engineered with precision, this Medium-firm mattress offers impeccable spinal alignment—a critical feature for those who sleep on their backs. Wake up refreshed without those pesky backaches and enjoy the day ahead with newfound energy.

A certain charm in a mattress seemingly wraps itself around you, understanding the intricacies of your sleep posture.

The Saatva Loom & Leaf does just that. With its perfect blend of latex and memory foam, every back sleeper's dream of a peaceful, back-pain-free night becomes a delightful reality.

Features and Benefits

Latex and Memory Foam: Perfect Blend:

The Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress ingeniously marries the best cooling properties of latex with the contouring comfort of traditional memory foam. This blend ensures that the common issues of heat retention, often seen in all foam mattresses, are effectively addressed.

Responsive Latex:

The latex layer in the Saatva Loom & Leaf is more than just a foundational element. It offers a bouncy feel, ensuring you never feel "stuck" in your supportive mattress.

This is a boon for those who shift positions throughout the night, ensuring smooth transitions without the "sinking" feeling that traditional memory foam can sometimes provide.

Sweat-absorbing Cooling Cover Features:

A significant part of being recognized as one of the best cooling mattresses is the ability to draw heat away from the sleeper. The Saatva Loom & Leaf accomplishes this with its cutting-edge cooling cover.

This feature is especially beneficial for hot sleepers, as it actively wicks away body heat, ensuring a sweat-free and refreshing sleep experience.

Contouring Memory Foam:

  • Memory foam cradles your body, offering tailored pressure relief, especially in the lumbar region.

Active Moisture Management:

  • The cooling cover removes moisture, ensuring a dry, comfortable sleep environment.


Beyond just the top layer, the entire mattress is designed with optimal air circulation in mind. The cover promotes air circulation, maintaining a consistently cool surface.

This feature, combined with the mattress's cooling properties, places it among the best cooling mattresses available today.

Memory Foam Comfort Layer:

The memory foam layer, nestled beneath the responsive latex, provides a plush, contouring comfort.

It hugs the sleeper's body, relieving pressure points and ensuring a restful night's sleep. While traditional memory foam tends to retain heat, Loom & Leaf's foam is ingeniously designed to channel away excess warmth.

Durable Construction:

A mattress isn't just about immediate comfort; it's an investment in many nights of rejuvenating sleep. The Saatva Loom & Leaf is built to last, ensuring that its cooling and comfort features remain intact over the years.

The Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress is a beacon for those seeking cooler sleep. Its combination of latex and memory foam, coupled with an advanced cooling cover, makes it a haven for hot sleepers.

With every detail fine-tuned for optimal temperature regulation, it truly represents the zenith of cooling sleep technology.

Pros and Cons


Tailored for Back Sleepers:

  • Specifically designed to promote spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points.


  • Saatva offers a free white glove delivery on all of their mattresses. This includes having the cooling mattress delivered and set up in your bedroom, removing your old mattress, and recycling it.

Dual Comfort Layers:

  • The combination of latex and memory foam provides bounce and contouring comfort.

Advanced Cooling Technology:

  • No more sweaty nights with the moisture-wicking cover!


Weight: Given its premium materials, the cooling mattress might be heavier, posing a challenge during setup or relocation.

Why It's the Best Luxury Cooling Mattress

The Saatva Loom & Leaf isn't just a mattress; it's a commitment to quality sleep. The positive reviews flooding in highlight its ability to transform sleep experiences, particularly for back sleepers. The blend of materials and cool technologies makes it an industry frontrunner.

Ready to upgrade your sleep game? Check. Still trying to convince? Click here to compare with other top-rated cooling mattresses. And if you’re just curious about more details.

Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress is eco-friendly sleep perfected.

Best Mattress For All Sleep Positions

The Avocado Green Mattress offers a universal embrace from side sleepers to restless tumblers.

Crafted meticulously, it has a knack for understanding every sleeper's whim, whether a back, side, or stomach sleeper. The naturally cooling and supportive features ensure every position is a good position. Experience a night of versatile comfort.

Ever craved a bed that doesn't force you to pick a favorite sleep position? That's the charm of the Avocado Green Mattress. Infused with natural latex, it offers a responsive yet plush feel that caters to every twist and turn, ensuring a restful slumber no matter how you lay.

Features and Benefits

The Cooling Prowess of Natural Latex:

One of the significant features of the Avocado Green Mattress is its use of natural latex. Unlike materials that trap heat, natural latex is inherently breathable.

It boasts open cells that enhance airflow, ensuring body heat doesn't accumulate. This is particularly important for hot sleepers who overheat at night. With the Avocado Green Mattress, you're not just sleeping but floating on a cloud.

Hybrid Design for Enhanced Support:

Being a luxury hybrid mattress, the Avocado Green integrates the contouring properties of foam with the resilient support of innerspring coils.

This design offers exceptional edge support and caters to various sleeping positions, including stomach sleepers needing additional lumbar support. The combination results in a cooling hybrid mattress that doesn't compromise support or comfort.

Temperature Control:

  • It does more than keep you cool; it maintains an ideal sleep temperature throughout the night.

Eco-friendly Materials:

  • Rest easy knowing your Medium mattress cares for you and the planet. Avocado sources sustainable materials that have minimal environmental impact.

Environmental and Health Benefits:

The Avocado Green Mattress is not just about sleep; it's about conscious living. Health-conscious individuals can rest easy, knowing their mattress is free from harmful chemicals.

There are no toxic off-gases or questionable materials. You sleep on a product that cares about you and the environment.

Breathability and Temperature Regulation:

One of the hallmarks of the best cooling mattresses is their ability to draw heat away. The Avocado Green Mattress, combined with natural latex and hybrid design, ensures optimal temperature regulation.

Hot sleepers can bid adieu to sweaty nights and embrace a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

Versatility Across Sleeping Styles:

Whether you're a side sleeper, a back enthusiast, or a stomach devotee, the Avocado Green Mattress caters to all. Its cooling features and adaptable design adjust to varying sleep preferences, ensuring every night is a good night.

In conclusion, the Avocado Green Mattress is not just a bed; it's an experience. From its impressive cooling properties to its commitment to health and the environment, it stands out in the sea of mattresses.

If you're searching for the best cooling mattress that offers more than just comfort, the Avocado Green Mattress is your go-to choice.

Pros and Cons


Universal Comfort:

  • Tailored to pamper every sleep position with equal affection.

Sustainable Choice:

  • A nod to the eco-conscious era, it's the perfect blend of luxury and environmental responsibility.

Health First:

  • Crafted with materials that put your health at the forefront, ensuring rest without reservations.


  • Price Point: Quality and sustainability come at a price, making it a premium investment. However, it’s an investment in your sleep and the planet’s future.

Why It's a Top-Rated Cooling Mattress

In the vast sea of cooling mattresses, Avocado Green shines bright. Its dual commitment to personalized comfort and planetary wellness sets it apart.

As rave reviews pour in, it’s evident that this cooling mattress isn’t just a piece of bedding; it's a lifestyle choice for those who prioritize sleep quality and environmental stewardship.

Ready to experience a sleep revolution?

Dive into the world of Avocado Green and discover the difference. Remember, quality sleep is an investment, and this cooling mattress promises returns in the form of dreamy nights and refreshed mornings.

Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Premier Mattress ensures cool dreams

Best Foam Cooling Mattress For Side Sleepers

Attention side sleepers, your quest for the perfect softer mattress might just be over.

The Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress is tailored to cradle every curve, especially the shoulders and hips, ensuring a night of restful bliss. If you're a side sleeper, this new mattress that is beckoning.

Waking up without that familiar shoulder cramp? That's the magic of the Nectar Premier.

Infused with copper, its memory foam infused with cooling gel strikes the perfect balance between softness and support. It’s a symphony of comfort that celebrates the art of sleeping on the side.

Features and Benefits

Copper-infused Memory Foam: Why It Matters:

Incorporating copper into memory foam mattresses marks a revolutionary stride in bedding technology.

With inherent antimicrobial properties, copper ensures sleepers are cocooned in a hygienic environment free from common allergens. For those seeking the best cooling mattress experience, this feature is indispensable.

Heat Dispersion Through Copper Technology:

Hot sleepers, rejoice! The Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress excels in drawing away body heat. Including copper in the memory foam layer assists in efficient heat dispersion.

This cooling feature ensures that warmth is not trapped within the mattress, paving the way for a comfortable night's rest. As the copper draws heat away, sleepers can revel in consistent coolness throughout the night, marking it as one of the best cooling mattresses available.

Gel-infused Memory Foam Comfort Layer:

Beyond the copper infusion, the mattress integrates gel-infused foam into its comfort layer. This gel memory foam further amplifies the cooling properties, ensuring heat doesn't accumulate.

Side sleepers, in particular, can appreciate the pressure relief these layers offer, making it the best foam cooling mattress in its league.

Contouring Comfort:

  • Memory foam alone is a wonder, but with copper, it amplifies the supportive traits, which is especially beneficial for those who sleep on their side.

Consistent Temperature Control:

  • Gone are the nights of waking up sweaty. The top layer enhances Nectar's cooling capabilities. Experience consistent cooling as the copper infusion works tirelessly.

Versatility Across All Sleeping Positions:

The Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress adapts seamlessly to side, back, or stomach sleeping positions.

A balanced position on the firmness scale offers ideal support and comfort regardless of your preferred sleeping position. Edge support ensures stability across the mattress, promoting an even sleep surface for all.

Breathability and Durability Combined:

In all foam beds, breathability can sometimes be a concern. However, with its unique combination of gel-infused foam, copper-infused memory foam, and other cooling features, this mattress stands out as breathable.

This design choice ensures longevity, as airflow prevents moisture accumulation and potential degradation of the foam.

To wrap it up, the Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress encapsulates what modern sleep technology aims for—optimal comfort combined with cooling excellence.

Whether you're a hot sleeper or seeking pressure relief without compromising support, this mattress is a prime choice for cooling hybrid mattresses.

Pros and Cons


Side Sleepers' Dream:

  • Designed keeping the unique needs of those who sleep on their sides in mind, offering optimal shoulder and hip support.

Copper Advantages:

  • The Medium mattress keeps you cool and ensures a hygienic sleep environment.
  • Sleepers won't feel excess heat on Nectar.

Long-lasting Durability:

  • This cooling mattress is built to last, protecting your investment for years.


  • Initial Off-gassing: Like many traditional memory foam mattresses, there might initially be a slight off-gassing smell, which typically dissipates in a few days.

Why It's a Top-Rated Cooling Mattress

Nectar Premier Copper stands tall among the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers.

Those who sleep on their side have found their champion in this new mattress, as evident from the glowing reviews. It's not just a mattress; it's a cooling sanctuary, a side sleeper’s haven, and an epitome of innovative sleep technology.

Curious to feel the copper difference? Dive in and explore more. If side-sleeping is your nightly ritual and comfort your utmost priority, the Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Cooling Mattress might be your match in sleep heaven.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress is opulence personified

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Do you find comfort in drifting off to dreamland face-down? Then, behold the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe. Carefully engineered, it provides the right firmness for stomach sleepers, ensuring the spine remains neutrally aligned. No more waking up with aches; this is your ticket to serene slumbers.

Sleeping on your stomach is unique, and so should your cooling mattress. The Brooklyn Bedding stands out not just for its support but for its cooling magic. With Tencel gracing, its cover keeps the bed cool and invites you into a nightly oasis of comfort.

Features and Benefits

The Moisture-Wicking Magic of Tencel:

At the heart of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe lies the marvel of Tencel. Crafted from eucalyptus trees, Tencel brings a supremely soft touch that naturally wicks away moisture.

Its natural comfort keeps the best cooling properties at the forefront, ensuring hot sleepers can bid adieu to nights of discomfort. Moreover, this eco-friendly comfort material underscores that Tencel doesn't just prioritize coolness; it emphasizes sustainability, allowing sleepers to indulge in eco-conscious slumber.

Advanced Pocketed Coils for Maximum Support:

Beyond its top comfort layer, the Aurora Luxe boasts advanced pocketed coils, optimizing the hybrid mattress's features.

These coils facilitate proper spinal alignment and ample pressure relief, ensuring that sleepers wake up feeling rejuvenated. The integration of these coils not only enhances the mattress's lifespan but also ensures dynamic responsiveness and edge support.

Pressure-relieving Memory Foam:

As one of the pioneering mattress companies, Brooklyn Bedding understands the significance of pressure point relief.

The Aurora Luxe incorporates pressure-relieving memory foam that adjusts to the sleeper's body contours, eliminating common pressure points. This design caters to side and stomach sleepers, ensuring they experience unparalleled comfort.

Stay Dry, Stay Cool:

  • Tencel is a moisture magnet, wicking away sweat to keep you comfortable.

Synergistic Cooling:

  • While Tencel handles moisture, the mattress's other layers disperse heat for an unparalleled cooling experience.

Combatting Heat Trapping with Innovative Design:

A common concern among hot sleepers is the trapping of body heat, a phenomenon often associated with traditional memory foams. However, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe deftly navigates this challenge.

By synergizing the cooling properties of Tencel with the mattress's other features, it negates the tendency to trap heat. This culmination of cooling features, including the cooling sheets, ensures that the Aurora Luxe is the best cooling hybrid mattress.

Firmness Options for Customized Comfort:

Recognizing that comfort is subjective, Brooklyn Bedding offers the Aurora Luxe across different points on the firmness scale.

Whether one desires a plush feel or a firmer surface, there's an option tailored to individual preferences. This range ensures the mattress adapts to diverse sleep needs, whether pressure relief or support.

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe embodies the culmination of meticulous design, innovative materials, and an understanding of sleeper needs. The Aurora Luxe emerges as an undeniable contender for those on a quest to find the best cooling hybrid mattress.

Pros and Cons


Tailored for Stomach Sleepers:

  • The perfect blend of firmness and plushness offers superior support to stomach sleepers.

Tencel's Dual Advantage:

  • Experience the benefits of coolness and moisture management.

Eco-Conscious Choice:

  • With biodegradable Tencel, you choose a kinder mattress for our planet.


  • Slightly Pricier: Given its premium materials and construction, it leans towards the higher end of the price spectrum.

Why It's One of the Best Cooling Mattresses

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress isn’t just another mattress; it's a testament to how innovation can redefine comfort.

This Medium-firm mattress has become a favorite for stomach sleepers thanks to its specialized support and cooling features. When a mattress understands the art of balancing support and coolness, it’s bound to be top-rated.

Thinking of upgrading your sleep experience? Discover Brooklyn Bedding difference. For all the stomach sleepers out there, this might be the sleep companion you’ve been dreaming of.

Cocoon Chill Mattress

Cocoon Chill Mattress is the answer to hot nights

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

All foam mattresses tend to retain more heat than hybrids. If you're a side sleeper seeking the perfect blend of support and cooling, the Cocoon Chill Mattress is your ideal pick.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it ensures that those who sleep on their side can bid farewell to shoulder and hip discomfort, all while basking in the bliss of a cool night's sleep.

We've encountered countless mattresses, but the Cocoon Chill stands out for its unique combination of supportive design tailored for those who sleep on their side and its advanced cooling tech.

This Medium-firm (6.5) mattress isn't just about sleeping; it's about experiencing rejuvenation.

Features and Benefits

The Wonders of Phase Change Material (PCM):

PCM is an innovative addition to the mattress industry, and its presence in the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe emphasizes the company's commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Consistent Comfort: Unlike traditional materials, PCM ensures no cold or hot spots on the cooling mattress, offering uniform cooling. This helps maintain the medium firmness of the mattress throughout, making it a desirable luxury mattress for discerning sleepers.

How PCM Keeps Sleepers Cool Throughout the Night:

When sleepers nestle into the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe, they are immediately introduced to the benefits of PCM.

Deep, Cool Sleep: PCM promotes deeper sleep phases by effectively managing heat, ensuring you wake up refreshed. It absorbs excess body heat when you're too warm and releases it back when cool, ensuring an optimum sleeping temperature.

Active Heat Regulation:

PCM actively adjusts to your body's heat, absorbing excess warmth when you're too hot and releasing it when you're cold.

Dynamic Response:

  • The PCM layer continuously interacts with your body temperature, ensuring you remain comfortably cool regardless of external conditions.

Tailored for the Hot Sleeper:

The Aurora Luxe isn't just any mattress for hot sleepers. Combined with PCM, its construction targets those who often feel sweating or uncomfortably warm during the night.

With its temperature-regulating features, this mattress aims to create an ideal sleeping environment for everyone.

Medium-Firm: The Sweet Spot of Comfort:

Striking a balance between plushness and support, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is designed with a medium-firm profile.

This makes it perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike. The medium firmness ensures a perfect blend of pressure point relief and spinal alignment, crucial for a good night's sleep.

A Commitment to Quality:

Brooklyn Bedding has always been at the forefront of mattress innovation, and the Aurora Luxe is a testament to that legacy. It's not just a mattress; it's an experience.

Each layer and stitch promises quality and luxury that very few mattress companies can match.

In conclusion, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe encapsulates what a high-end, technologically advanced mattress should be. It invites sleepers into a realm of cool comfort, ensuring that every night is a rejuvenating experience.

This might be the perfect choice for those seeking a luxury mattress with medium-firm support that addresses nighttime overheating

Pros and Cons


Tailored Support for Side Sleepers:

  • Carefully calibrated firmness ensures those who sleep on their side enjoy optimum support.

Innovative PCM Cooling:

  • Say goodbye to sweaty nights with the medium-firm mattress's dynamic heat regulation.

Durable Construction:

  • Built with high-quality materials, the Cocoon Chill promises longevity and consistent performance.


  • Might Feel Too Firm for Some: Individuals preferring a plush sleeping surface might find it too firm.

Why It's a Top-Rated Cooling Mattress

Regarding sleep innovation, the Cocoon Chill Mattress truly shines. Its utilization of Phase Change Material revolutionizes cooling in mattresses and ensures that those who sleep on their side can enjoy an uninterrupted, blissful slumber.

This isn't merely a mattress; it's a testament to how science and design can come together to elevate our nightly rest. When countless users testify to waking up more refreshed and free from nighttime sweats, it's clear why the Cocoon Chill is top-rated.

Craving a sleep transformation? Dive into cool, comfortable nights with the Cocoon Chill Mattress.

FloBeds vZone 12-Inch Natural Latex Mattress

FloBeds vZone 12-inch Natural Latex Mattress molds to you

Best Mattress For All Sleep Positions

Are you a back sleeper? A side enthusiast? Or a dedicated stomach sleeper? No matter your preferred sleeping position, the FloBeds vZone 12 Natural Latex Mattress has been masterfully crafted to cater to all your sleeping positions. Its ingenious design provides precise support and comfort for every unique sleeping style.

In the vast realm of mattresses, few offer the kind of personalized comfort and cooling that the FloBeds vZone 12 delivers.

This Medium mattress masterfully combines the versatility of latex with customizability, ensuring a sleep experience tailored to each individual. It’s not just about sleeping; it’s about owning the night.

Features and Benefits

Zoned Latex: Customized Cooling and Support:

A standout feature of the FloBeds vZone 12 is its zoned latex layers. These distinct zones allow for more targeted support and pressure relief in the shoulders and hips.

Personalized Comfort Zones: The cooling mattress provides a refreshing sleep environment and features varying firmness levels, ensuring that every part of your body gets the right amount of support. This approach to mattress design ensures a more restful and uninterrupted night's sleep.

Adapting to Diverse Body Types:

FloBeds recognizes the diversity of body types and understands that a one-size-fits-all mattress doesn't cater to everyone's needs.

Unique Body Mapping: The vZone 12 is designed to adapt to the sleeper intuitively. Whether petite, athletic, or curvy, this cooling mattress evolves with your form, ensuring optimal alignment and pressure relief

  • Dynamic Temperature Control: The inherent cooling properties of latex, combined with the zoned design, ensure efficient heat dispersion.
  • Consistent Comfort and Support: The zoned latex core ensures you always sleep on a cooling and supportive surface regardless of your body type.

Natural Latex: Breathable and Eco-friendly:

Derived from the rubber tree sap, this mattress's natural latex isn't just sustainable; it's also incredibly breathable. This makes it an ideal material for those who want a cooler sleeping surface and an eco-friendly option.

Durability with a Touch of Luxury:

Natural latex isn’t just about eco-friendliness or cooling; it’s renowned for its durability, too. The FloBeds vZone 12 promises years of luxurious comfort, maintaining its shape and firmness much longer than traditional mattresses.

Enhancing Sleep Health:

A good mattress isn’t just about comfort; it promotes better sleep health. The vZone 12, with its zoned support and adaptive features, ensures proper spinal alignment. This reduces the chances of waking up with aches and pains and promotes better sleep cycles.

The FloBeds vZone 12 Natural Latex Mattress is a game-changer in sleep solutions. By marrying innovation with nature, it provides an unmatched sleeping experience, ensuring that users wake up rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day every morning.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile by Design: Perfect for all sleep positions, ensuring each sleeper gets the best rest.
  • Natural Latex Benefits: Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and environmentally friendly.
  • Customizable Comfort: The zoned layers can be rearranged for personalized firmness.


  • Price Point: Natural latex and customization might make it pricier than standard mattresses.

Why It's a Top-Rated Cooling Bed

The FloBeds vZone 12 Natural Latex Mattress has redefined how we perceive sleep comfort.

By merging the unparalleled benefits of natural latex with the ingenuity of zoned design, it offers a sleeping experience that's both transformative and restorative.

Sleepers don't just rest; they thrive. The countless gleaming reviews and rejuvenated mornings are a testament to its unmatched prowess in sleep solutions.

Ready for a sleeping revolution? Discover the comfort redefined with the FloBeds vZone 12 Natural Latex Mattress.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Purple Mattress reimagines hybrid technology.

Best Cooling Mattress For Side Sleepers

The quest for the perfect side-sleeping mattress is one many embark upon, but only some find it. Enter the Purple Hybrid.

Crafted with meticulous care, this cooling mattress offers those who sleep on their side a dreamy combination of support and comfort, ensuring they wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning.

Most hybrid mattresses tend to balance support and coolness. The Purple Hybrid is not just another mattress.

It's an experience. Its innovative design revolutionizes sleep comfort, making it feel like floating on a cloud. The sensation of being cradled while still supported is unparalleled, making each night on the Purple Hybrid mattress a delight.

Features and Benefits

The Groundbreaking Hyper-Elastic Polymer Technology:

Purple's innovation begins with its unique choice of material. Revolutionary Material: Diverging from traditional mattress materials, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer stands apart.

It’s responsive and instantly adjusts to your body's contours, ensuring a harmonized balance of support and comfort that memory foams often can't match.

Airflow and Temperature Regulation Capabilities:

One of the critical challenges for many mattresses is maintaining an optimal temperature. The Purple Hybrid tackles this with finesse.

Open Air Cells: There are thousands of open-air cells built within the Hyper-Elastic Polymer. These cells facilitate better airflow, allowing the mattress to breathe and remain cool. But they don't stop there.

Stay Cool, All Night:

These specially designed air cells not only promote airflow but actively help in temperature regulation. These cells work diligently throughout the night, ensuring that the mattress's temperature remains consistently cool, even during hotter summer nights.

  • Durability and Resilience: This material doesn't degrade as quickly as traditional foams, ensuring the cooling mattress remains in top condition for years.
  • Even Weight Distribution: The unique design of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer ensures your weight is evenly distributed, relieving pressure points.
  • Motion Isolation: For those sharing a bed, the Purple Hybrid ensures that movements from one sleeper don't disturb the other.

No Sinkage:

Beyond cooling, the Purple Hybrid’s design addresses another common mattress concern: sinkage.

Traditional all-foam mattresses sometimes leave sleepers feeling trapped and unable to move comfortably due to excessive sinking.

Purple Hybrid challenges this norm, offering a buoyant feel that lets you move freely and comfortably without feeling stuck.

Engineered for Longevity:

Durability is a cornerstone of the Purple Hybrid Mattress. Thanks to its Hyper-Elastic Polymer and carefully chosen supplementary materials, it's built to withstand the test of time. This resilience ensures that the mattress remains supportive and comfortable year after year.

To sum up, the Purple Hybrid Mattress is a testament to the wonders of innovative bedding technology. This mattress is a compelling choice for those looking for a genuinely cool, supportive, and long-lasting sleep solution.

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced Cooling Technology: Ensures a cool, comfortable sleep.
  • Tailored Support for those who sleep on their side: Delivers the perfect balance of comfort and support for the shoulders and hips.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Made with high-quality materials that stand the test of time.


  • Price Point: The cutting-edge technology and benefits might come at a slightly higher price than standard mattresses.

Why It's a Top-Rated Cooling Bed

The Purple Hybrid is a beacon of innovation in today's vast sea of mattresses. Its revolutionary Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology sets it apart, offering sleepers a unique cooling and comfort experience.

It’s a dream come true for those who sleep on their side, catering to their specific needs while ensuring they sleep cool and comfortable.

The overwhelming praise and top ratings from satisfied customers make it evident: The Purple Hybrid is more than just a mattress; it's a sleep revolution.

Considering a change in your sleep game? Dive into the Purple Hybrid experience and redefine comfort!

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress merges innovation with luxury

Best Mattress For Back and Stomach Sleepers

Are you a back or stomach sleeper searching for the ultimate sleep solution? Meet the Casper Wave Hybrid.

This game-changer has been meticulously designed to cater to your unique sleep position, offering a plush yet supportive sleep surface that ensures you wake up sans any aches or pains.

The Casper Wave Hybrid isn't just a mattress; it's a lullaby for your spine and body. Every inch of it resonates with thoughtful design, providing a harmonious blend of softness and firmness that effortlessly cradles you into restorative sleep. It's a slice of nighttime luxury that we can't help but rave about!

Features and Benefits

The Synergy of Foam and Springs:

One of the distinctive features of the Casper Wave Hybrid is its combination of memory foam and springs.

This fusion ensures that sleepers enjoy the plush, pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam while also experiencing the responsive support of individually wrapped springs.

This synergy caters to varied sleeping positions, offering an ideal balance between softness and support.

Cooling Features of its Specialized Cover:

Beyond the unique blend of memory foam and springs, the mattress shines with its specialized cooling cover. Sweat-absorbing Magic: Everyone despises waking up sweaty in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, with Casper Wave Hybrid’s specialized cover, that’s a concern of the past. Its inherent ability to wick away moisture means you stay dry and cozy, enhancing your overall sleep experience.

Breathable Design: Overheating during sleep can disrupt your REM cycle, but with this mattress cover, that won’t be an issue. Crafted to promote airflow, it mitigates the heat often trapped in traditional mattresses, ensuring you stay cool and undisturbed throughout the night.

  • Contouring Comfort: The memory foam adapts to your body's curves, relieving pressure points and ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Responsive Support: The integrated springs of these innerspring mattresses add that touch of bounce and support, elevating your sleep experience.
  • Reduced Motion Transfer: If your partner tosses and turns, worry not! The memory foam layers efficiently reduce motion transfer, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.

Precision in Zoning:

Every individual has distinct pressure points, and the Casper Wave Hybrid caters to this beautifully.

With its zoned support, the mattress offers tailored pressure relief to areas like the shoulder and hip, ensuring alignment and reducing the risk of aches and pains upon waking.

Durable Construction:

Any investment in a mattress is an investment in numerous nights of sleep. Understanding this,

Casper has ensured the Wave Hybrid is about immediate comfort and longevity.

Built to Last: As a medium-firm mattress, it’s constructed using premium materials that promise durability and consistent performance, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.

The Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress epitomizes thoughtful design, combining the best materials and construction techniques.

For those in pursuit of sleep nirvana, this mattress beckons with a promise of comfort and longevity.

Discover the full spectrum of features here and check the price.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile Design: Ideal for both back and stomach sleepers, catering to their needs.
  • Advanced Cooling Mechanism: Thanks to its superior cooling features, no more sweaty nights.
  • High Durability: A worthy long-term investment for your sleep sanctuary.


  • Price: While packed with top-notch features, it might be on the higher end of the budget spectrum for some.

Why It's a Top-Rated Memory Foam Cooling Mattress

Earning its stripes in the sleep industry, the Casper Wave Hybrid stands tall as a preferred choice for many. Its innovative blend of memory foam and springs, combined with the ultra-cooling cover, sets it apart.

Back and stomach sleepers particularly find solace in its design, praising its ability to offer comfort and support in equal measure. In the world of foam mattresses, it's a cool breeze that's hard to ignore.

Ready to redefine your sleep? Dive in, explore more, and check out its price now!

Tempur-Pedic Tempur- Luxe Breeze Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze Mattress sets luxury standard

Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

If you're a sleeper who shifts between side, back, and stomach positions through the night, the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Luxe Breeze is tailored just for you. Its blend of cooling and support ensures that no matter the position, your sleep remains undisturbed.

There's a lot to love about the Tempur-Luxe Breeze. Every element is crafted with the sleeper in mind. It's more than just a mattress; it's a sleep solution that transports you to unparalleled comfort, night after night.

Features and Benefits

Tempur-Pedic's Cooling Technology:

Dive into a world where innovative sleep science meets luxury. The Tempur-Luxe Breeze is meticulously designed for those who tend to sleep hot.

With its advanced cooling technology, this mattress ensures an ambient sleeping environment, allowing for deep, undisturbed rest. No more tossing and turning due to warmth; this technology keeps you cool and cozy throughout the night.

Adaptive Support:

Sleeping on a Tempur-Luxe Breeze is akin to sleeping on a cloud that knows and understands you. As a medium-firm mattress, it seamlessly adjusts to your body's unique contours.

Whether you're a side sleeper needing hip and shoulder cushioning or a back sleeper requiring lumbar support, the Tempur-Luxe Breeze delivers.

Every curve and every nuance of your body is met with adaptive support, ensuring optimal alignment, diminishing pressure points, and ensuring you wake up rejuvenated.

  • Phase Change Material (PCM): This magical layer does wonders since it can absorb body heat when you're too warm and release it when you're cool, ensuring a consistently comfortable temperature.
  • Ventilated Cover: Wave goodbye to sticky, sweaty nights. This cover provides enhanced breathability, wicking away moisture and maximizing airflow.

Durable Construction:

While immediate comfort is crucial, longevity is equally paramount. The Tempur-Luxe Breeze is not a fleeting luxury; it's a long-term investment into numerous nights of impeccable sleep. C

rafted with premium materials and precision, this mattress promises nightly comfort and enduring quality. Each layer and stitch speaks of Tempur-Pedic's commitment to offering a product that stands the test of time.

Experience the Breeze:

There's much to be said about reading and understanding features, but experiencing them? That's a whole different realm.

If the idea of unparalleled support coupled with advanced cooling technology entices you, don't wait. Dive into the world of Tempur-Luxe Breeze and let every night be a luxurious escape into restorative sleep.

Eager to experience the cooling marvel? Click here and explore more about Tempur-Luxe Breeze!

Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: Perfect for combination sleepers, adjusting to every toss and turn.
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation: Thanks to PCM and the ventilated cover, say no to hot nights.
  • High Durability: Rest easy, knowing this medium-firm mattress is built to last.


  • Price Point: The premium features have a higher price tag, which might only fit some people's budgets.

Why It's Among the Most Cooling Mattresses

The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Luxe Breeze stands out in the saturated mattress market. Its stellar combination of PCM and a ventilated cover ensures sleepers experience the perfect temperature balance.

Beyond just cooling, it scores high on support and durability, making it a favorite among combination sleepers. The Tempur-Luxe Breeze shines as a beacon for hot sleepers' perfection in a sea of cooling mattresses.

Thinking of making it your sleep partner? Dive deep, learn more, and check out its attractive pricing here.

Additional Tips for a Cooler Sleep

Room Settings and External Factors Against Body Heat

Temperature Control:

  • Ideally, the bedroom temperature should be between 60-67°F (15-19°C) for optimal sleep. Using air conditioner fans or leaving a window slightly ajar can help maintain this.

Optimal Ventilation:

  • Ensuring your room has adequate airflow can significantly reduce stuffiness and heat. Consider using ceiling or oscillating fans to promote better air circulation.

Shade and Blinds:

  • Blocking out intense sunlight during the day can prevent your room from heating up. Use blackout curtains or reflective blinds, especially if your room receives direct sunlight.


  • Devices like computers or TVs can emit heat, raising the room temperature. It's wise to turn them off when not in use or keep them outside the bedroom.

Bedding Choices and Their Impact on Temperature

Material Matters:

  • Opt for lightweight, breathable sheets like cotton, especially those with a percale weave. These are crisp, cool to the touch, and are excellent at promoting ventilation and sweat-absorbing.
  • Always test mattresses for their cooling capabilities

Pillow Talk:

  • Pillows can trap body heat around your head and neck. Consider pillows with cooling technologies or materials like buckwheat or shredded latex, which don't retain heat as much as traditional fillings.

Mattress Pads and Protectors:

  • Investing in a breathable mattress protector can make a significant difference. Look for ones made of cooling materials or those designed with temperature-regulating technologies.

Comforters and Blankets:

  • Down-alternative comforters or those with moisture-wicking properties can keep you snug without overheating. Lightweight cotton or bamboo options can be cool and comfortable if you prefer blankets.


The world of cooling mattresses has evolved dramatically, with top-notch technologies like Phase Change Material, Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and innovative memory foam blends leading the way.

While these advancements promise cooler sleep, the perfect choice varies for each individual. It's essential to consider your sleep position, personal temperature preferences, and any specific health needs.

Investing in the right mattress isn't just about chasing the latest technology; it's about finding a solution tailored to your unique sleep requirements.

Take the time to research, test, and select a mattress that truly meets your cooling and comfort needs.

Cooling Mattress FAQs

Do mattress cooling systems work?

Yes, mattress cooling systems effectively regulate temperature. Utilizing technologies like Phase Change Material, gel-infused memory foam, and breathable covers, they dissipate heat and promote airflow.

While individual experiences vary, many users report significant improvements in sleep quality due to reduced overheating with these advanced mattress designs.

Is there such a thing as a cooling mattress pad?

Absolutely! Cooling mattress pads are designed to regulate sleep temperature by promoting airflow and wicking away moisture.

Often made from breathable materials or infused with cooling agents like gel, they offer an added layer of comfort and temperature control atop your mattress, aiding in more refreshing sleep.

How do cooling mattresses work in the winter?

Several Cooling mattresses are designed to regulate body temperature, not just cool it. In the winter, these cooling mattresses adapt by minimizing heat loss, ensuring you stay comfortably warm.

Their breathable materials prevent overheating and maintain a balanced sleep environment, irrespective of the colder external temperatures.

Which cooling system is more effective?

The effectiveness of a cooling system depends on its application. Mattresses with phase change materials or gel-infused memory foam are popular for sleeping.

Centralized air conditioning or evaporative coolers might be preferred in larger settings like homes. It's essential to match the system to the specific needs and environment.

What is a hybrid cooling mattress?

A hybrid cooling mattress combines innerspring coils with memory foam or gel layers. This design offers the supportive bounce of springs while the cooling gel layers work to dissipate heat, ensuring a comfortable sleep temperature.

The combination aims to provide optimal comfort and temperature regulation for sleepers.

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