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Are you ready to transform your sleep without breaking the bank? This exclusive Presidents Day, dive into our comprehensive guide to the best mattress deals, available only for a limited time.

From luxurious memory foam to eco-friendly options, our 29 top mattress sales list offers something for everyone, no matter your sleep preferences.

The eco-friendly, hybrid, and memory foam options are made from sustainable materials; they minimize environmental harm without compromising performance or quality.

Whether you're seeking unparalleled comfort or supportive hybrids, the Presidents Day Mattress Sale is the perfect time to invest in quality sleep at a fraction of the cost.

Don't miss out on these exceptional savings—your dream mattress awaits, available at physical stores or online mattresses!

The 5 Top Benefits of Buying a Mattress on Presidents Day

Purchasing a mattress on Presidents Day offers several compelling benefits for consumers looking to upgrade their sleep experience:

Exceptional Discounts:

  • The most significant price reductions of the year often occur during Presidents Day sales, making luxury mattresses more affordable.

Extensive Selection:

  • Retailers typically expand their inventory for this event, providing a wider range of options to suit various preferences and needs.

Attractive Financing Offers:

  • Many stores offer special financing terms, such as zero interest or deferred payments, during the Presidents Day sale. This means you can spread the cost of your new mattress over several months or even a year, making it easier to budget for a high-quality mattress.

Additional Perks:

  • In addition to discounts, shoppers can find bundle deals that include free pillows, mattress protectors, or bedding sets. These extras enhance the value of your investment, making your purchase even more worthwhile.

Convenient Shopping Experience:

  • Available at physical stores or online mattresses! With both online and in-store promotions, consumers can shop in a way that best suits their schedule and comfort preference.
  • Plus, with our easy-to-use online store and hassle-free delivery, enjoy the convenience of having your new mattress delivered straight to your doorstep.

These benefits make Presidents Day an ideal time to buy a mattress. Deep discounts, a broad selection, and exclusive finance deals combine value and convenience, making it a prime opportunity for shoppers to invest in better sleep without compromising quality or cost efficiency.

Mattress Brands Available During the Sale

This Presidents Day, take advantage of the wide variety of mattress brands.

From offering two free Eco-Rest pillows from birch natural mattress to the innovative designs of Beautyrest, Nectar, Sleepy, Serta, Avocado, Brooklinen, Purple, Casper, Saatva, DreamCloud, and Tempur-Pedic, there's something for every type of sleeper.

With discounts on mattress prices, including budget-friendly and luxury options, and deals on mattress toppers, protectors, and bed frames, it's the perfect time to upgrade your sleep experience.

Part 1: Foam Blend and Memory Foam Mattress Options

Tempur-Pedic Mattress

The mattress conforms to your body. (Credit: Tempur-Pedic)

The Tempur-Pedic mattress is renowned for its exceptional ability to provide comfort and support where you need it most.

Engineered with advanced pressure-relieving memory foam, this mattress adapts to your body’s unique shape and weight, offering personalized comfort that can help reduce tossing and turning and promote more restful sleep. For those interested in exploring other options, the purple mattress, known for its unique comfort technologies, is also available during Presidents Day sales.

Discount: Special 20% off for Presidents Day.

Duration of the Deal: February 15th to 22nd

Conditions: The Tempur-Pedic Presidents Day sale is accessible online and in brick-and-mortar stores, making it easy for shoppers to take advantage of this offer from various locations.

The special pricing is designed to make this premium mattress more accessible to a wider audience, ensuring more people can experience the unmatched comfort and support that Tempur-Pedic is known for.


The mattress offers balanced foam support. (Credit: Casper)

The Casper Mattress is crafted to deliver a perfect sleep through its harmonious blend of multiple foam layers.

This design combines breathability, support, and cushioning to adapt to various body shapes and sleeping styles, ensuring a restful night's sleep. Each layer is designed to provide a specific benefit, such as cooling or pressure relief, for a truly personalized sleep experience.

Discount: Enjoy a 15% reduction on all mattress models, allowing you to experience premium comfort at a more accessible price point.

Duration of the Deal: This limited-time offer is available from February 10th to 20th, giving you a brief window to take advantage of significant savings.

Conditions: The promotion is valid on all regular-priced items, excluding clearance and sale items, ensuring the newest models are available at great value.

Casper combines breathable foam layers for a cool, comfortable, and supportive sleep ideal for all sleep positions.


The mattress includes a cooling layer. (Credit: Nectar)

The Nectar mattress offers a refreshing night's sleep with its innovative use of gel memory foam. This material is designed to regulate temperature, keeping you cool throughout the night by dissipating body heat.

Ideal for sleepers who tend to sleep warm, the Nectar mattress also provides the classic comfort of memory foam—conforming to your body to relieve pressure points without sacrificing support. Adding two free pillows complements the mattress, ensuring full-body comfort and a better sleep environment.

Discount: Get an impressive 25% off the regular price, plus receive two premium pillows at no extra cost, enhancing your sleeping experience.

Duration of the Deal: This outstanding offer is available throughout February, giving you ample time to decide.

Conditions: They are available while supplies last; it's best to quickly secure your new mattress with this fantastic deal.

Nectar offers a balance of firm support and soft gel memory foam comfort, complete with a cooling cover, perfect for sleepers looking for pressure relief.


The mattress provides pressure relief comfort. (Credit: Leesa)

The Leesa mattress has a multilayer foam construction that offers a unique combination of deep relaxation and robust support.

It is engineered to adapt to various body types and sleeping positions, providing a cushioned yet supportive feel.

The top layers are soft and responsive, easing pressure points and promoting alignment, while the base layers ensure longevity and durability. Leesa’s focus on high-quality materials and thoughtful design makes it a standout selection for those seeking comfort and support in their sleep environment.

Discount: Save up to $300 on your purchase and enhance your sleep experience with complimentary bedding accessories, adding great value.

Duration of the Deal: This comprehensive offer lasts the entire month of February, giving you plenty of time to decide and take advantage of these significant savings.

Conditions: The promotion is exclusive to online purchases, making buying from the comfort of your home easy.

Leesa mattresses provide ample support with their multi-layer foam system, designed to suit all sleepers for a restful night.

Layla Sleep

The mattress is flippable with firmness options. (Credit: Layla Sleep)

Layla Sleep revolutionizes mattress comfort with its innovative copper-infused memory foam. This unique material provides the contouring and support expected from memory foam and enhances it with copper's cooling and antimicrobial properties. 

The copper infusion helps regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool throughout the night. Also, it provides a natural defense against bacteria and allergens, ensuring a clean and healthy sleep environment.

This feature is especially beneficial for those who experience overheating at night or are concerned about allergens and bacteria. Moreover, the Layla mattress is flippable.

It offers two firmness options in one mattress—soft on one side and firm on the other—allowing sleepers to customize their comfort based on their preferences or changing needs.

Discount: Enjoy $200 off the regular price, plus receive a complimentary mattress protector to extend the life of your new mattress.

Duration of the Deal: This special offer is available from February 5th to 19th, providing a concise window to take advantage of this great deal.

Conditions: Apply the promo code at checkout to receive your discount and gift, maximizing your savings.

Tuft & Needle

The mattress uses adaptive foam technology. (Credit: Tuft & Needle)

Tuft & Needle crafts a mattress that stands out for its adaptive foam technology, designed to provide a personalized sleep experience. This foam adjusts to your body's pressure points, offering tailored support that promotes alignment and reduces discomfort.

It's perfect for those who experience pain during sleep or who struggle to find a mattress that feels just right. The foam is also infused with cooling gels to help regulate body temperature throughout the night, ensuring you remain comfortable and undisturbed.

Tuft & Needle's commitment to quality materials and innovative design makes it popular among discerning sleepers.

Discount: All products store-wide are 10% reduced, making this an ideal time to upgrade your sleep setup.

Duration of the Deal: This offer is valid from February 8th to 18th, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a Tuft & Needle mattress at a discounted price.

Conditions: The promotion is applicable for both online and in-store purchases, offering flexibility in shopping.

Part 2: Hybrid Mattresses

Saatva Mattress

The mattress combines coils and foam. (Credit: Saatva)

The Saatva Mattress combines the classic support of innerspring with the modern comfort of foam, creating a luxurious hybrid that caters to a wide range of sleep preferences.

This mattress is known for its high-quality construction, including individually wrapped coils that minimize motion transfer and layers of eco-friendly foams that provide cushioning and pressure relief.

The Saatva also features a unique lumbar zone technology that enhances back support and helps maintain spinal alignment. Its organic cotton cover adds a touch of breathability and softness, making it comfortable and hypoallergenic.

Discount: Receive $250 off any purchase exceeding $1,000, providing substantial savings on premium sleep technology.

Duration of the Deal: This exclusive offer is available during Presidents Day week, a perfect time for significant savings on high-end mattresses.

Conditions: The promotion is valid for online purchases only. It allows you to conveniently shop from home while enjoying significant discounts.

Helix Mattress

The mattress is customized for your sleep. (Credit: Helix)

The Helix Mattress stands out with its customizable design, tailored to individual sleep preferences. Each mattress is personalized based on a sleep quiz that considers your body type, sleeping position, and comfort preferences, ensuring you get a mattress that feels like it was made just for you.

Helix combines layers of foam with individually wrapped coils that adapt to your body’s movements and provide targeted support where you need it most.

A breathable cover helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night, enhancing overall sleep quality.

Discount: Enjoy up to 20% off your purchase and a special bonus gift to enhance your sleeping experience.

Duration of the Deal: This promotion is available from February 12th to 22nd, giving you a limited window to customize and purchase your perfect mattress.

Conditions: Use the coupon code at checkout to take advantage of this offer, ensuring great savings on a uniquely your mattress.


The mattress features extra back support. (Credit: WinkBeds)

WinkBeds provides superior comfort and support with a hybrid mattress design that combines the best innerspring and foam technologies.

Designed especially for those needing extra back support, WinkBeds features a zoned support system that enhances spinal alignment and reduces pressure points.

The mattress is topped with a Euro-pillow top that adds a plush, luxurious feel while still delivering firm support underneath.

The breathable Tencel cover also ensures a cool sleep surface, regulating temperature throughout the night to promote better sleep.

Discount: Take advantage of a $300 discount, plus receive complimentary sheets and pillows to complete your sleep experience.

Duration of the Deal: This limited-time offer runs from February 14th to 21st, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting or self-care.

Conditions: Purchases made under this promotion are final, and no returns are allowed on promotional items. Make sure you're committed to your choice.


The mattress has a plush top layer. (Credit: DreamCloud)

DreamCloud offers a luxurious sleeping experience with memory foam and individually pocketed coils. This design creates a plush feel while providing deep, contouring support and minimizing motion transfer—ideal for partners with different sleeping habits.

The gel-infused memory foam helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool at night. Above all, the DreamCloud mattress features a quilted cashmere blend cover that adds a soft, breathable touch, enhancing overall comfort. It's perfect for those seeking a balance of softness and supportive structure.

Discount: Enjoy a 25% discount on your purchase and a complimentary accessories bundle to elevate your sleep experience.

Duration of the Deal: This promotion is available from February 1st to 15th, offering two weeks of opportunity to invest in better sleep.

Conditions: Available exclusively online, this deal includes free shipping, making it both convenient and cost-effective to upgrade your mattress.

Bear Mattress

The mattress aids in athletic recovery. (Credit: Bear Mattress)

Bear Mattress is specifically engineered for performance, targeting athletes and active individuals who need restorative sleep to recover from daily stresses and strains. The mattress features cooling technology that helps regulate body temperature throughout the night, which is crucial for deep, uninterrupted sleep.

It combines responsive memory foam with a layer of graphite gel that promotes cooling and provides exceptional pressure relief.

The Bear Mattress is also covered with a breathable performance fabric that further enhances the cooling effect and comfort.

Discount: Save 20% on your purchase and receive a complimentary sleep tracker to monitor and improve your sleep habits.

Duration of the Deal: This special offer is available from February 7th to 17th, providing a limited window to take advantage of enhanced sleep technology.

Conditions: To activate this offer, you can apply the provided code at checkout, ensuring you receive both the discount and the bonus sleep tracker.

Brooklyn Bedding

The mattress offers targeted pressure point relief. (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Brooklyn Bedding is renowned for its hybrid mattresses, offering customizable firmness and catering to various sleep preferences.

This versatility is achieved through a combination of individually encased coils for core support and varying layers of foam that provide a tailored level of comfort. Whether you lean towards a soft, medium, or firm mattress, Brooklyn Bedding can adjust to meet your specific needs.

Including cooling technologies like copper-infused foam and breathable covers ensures a comfortable sleep environment, reducing heat retention and enhancing airflow.

Discount: Receive 25% off across the entire store, making it an ideal time to purchase a customized sleep solution.

Duration of the Deal: This offer is available from February 10th to 24th, giving you two weeks to explore and choose the perfect comfortable mattress configuration.

Conditions: This promotion is accessible online on the official website and in physical stores, providing flexibility in your shop.

Brooklyn Bedding offers custom firmness levels in its hybrid mattresses, providing tailored comfort with foam and coils layers.

Part 3: Eco-Friendly and Organic Mattress Purchase Options

Avocado Green Mattress

The mattress uses organic materials. (Credit: Avocado Green)

The Avocado Green Mattress epitomizes sustainable luxury. It is crafted exclusively from organic, non-toxic materials. It features organic latex, wool, and certified organic cotton, combining eco-conscious production with exceptional comfort.

This mattress is kind to the environment and your health, minimizing exposure to harsh chemicals commonly found in conventional mattresses.

Avocado's commitment to sustainability extends to its carbon-neutral production process, making it a top choice for environmentally aware consumers. The naturally breathable materials ensure a cool, comfortable sleep, supporting your well-being and the planet.

Discount: Enjoy a 15% reduction on all mattresses and bedding, making it more affordable to invest in sustainable luxury.

Duration of the Deal: This generous offer is available from February 1st to 20th, giving you ample time to choose your eco-friendly mattress.

Conditions: The promotion is valid online and at selected retailers, allowing you to shop most conveniently.

Brentwood Home

The mattress includes recycled denim insulation. (Credit: Brentwood Home)

Brentwood Home is renowned for its commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing. It uses natural and non-toxic materials to create comfortable and sustainable mattresses.

Its products feature organic cotton, natural wool, and certified latex, offering a healthier sleep environment free from harmful chemicals.

The design of these mattresses focuses on providing excellent support and durability while promoting better airflow and temperature regulation. By choosing Brentwood Home, you're investing in your health and supporting environmentally responsible practices in the bedding industry.

Discount: Enjoy a 10% discount off your total purchase, plus enjoy complimentary pillows that complement the natural comfort of your new mattress.

Duration of the Deal: This offer runs from February 3rd to 23rd, providing ample time to explore the range and benefits of eco-friendly sleep solutions.

Conditions: Apply the eco-promo code at checkout to take advantage of this deal, enhancing your shopping experience with added savings.


The mattress is chemical-free and eco-friendly. (Credit: PlushBeds)

PlushBeds sets itself apart by offering customizable mattresses made with organic materials, ensuring customers enjoy comfort and sustainability.

Their mattresses feature organic latex, wool, and cotton, providing an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and free from-harmful chemicals sleep environment. PlushBeds focuses on delivering a personalized sleep experience, empowering customers to choose the firmness level and material type that best suits their needs.

This customization ensures optimal comfort and support, tailored to each sleeper’s preferences, enhancing overall sleep quality and wellness.

Discount: Take advantage of an unprecedented $1,200 discount on all organic mattresses, plus receive a complimentary bedding set to complete your eco-friendly sleep setup.

Duration of the Deal: This significant saving opportunity starts on February 5th and is available for a limited time, so act quickly to secure your deal.

Conditions: This exclusive offer is available for online purchases only, making ordering your customized mattress convenient from the comfort of your home.

Part 4: Luxury and Specialty Mattresses

Stearns & Foster

The mattress embodies luxury craftsmanship. (Credit: Stearns & Foster)

Stearns & Foster embodies luxury in every mattress it crafts, utilizing premium materials and sophisticated designs to offer unmatched craftsmanship.

Each mattress is built by certified master craftsmen. It features a blend of innovation and heritage, with details like hand-tufting, luxurious fabrics, and advanced coil systems. This commitment to excellence ensures a superior sleep experience characterized by enduring comfort and unparalleled support.

Ideal for discerning sleepers who seek a mattress that offers both prestige and performance, Stearns & Foster focuses on exceeding expectations with its quality and attention to detail.

Discount: Enjoy savings of up to $800 on select mattress sets, making luxury sleep more attainable.

Duration of the Deal: This offer is valid from February 15th to 25th, providing a brief yet valuable opportunity to invest in a premium mattress.

Conditions: Available at participating retailers, you can receive expert advice and experience the comfort firsthand before purchasing.

Simmons Beautyrest

The mattress allows for undisturbed sleep. (Credit: Simmons Beautyrest)

Simmons Beautyrest is a hallmark of innovation in sleep technology. Its advanced mattress designs provide sleepers with a refreshing experience.

The Beautyrest mattresses integrate state-of-the-art technologies such as memory foam layers that adapt to body shape, hybrid constructions that blend springs' responsiveness with foam's comfort, and cooling technologies to maintain an optimal sleep temperature.

These features support your body, relieve pressure points, and reduce tossing and turning at night. Perfect for sleepers seeking a high-quality mattress that combines comfort with cutting-edge technology to enhance sleep quality.

Discount: Benefit from up to $600 off on select high-end models, making this the perfect time to upgrade your sleep experience.

Duration of the Deal: This offer is available from February 11th to 28th, giving you several weeks to take advantage of these significant savings.

Conditions: The promotion is valid at authorized dealers, ensuring genuine products and professional service.

Sleep Number

The mattress adjusts firmness interactively. (Credit: Sleep Number)

Sleep Number provides a personalized sleep experience, with mattresses offering adjustable firmness levels for comfort tailored to your preferences.

These smart beds are equipped with innovative technology that lets you independently modify each side of the bed, making them ideal for couples with different sleep needs.

The adjustable firmness feature helps improve alignment and reduce pressure points by adapting to your body as you sleep. Additionally, Sleep Number beds include sleep-tracking capabilities to further tailor your sleeping environment for optimum restfulness.

Discount: Receive a staggering 50% off on selected smart beds, significantly enhancing the affordability of cutting-edge sleep technology.

Duration of the Deal: This exceptional offer is available during Presidents Day week, providing a timely opportunity to invest in customizable comfort.

Conditions: This promotion is exclusively available at Sleep Number stores, ensuring personalized service and setup advice from experienced staff.


The mattress features natural memory foam. (Credit: Essentia)

Essentia stands out in the mattress industry by offering a unique approach to sleep health with its natural memory foam mattresses. Unlike traditional memory foam that relies on chemicals, Essentia's foam is made from Hevea milk, making it a healthier, more eco-friendly option.

These mattresses provide the comfort and support typical of memory foam and boast hypoallergenic, dust-mite-resistant, and VOC-free properties.

Designed for health-conscious consumers, Essentia mattresses cater to those who want to maintain comfort and environmental principles.

Each mattress promotes better sleep by ensuring proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points.

Discount: Enjoy 25% off all mattresses, enhancing your sleep environment with a natural, health-focused product. Plus, receive a free pillow with your purchase.

Duration of the Deal: This promotion runs from February 6th to 22nd, giving you ample time to take advantage of the savings.

Conditions: Available exclusively online, this deal includes free delivery, adding convenience and value to your purchase.

Eight Sleep

The mattress regulates temperature automatically. (Credit: Eight Sleep)

Eight Sleep is at the forefront of sleep technology with smart mattresses designed to optimize sleep health through advanced monitoring and adjustments.

The flagship product, the Pod mattress, features cutting-edge technology that dynamically regulates the bed's temperature throughout the night, adapting to your sleep cycles to enhance deep sleep.

Additionally, it tracks sleep quality metrics such as sleep stages, heart rate, and respiratory rate, providing insights that can help improve your sleep over time.

Eight Sleep's Pod mattress is ideal for sleepers looking to improve their sleep quality and general well-being through a scientific approach.

Discount: Save $150 on the Pod mattress and enjoy an additional 20% off sleep accessories to complete your high-tech sleep setup.

Duration of the Deal: This offer is available from February 8th to 18th, making now the perfect time to invest in a smarter sleep solution.

Conditions: Available exclusively online, this promotion requires using a promo code to activate the discounts, ensuring exclusive savings for online shoppers.

5 Tips For Selecting a Mattress and Mattress Protector Options for Your Specific Needs

Choosing the Ideal mattress for your specific needs can greatly enhance your sleep quality. Here are five essential tips to consider:

Consider Your Sleep Position:

  • Different sleep positions require different support. Side sleepers generally need a softer mattress, back sleepers need moderate firmness, and stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress for optimal alignment.

Assess Your Weight and Body Type:

  • Heavy individuals may benefit from a firmer mattress to prevent sinking too deeply, whereas lighter individuals might prefer a softer option.

Check for Motion Isolation:

  • If you share the bed, opt for a mattress that minimizes motion transfer, like memory foam or pocketed coils.

Prioritize Materials for Allergies:

  • Opt for hypoallergenic materials, such as natural latex or organic fabrics, if you have allergies.

Test for Comfort and Support:

  • Whenever possible, test mattresses in-store or consider brands that offer sleep trials to ensure they meet your comfort and support expectations.

Consider Bed Frames:

  • When selecting a mattress, consider the importance of bed frames. A compatible bed frame can enhance sleep by providing optimal support and comfort. During Presidents Day sales, look for discounts on bed frames as part of bundle offers with mattresses and other bedding products to complete your sleep setup.


As we conclude our roundup of the 29 Presidents Day mattress deal options highlights, remember this is your chance to grab incredible deals on top-quality mattresses.

Please consider your sleeping preferences and needs before purchasing to maximize these offers.

Consider materials, firmness, and size to ensure your new mattress brings comfort and support.

Take this opportunity to invest wisely in your sleep health with the right mattress at a great price this Presidents Day.

Presidents Day Mattress Sales: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Presidents Day a good day to buy a mattress?

Yes, Presidents Day is an excellent time to purchase a mattress. Retailers often offer significant discounts as part of holiday sales, making it one of the best times to buy new bedding at a reduced price.

What is the best day of the week to buy a mattress?

Typically, the best day of the week to buy a mattress is Monday. After a weekend of high foot traffic in stores, retailers may offer discounts to clear out inventory and meet sales targets, presenting an opportunity for savvy shoppers.

What is the best month to buy a mattress?

May is the best month to buy a mattress. This is when companies typically release new models, motivating retailers to clear out older stock at discounted prices. Shopping during this month can lead to substantial savings.

What time of year is the biggest mattress sale?

The biggest mattress sales generally occur around major holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Black Friday. These periods offer the deepest discounts and the most extensive selection of mattress deals.

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