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  • Best Overall: Signature Hybrid RV Mattress
  • Most Luxurious: Aurora Luxe RV Mattress
  • Most Budget-Friendly: Dreamfoam Essential RV Mattress
  • Best for Pressure Relief: Dreamfoam Hybrid RV Mattress

Are you dreaming of a restful sleep even while on the move?

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Brooklyn Bedding RV Mattresses, where we uncover how these beds promise a sleeping experience akin to your comfy abode, even on wheels.

Discover the unique features that set Brooklyn Bedding apart, from specialized designs catering to limited RV spaces to materials engineered for durability and comfort.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a full-time road explorer, see how Brooklyn Bedding stands out in the RV mattress market.

Signature Hybrid RV Mattress

The mattress supports combination sleepers (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

The Signature Hybrid RV Mattresses are designed to deliver a luxurious sleeping experience that adapts to the diverse needs of combination sleepers.

 The Brooklyn bedding signature mattress is the best of both worlds. These mattresses with foam and spring layers cater perfectly to those who frequently change positions throughout the night.

Best for Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers benefit greatly from mattresses, providing easy movement and consistent support. The Signature Hybrid’s design facilitates smooth transitions between different sleeping positions, ensuring comfort no matter how much you toss and turn.

The hybrid bed features advanced cooling technology (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Key Features and Benefits of the Signature Hybrid

Responsive Coil System:

The individually wrapped coils respond to body movement, providing tailored support and reducing motion transfer across the mattress.

Comfort Foam Layers:

  • Multiple layers of foam, including responsive and contouring types, create a plush surface that supports various sleeping positions.

Cooling Technology:

Reinforced Edge Support:

  • The enhanced edge support extends the sleepable area and ensures durability and stability when sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

  • Made with CertiPUR-US certified foams, the mattress is free from harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier sleep environment.
The hybrid bed offers superior edge support (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent motion isolation, making it ideal for partners with differing sleep schedules or habits.
  • Pro: Combining cooling technology and breathable materials helps maintain a comfortable sleep temperature in varied climates.
  • Pro: Durable construction ensures that the mattress withstands the rigors of RV travel and frequent use.


  • Some users may consider the mattress too firm, particularly those who prefer a softer feel, which might not provide the cushioning desired by some side sleepers.

What Customers Say: Reviews of the Signature Hybrid

The Signature Hybrid RV Mattress has a solid 4.6-star rating from 11,569 reviews and is a favorite among RV owners.

Customers often praise its ability to provide a balance of support and comfort, which is crucial for combination sleepers.

The cooling features are frequently mentioned as a significant benefit, especially appreciated by those who travel to warmer destinations.

However, occasional comments about the mattress needing to be firmer for some preferences suggest that there may be better choices for those who prefer a plush sleeping surface.


The Signature Hybrid RV Mattress is highly regarded for its innovative features that cater to the dynamic needs of combination sleepers, ensuring a restful night's sleep wherever your travels may take you.

The mattress promotes proper spinal alignment (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Aurora Luxe RV Mattress

The Aurora targets hot sleepers effectively (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

The Aurora Luxe RV Mattress is designed for ultimate comfort and adaptability. It specifically caters to side and combination sleepers who need a mattress that can easily handle various sleeping positions.

Its advanced construction ensures support and luxurious comfort, making it a top choice for discerning RV enthusiasts.

Best for Side Sleepers and Combination Sleepers

The Aurora Luxe is particularly suited for side and combination sleepers due to its responsive design.

It offers significant pressure relief at critical points such as the hips and shoulders for side sleepers while providing enough support to accommodate the frequent position changes of combination sleepers.

The mattress uses phase change material (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Key Features and Benefits of the Aurora Luxe

Advanced Cooling Technology:

  • Features phase change material and cooling gel-infused foam to draw heat away from the body, ensuring a cooler sleep environment.

Dynamic Response Foam:

  • This layer reacts adaptively to movement, providing immediate comfort and support. It is ideal for those who shift positions throughout the night.

TitanCool™ Infusion:

  • A proprietary technology that keeps sleepers at an ideal skin temperature of 88 degrees, enhancing sleep quality.

Quantum Edge Support:

  • It offers superior edge support, maximizing the usable sleep area and providing a stable seating edge.

CertiPUR-US Certified Materials:

  • Ensures the mattress is made without harmful chemicals and low VOC emissions, contributing to a healthier sleep space.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional cooling properties make it an ideal option for hot sleepers or those traveling in warmer climates.
  • Excellent pressure relief capabilities cater to side sleepers, reducing aches and enhancing sleep quality.
  • Robust edge support extends the life of the mattress and increases the functional sleeping space.
The Aurora has an eco-friendly construction (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).


  • The high-end materials and technologies make this mattress a more expensive option, which might only fit some people's budget.

What Customers Say: Reviews of the Aurora Luxe

The Aurora Luxe RV Mattress has earned a 4.4-star rating from 3,993 reviews. Users frequently laud its cooling features and comfort, noting how the mattress maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature and offers excellent support.

Side and combination sleepers, in particular, appreciate the pressure relief it provides. However, the cost of the mattress does come up as a drawback for some shoppers, as it represents a major investment compared to other models.


The Aurora Luxe RV Mattress is highly regarded for its luxurious feel, innovative cooling technologies, and supportive design. It is ideal for RV owners looking to enhance their sleep experience on the road.

The mattress offers a luxurious comfort level (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Optimizing Sleep and Comfort With Your RV Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding RV beds are specifically engineered to enhance sleep quality and comfort for travelers, making them the perfect mattress match for your travel needs.

With advanced technologies and premium materials, these mattresses address various sleep needs, from temperature regulation to pain relief, ensuring a restful night in a mobile environment.

Hot Sleepers

  • Breathable Cover Materials: Covers are made with breathable fabrics that promote air circulation, reducing heat retention and helping those who tend to sleep hot.
  • Gel-Infused Foams: Many models incorporate gel-infused foams that pull heat away from the body, helping to maintain a cooler sleeping surface.

Back Pain

  • Targeted Support Coils: Hybrid models include pocketed coils that provide targeted support to different body areas, helping to alleviate back pain by maintaining proper spinal alignment.
  • Ergonomic Foam Layers: High-density foams mold to the body’s contours, supporting the lower back and reducing stress on the spine.

Pain Relief Performance

  • Multi-Layer Foam Construction: Layers of varying density foam evenly distribute weight and lessen pressure points on hips, shoulders, and other sensitive areas.
  • Responsive Surface Technology: Adapts to body movements at night, ensuring continuous comfort and effective pain relief.

Sleeping Position and Body Weight

Material Quality

  • High-Quality Foams: All foams are CertiPUR-US certified, guaranteeing they are made without harmful chemicals and are low in VOC emissions.
  • Durable Fabrics: Mattress covers are designed to withstand the wear and tear of RV use, maintaining their quality and comfort over time.


  • Varied Options: From soft to firm, the company provides a range of firmness levels to meet individual comfort preferences, ensuring a suitable option for every sleeper.
  • Consistent Feel: Even with regular use and over time, the mattresses maintain their firmness, thanks to high resilience materials and build quality.

Cooling Features

  • Phase Change Material (PCM): Some models incorporate PCM, an advanced fabric technology that absorbs and dissipates heat according to body temperature, creating a consistently comfortable sleep environment.
  • Ventilated Foam Layers: Open-cell foams enhance airflow throughout the mattress, further aiding temperature regulation and cooling.

Dreamfoam Essential Mattress

The mattress has high-density foam for comfort (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Dreamfoam Essential RV Mattresses cater to those who travel comfortably but dream of luxury. Specially designed for back and stomach sleepers, these mattresses provide an exceptional sleep experience even when you're far from home.

Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers

Back and stomach sleepers need a mattress that provides the best support to maintain proper spinal alignment, and the Dreamfoam Essential excels in this area.

Its firm support helps prevent the midsection from sinking too deeply, which is crucial for stomach sleepers while offering enough cushioning for comfort.

The Dreamfoam is ideal for back and stomach sleepers (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Key Features and Benefits of the Memory Foam Mattress

Customized Firmness Levels:

High-Density Foam:

  • This affordable mattress utilizes high-density foam that contours to your body, providing comfort and alleviating pressure points without excessive sinking.

Durable Construction:

  • It is engineered to endure the rigors of RV travel, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
The Dreamfoam is a durable, long-lasting design (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Cooling Technology:

Hypoallergenic Materials For a Healthier Sleep Style:

  • Made from hypoallergenic materials, which help reduce allergens, making it ideal for those prone to allergies.

Pros and Cons


  • The high-density foam offers superior support and durability, withstanding the test of time and the movement inherent in RV travel.
  • Customizable firmness options ensure that every type of sleeper can find their ideal comfort level.
  • The cooling technology is a significant advantage, especially for those who travel to warmer locations or during hotter times of the year.


What Customers Say: Reviews of the Dreamfoam Essential

The Dreamfoam Essential RV Mattress has received a glowing 4.7-star rating from 4,264 reviews, indicating high customer satisfaction.

Customers frequently praise the mattress for its excellent back and stomach support, noting significant improvements in sleep quality and reduced back pain.

The cooling feature also garners positive feedback, with many appreciating the cooler sleep environment it provides.

However, some reviews mention that the firmness may only be suited for some, particularly those accustomed to softer mattresses.


The Dreamfoam Essential RV Mattress is a top choice for RV owners looking for comfort, support, and durability in their travel adventures.

The high-quality mattress uses hypoallergenic materials (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Dreamfoam Hybrid RV Mattress

The hybrid mattress is excellent for side sleepers (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

 Dreamfoam Hybrid RV Mattresses blends the comfort of foam with the support of springs, forming a versatile sleeping solution tailored to the needs of side and combination sleepers. With features designed to provide a balanced sleep environment, these mattresses are ideal for those seeking comfort on the road.

Best for Side and Combination Sleepers

The hybrid construction of Dreamfoam mattresses is particularly beneficial for side and combination sleepers.

These positions require a mattress that can offer pressure relief at key points like shoulders and hips and adequate support to keep the spine aligned when switching positions.

The mattress enhances sleep with its cooling cover (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Key Features and Benefits of the Dreamfoam Hybrid

Adaptive Spring Base:

  • The pocketed coil system adjusts independently to the body’s movement, offering robust support and minimizing motion transfer. This is ideal for those who change positions throughout the night.

Pressure Relieving Foam:

  • Memory foam layers adapt to the body, providing targeted relief to pressure points, which is crucial for side sleepers.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam:

Durable Edge Support:

  • Enhanced edge support increases the usable sleep surface and ensures consistent comfort, even at the new mattress edges, which is beneficial for combination sleepers.

Eco-friendly Materials:

  • The Dreamfoam Hybrid utilizes CertiPUR-US certified foams free from harmful chemicals, making it a safer choice for you and the environment.
The mattress combines foam and springs (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

Pros and Cons


  • The pocketed coils provide excellent support and adaptability, which is ideal for reducing disturbances due to movement during sleep.
  • Enhanced edge support makes the mattress more durable and provides stability, which is particularly important in RVs' compact spaces.
  • The cooling properties of the gel-infused foam layer are a significant benefit for those who tend to overheat while sleeping.


  • While the hybrid design benefits many, the springs' responsiveness with memory foam might be too firm for those who prefer a soft, enveloping feel.

What Customers Say: Reviews of the Dreamfoam Hybrid

The Dreamfoam Hybrid RV Mattress has garnered a high rating of 4.7 stars based on 2,293 reviews, reflecting widespread customer satisfaction.

Reviewers frequently highlight the excellent balance between support and comfort, making it a hit among side and combination sleepers.

Many also appreciate the mattress's ability to stay cool throughout the night. Despite the positive feedback, some users note that the firmness might only suit some, especially those used to softer sleeping surfaces.


The Dreamfoam Hybrid RV Mattress is celebrated for its innovative support, comfort, and cooling technology blend. It is a top choice for RV owners who don’t want to compromise sleep quality while adventuring.

The hybrid bed provides contouring pressure relief (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding).

What to know before Buying Your RV mattress?

Financing Options

Available Financing Plans

Many mattress companies offer financing options to make purchasing easier on your budget. These plans often include low-interest or even interest-free periods, flexible payment terms, and easy online application processes. Common partners for such financing include banking institutions and financial services like Affirm, Klarna, or Afterpay.

Tips for Managing Your Mattress Investment

To make the most of your mattress purchase, consider choosing a financing plan that matches your ability to pay within interest-free periods. Always read the fine print to understand any potential fees and penalties. Additionally, maintaining good credit can provide you access to better financing terms.

Trial and Warranty

Details on the Sleep Trial Period

Many mattress brands offer a sleep trial period, typically 100 to 120 nights. This allows you to try the mattress at home and ensures it meets your comfort needs before fully committing to the purchase.

Warranty Coverage Explained

Mattress warranties can vary significantly but generally cover manufacturing defects and sometimes sagging to a certain extent, depending on the depth specified by the manufacturer. Understanding what is and isn't covered under your warranty is important to avoid unexpected costs.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping Procedures and Costs

Most mattress companies offer free shipping within the continental U.S., often using compressed packaging for easier handling. Some may offer white glove delivery for an additional fee, which includes setup in your home and removal of your old mattress.

How to Handle Returns and Exchanges

Most companies offer free returns and full refunds if you're unsatisfied during the trial period. However, keeping all original packaging is vital until you're sure you want to keep the mattress, as some companies require it to be in good condition for return.

Always check the return policy before purchasing to understand the process and any potential costs if you decide to return or exchange your mattress.

Competitor Comparison

MLILY Ego RV Short Queen Mattress vs. Brooklyn Bedding


The Ego Mattress is Bamboo-infused for cooler sleep (Credit: MLILY).
  • MLILY Ego and Brooklyn beds offer memory foam options for RVs, focusing on comfort and support in compact spaces.
  • Each uses high-density foam layers that provide durability and a supportive sleep surface ideal for the varied conditions of RV travel.


MLILY Ego RV mattresses often feature bamboo-infused memory foam, which adds an extra cooling layer and natural antimicrobial properties. In contrast, Brooklyn Bedding often uses proprietary TitanFlex™ foam, which combines memory foam's contouring properties with latex's responsiveness.

  • The bedding manufacturer from Brooklyn offers more variety in mattress types, including hybrid options, whereas MLILY focuses primarily on all-foam constructions.

PlushBeds MobilePlush™ RV Mattress vs. Brooklyn Bedding:

The MobilePlush’s Organic materials are hypoallergenic (Credit: PlushBeds).


  • Both brands prioritize eco-friendly materials. PlushBeds uses organic latex foam and covers while the bedding manufacturer from Brooklyn uses CertiPUR-US certified foams free from harmful chemicals.
  • Both offer a range of firmness options, catering to different sleeping positions and preferences.


  • PlushBeds focuses on latex foam mattresses, known for their durability and cooling properties, while bedding manufacturer Brooklyn offers a wider range of materials, including memory foam, latex, and coils.
  • Due to its organic materials, PlushBeds tends to have a higher price range. In contrast, the Brooklyn bedding manufacturer provides more budget-friendly options with a similar commitment to quality and comfort.

LUCID Memory Foam RV Trailer & Camper Mattress vs. Brooklyn Bedding

The RV Trailer contours the body for comfort (Credit: LUCID).


  • LUCID and the bedding manufacturer from Brooklyn offer memory foam mattresses designed for RVs' specific dimensions and needs, providing comfort and support in tight spaces.
  • Both brands focus on cooling technologies, with LUCID incorporating gel-infused memory foam and Brooklyn Bedding using cooling gel and PCM in some models.


  • LUCID generally offers simpler, more budget-friendly mattresses with straightforward designs, making them accessible for occasional RV users.
  • Brooklyn provides a more diverse range of RV mattress options, including hybrid models that may offer superior support and durability suited for frequent use or full-time RV living.

Each brand has its strengths, and the best choice depends on specific needs such as budget, material preferences, and the intended frequency of use whether seeking luxury, sustainability, or cost-effectiveness, an RV mattress is available to meet every traveler's requirements.


Our review reveals that Brooklyn Bedding RV Mattresses offer superior comfort, versatility, and durability, suitable for various sleeping preferences and RV configurations.

With innovative cooling technologies, customizable firmness levels, and eco-friendly materials, these mattresses stand out as a top choice for RV enthusiasts.

We highly recommend Brooklyn Bedding for anyone looking to enhance their travel experience with a restful sleep, ensuring you feel refreshed and ready for your daily adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dreamfoam the same as Brooklyn Bedding?

Brooklyn Bedding owns Dreamfoam, a brand that offers affordable mattresses with the same commitment to quality and innovation as its premium lines.

How thick should an RV mattress be?

The ideal thickness for an RV mattress is 5 to 8 inches, ensuring comfort while accommodating the limited spaces typical in RV setups.

Do you need a box spring with a Brooklyn Bedding mattress?

No, you do not need a box spring with a Brooklyn mattress. Their mattresses are designed to work well on any firm, flat surface, including platform beds, slatted frames, or even the floor.

Is there fiberglass in Brooklyn Bedding mattresses?

No, Brooklyn Bedding mattresses do not contain fiberglass. They use high-quality, safe materials to ensure durability and user safety in all their mattress products.

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