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  • Best Recliner Overall: MaxiComfort Series Golden Technologies Cloud Lift Chair Zero Gravity Recliner
  • Most Luxurious: Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner
  • Best Budget-Friendly: ZENY Floor Chair with 14 Adjustable Positions

  • Artist Hand-Heated Massage Chair
  • Furniwell Massage Recliner Chair for Living Room
  • EZZUP Extra Large Manual Recliner Chair for Big People
  • Yaheetech Recliner Chair PU Leather Recliner
  • PrimeZone Oversized Rocker Recliner Chair
  • Korser Recliner Chair, Rocking Chair with Massage and Heat
  • Relaxzen Longstreet Rocker Recliner with Massage

Are you curious about the best chiropractor-recommended recliners for comfort and back support? 

Look no further! In our exciting blog post,  we reveal the top picks that experts love. 

Imagine relaxing in a chair that feels like a cloud and makes all the difference for lumbar support, keeping your back happy and healthy.

 Make sure to discover these incredible recliners that blend luxury with health benefits. 

Please keep reading to find the perfect recliner to make your friends wish they had one, too! Say goodbye to back pain and hello to relaxation!

MaxiComfort Series Golden Technologies Cloud Lift Chair Zero Gravity Recliner

MaxiComfort Cloud Lift achieves zero gravity positioning. (Credit: Golden Technologies)

Best For Cloud-like zero-gravity comfort

This MaxiComfort chair's zero-gravity position creates a feeling of weightlessness, alleviating spinal pressure and enhancing blood flow., which is beneficial for deep relaxation and back pain relief, aiding in better sleep quality.

Cloud-Like Comfort: Experience the MaxiComfort Zero Gravity Recliner

- Zero Gravity Oasis: The MaxiComfort Cloud Lift Chair cradles your body in a zero-gravity position, reducing stress on your spine and improving circulation.

- Lift for Living: The power lift of the zero gravity chairs feature assists you in standing up, making it easier on your joints and back.

- Customized Comfort: This supportive recliner chair can be tailored to your body's needs with multiple positions and settings.

Exclusive Insights: Advanced Comfort Technology

- Zero Gravity Perfection: Achieve the ultimate relaxation position that promotes spinal cord health and reduces pressure points.

- Power Lift Assistance: The chair's lifting mechanism provides gentle support when getting up.

- Personalized Positioning: Adjust the chair to your chair style preferred settings for a custom fit.

- Therapeutic Benefits: The recliner's ergonomic design can help alleviate back pain and improve overall wellness.

- Quality Craftsmanship: This chair is designed with high-grade materials for durability and performance.

Your Wellness Companion

- Spinal Support: Enjoy the health benefits of a comfortable and supportive chair designed with your spine in mind.

- Easy Exit: The lift feature makes it simple to stand up without straining your back.

- Tailored to You: Customize the chair's settings for a perfect fit every time.

- Long-Lasting: Invest in a recliner built to provide comfort for years.

MaxiComfort Cloud's Tailored for superior back support and relief. (Credit: Golden Technologies)

Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

Svago ZGR elevates legs for zero gravity comfort. (Credit: Svago)

Best Recliner For Zero-gravity stress relief

This massage recliner offers a zero-gravity position, elevating legs above the heart level. It is among the best recliners that reduce spinal pressure, improve circulation, and aid in deep relaxation, making it ideal for alleviating back pain and enhancing sleep quality.

- Zero-Gravity Bliss: Discover the sensation of weightlessness as the Svago ZGR Plus elevates your legs above your heart, aligning your spine and helping to relieve pressure on your back.

- Dual Power Magic: With separate controls for the backrest and footrest, you can easily customize your relaxation and find the perfect position and contoured shape for the best neck support.

- Sleek and Stylish: Not only does this good recliner offer unparalleled comfort, but its contemporary design also adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Exclusive Insights: Tailored to Your Body

- Customizable Comfort: Adjust the adjustable headrest back, footrest, and recline angle to suit your body's needs.

- Memory Foam Mastery: The chair's memory foam padding conforms to your body, providing personalized support for back pain alleviation.

- Heat Therapy and excellent lumbar support: Soothe aching back muscles with the built-in lumbar heat feature.

- Massage Modes: Choose from multiple massage functions to relax and rejuvenate.

- Durable Design: Crafted with high-quality materials, this massage recliner is built to last.

Your Wellness Retreat

- Therapeutic Touch: Engage the massage capabilities to alleviate pain and target back pain and stiffness.

- Warmth Where It Counts: Activate the heat feature to enhance blood circulation and comfort.

- Easy Controls: The intuitive remote makes adjusting your chair's settings simple.

- Space-Saving: This massage recliner requires minimal wall clearance, making it ideal for any space.

Svago dual power system enhances user convenience. (Credit: Svago)

ZENY Floor Chair with 14 Adjustable Positions

ZENY Floor Chair adjusts to 14 positions. (Credit: ZENY)

Best For Flexible floor-level support

This floor chair offers 14 adjustable positions, providing tailored back support for reading, gaming, or meditating. It encourages proper posture and comfort at a low level, suitable for different relaxation activities.

- Adjustable features: With 14 different seating positions throughout, the ZENY Floor Chair adapts to your every need, whether gaming, reading, or meditating. With 14 different seat positions, the ZENY Floor Chair caters to various activities, from gaming to meditating. It is versatile for anyone seeking a recliner for back support and flexibility.

Exclusive Insights: Flexibility Meets Comfort

- Multi-Angle Use: Find the perfect angle for any activity with the chair's versatile adjustment options.

- Easy Storage: The chair folds flat for convenient storage when not in use.

- Comfortable Cushioning: Enjoy the plush padding that offers comfort and support.

- Sturdy Support: The chair's robust frame ensures stability and longevity.

- Soft Fabric: The chair's cover is cozy and inviting, perfect for extended use.

A Chair for All Your Needs

- Tailor-Made Comfort: Adjust the chair to suit your activity and comfort level.

- Compact Build: Perfectly suited for small spaces due to its space-efficient design spaces or minimalist living.

- Effortless Maintenance: The chair's cover is easy to clean, ensuring it looks fresh.

- Multipurpose Marvel: Use it for meditation, gaming, reading, or as extra seating for guests.

ZENY is ideal for gaming, reading, or meditation. (Credit: ZENY)

Artist Hand-Heated Massage Chair

Artist Hand features a soothing, heated massage. (Credit: Artist Hand)

Best For Warming massage comfort

With its heated massage feature, this chair is perfect for soothing tense muscles, promoting relaxation, and improving sleep quality.

It’s especially beneficial for those with muscle stiffness or chronic back pain. Chiropractors recommend recliners like the Artist Hand-Heated Massage Chair for their ability to provide comprehensive back support and a full-body pampering experience.

Its extensive massage system, including vibration massage, caters to the entire body, promoting relaxation and wellness.

Exclusive Insights: A Symphony of Features

- Massage Mastery: Enjoy a range of massage options, including kneading, tapping, and shiatsu.

- Customizable Sessions: Tailor the intensity and location of your massage to your preferences.

- Heated Happiness: The adjustable lumbar support heating option provides a layer of relaxation to your massage.

- Recline and Unwind: Effortlessly adjust the chair to your desired angle for maximum comfort.

- Built to Last: High-quality construction ensures your massage chair will be a long-term companion.

A Sanctuary of Serenity

- Personal Masseuse: Let the chair's massage functions work away your stress and muscle tension.

- Cozy Comfort: Sink into the plush cushioning and let the warmth envelop you.

- User-Friendly: You can easily customize your relaxation experience with simple controls.

- Space-conscious: The compact design makes it a perfect fit for any room.

Artist Hand easy-to-clean PU leather adds a sophisticated touch. (Credit: Artist Hand)

Furniwell Massage Recliner Chair for Living Room

Furniwell offers plush comfort for living rooms. (Credit: Furniwell)

Best For Relaxing full-body massage

The Furniwell chair is among the best recliners for combining massage features with comfortable reclining, ideal for full-body relaxation. It helps reduce stress and muscle tension, promoting better sleep and overall well-being.

Relaxation Redefined: A Massage Recliner for Modern Living

- Massage Marvel: The Furniwell recliner offers a variety of massage options to soothe your body and mind.

- Custom Comfort: Adjust the chair to your liking with multiple reclining angles and massage settings.

- Contemporary Charm: With its modern design, this chair is a stylish addition to any living room.

Exclusive Insights: Designed for Your Delight

- Versatile Massage: Choose from different massage modes to target specific areas or enjoy full-body relaxation.

- Reclining Relaxation: Find your perfect reclining angle for reading, napping, or watching TV.

- Soft and Supportive: The high-density foam provides both comfort and support.

- Easy Assembly: Set up your new favorite chair quickly and without hassle.

- Durable Upholstery: The chair's fabric is soft to the touch and resilient.

Your New Favorite Spot

- Daily Decompression: Unwind after a long day with a relaxing massage.

- Warm Welcomes: The heating function adds a comforting touch to your relaxation routine.

- Simple Operation: The included remote control makes adjusting your chair's settings easy.

- Fits Right In: Its size and style make it an ideal match for any living space.

The Furniwell includes an easy reclining mechanism for relaxation. (Credit: Furniwell)

EZZUP Extra Large Manual Recliner Chair for Big People

EZZUP supports larger individuals comfortably. (Credit: EZZUP)

Best For Spacious, sturdy support

Designed for larger individuals, this recliner chair offers ample space and strong support, ensuring comfort and proper posture for optimal relaxation and stress relief, which is particularly beneficial for those requiring more room.

Exclusive Insights: Strength and Style Combined

- Extra-Large Dimensions: Enjoy the freedom of a spacious seat built to distribute weight evenly.

- Simple Recline: Use the manual lever to find your ideal reclining position.

- High-Density Foam: The chair's cushioning is both resilient and comfortable.

- Durable Frame: Constructed with heavy-duty materials, this recliner is made to last.

- Elegant Upholstery: The chair's fabric is attractive and hard-wearing, suitable for daily use.

Your Go-To for Grand Relaxation

- Roomy Retreat: Stretch out and relax without feeling confined.

- Easy Operation: The manual mechanism makes reclining simple.

- Lasting Comfort: The high-quality foam ensures your chair remains comfortable.

- Fit for Any Room: Its classic design ensures a comfortable recliner that will look great in any setting.

EZZUP's Manual recline feature for personalized comfort. (Credit: EZZUP)

Yaheetech Recliner Chair PU Leather Recliner

Yaheetech's PU leather is elegant and durable. (Credit: Yaheetech)

Best For Elegant, ergonomic lounging

This PU leather chair is one of the best recliners for its elegance and ergonomics. It offers comfortable seating and good posture support, best for relaxation and stress reduction, making it ideal for daily unwinding. The Yaheetech recliner's PU leather upholstery offers a sophisticated touch to any room and is easy to clean.

This recliner chair has sleek lines and a contemporary design, making it one of the best stylish additions to your home.

The Yaheetech recliner, adorned in luxurious PU leather, combines style with functionality, offering ultimate comfort and back support with its easy-to-clean surface. Among the best recliners for back issues, it stands out with its massage functions, ensuring relaxation and relief after a long day.

Exclusive Insights: Elegance and Ease

- Faux Leather Luxury: Enjoy the look and feel of genuine leather without the maintenance.

- Recline and Rest: Adjust the chair to your preferred angle for optimal support and relaxation.

- Padded Pleasure: The thick padding provides a comfortable and supportive seat.

- Sturdy Structure: The chair's strong frame ensures stability and durability.

- Easy to Assemble: Set up your recliner quickly with minimal tools required.

A Chic Retreat

- Style Statement: Make a bold statement in your home with this chair's modern aesthetic.

- Effortless Relaxation: Kick back with ease using the simple recline function.

- Comfortable and Classy: The plush padding and faux leather combine comfort with elegance.

- Versatile Vibe: This chair fits seamlessly into any room, from the living room to the office.

Yaheetech'Compact design suits small spaces perfectly. (Credit: Yaheetech)

PrimeZone Oversized Rocker Recliner Chair

PrimeZone offers gentle rocking for relaxation. (Credit: PrimeZone)

Best For Gentle rocking relaxation

This oversized rocker recliner provides a gentle rocking motion, ideal for soothing relaxation, helping to reduce anxiety and improve sleep, especially beneficial for those who find movement comforting.

The PrimeZone recliner, with its rocking relaxation feature, perfectly merges the soothing motion of a rocker with the comfort of a recliner, providing both back and neck support for optimal rest. Its design ensures users receive these best recliners, offering optimal support in a stylish package.

The plush cushioning and classic appearance make this chair a cozy and supportive addition to any home, ensuring long-lasting back support and a luxurious seating experience.

Exclusive Insights: Spacious and Soothing

- Generous Proportions: The extra-wide seat is perfect for those who appreciate more space.

- Rocking and Reclining: Enjoy the best of both worlds with a chair that rocks and reclines.

- Plush Padding: Sink into the deep cushions for an enveloping sense of comfort.

- Durable Build: The robust construction means this chair is built to support you for years.

- Easy to Clean: The chair's fabric is simple to maintain, keeping your recliner chair looking new.

A Haven of Comfort

- Room to Relax: The oversized design offers a spacious, relaxing sanctuary.

- Gentle Motion: The rocking feature adds an extra layer of tranquility to your rest.

- Built for Durability: Know that the sturdy frame of your chair is constructed with quality in mind.

- Classic Appeal: The timeless design ensures this recliner stays in style.

PrimeZone's Oversized design for extra room and comfort. (Credit: PrimeZone)

Korser Recliner Chair, Rocking Chair with Massage and Heat

Korser provides massage and heat for therapy. (Credit: Korser)

Best For Rocking heat therapy

The Korser chair combines rocking motion with heated massage, offering therapeutic benefits for muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep, particularly useful for those with chronic back pain or insomnia.

Multifunctional Marvel: The Korser Recliner Chair merges the soothing rhythm of a rocker with the healing advantages of massage and heat.

Key features Insights: A Trio of Treats

- Rocking Rejuvenation: The rocking feature provides a relaxing rhythm to help soothe your mind and body.

- Massage Magic: Select from various massage modes to target tension and promote relaxation.

- Heated Harmony: The heat function focuses on helping your lumbar support, offering a warm embrace for your lower back.

- Durable Design: Crafted with care, this chair is made to withstand the test of time.

- Easy Maintenance: The upholstery is simple to clean, ensuring your chair looks great.

A Sanctuary for the Senses

- Soothing Swings: Let the rocking motion lull you into a calm state.

- Massage at Home: Enjoy a personal massage session whenever needed.

- Warmth and Wellness: The heat feature enhances your relaxation and comfort.

- Lasting Quality: Trust in a chair designed with both style and durability in mind.

Korser's Rocking feature soothes and relaxes users. (Credit: Korser)

Relaxzen Longstreet Rocker Recliner with Massage

Relaxzen Longstreet includes a massage function. (Credit: Relaxzen)

Best For Soothing massage in rocking.

Unlike traditional chairs, this supportive recliner chair combines massage and rocking motion, enhancing relaxation, alleviating muscle tension, and promoting better sleep; especially suitable for those needing gentle movement and muscle relief.

Tailored to Your Tastes: With multiple vibration massage settings and intensity levels, you can create your perfect relaxation experience.

Best benefits and Insights: Rock, Recline, and Revitalize

- Rocking Relaxation: The smooth rocking motion is ideal for unwinding after a long day.

- Massage Modes: Choose from different massage options to soothe your aches and pains.

- Intensity Options: Adjust the massage intensity to match your comfort level.

- Lumbar Support: The lumbar heat function adds a therapeutic touch to relaxation.

- Built to Last: The chair's sturdy construction ensures it will be a part of your home for years.

Your At-Home Retreat

- Gentle Motion: Enjoy the calming effect of the chair's rocking feature.

- Personal Spa: Take advantage of the massage function for a spa-like experience at home.

- Comforting Warmth: Activate the heat feature for added relaxation and muscle relief.

- Timeless Style: The chair's classic look ensures it will fit seamlessly into your home décor.

Relaxzen's Rocker recliner design for ultimate comfort. (Credit: Relaxzen)

What do experts say about the use of recliners?

Chiropractors recommending recliners for their patients is most closely to just what is related to the Posture Advice and Lifestyle Modification Counseling aspects of their practice,

Here’s why:

  • Posture Advice: Proper posture is crucial for spinal health, reducing stress on the back, neck, and shoulders. Chiropractors often recommend recliners that support the spine's natural curve, encouraging a healthy sitting position.
  • A well-designed recliner can help maintain good posture while sitting, preventing the common slouching in standard chairs and couches.
  • Lifestyle Modification Counseling: Part of a healthy lifestyle includes creating an environment supporting the body's needs. For people who experience back pain or those recovering from spinal injuries, a recliner that offers ergonomic support can be a significant part of their daily routine.
  • Chiropractors recommend recliners that provide adjustable positions to alleviate spinal pressure, enhance blood flow, and promote relaxation and healing.

Enhancing Comfort for Pain Relief

Recliners can significantly reduce back pain by providing a fully supported back and allowing a more natural, comfortable position during sleep or relaxation. They are designed to cradle the body, supporting key areas like the lower back, and can alleviate stress on the spine.

Dr. John E. Sarno's Insights

John E. Sarno, M.D., an esteemed specialist in rehabilitation medicine, highlights in his book "Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection" how psychosomatic factors contribute to back pain. Their work suggests that addressing emotional health is crucial, and recliners can aid this process by offering a relaxing environment that eases physical tension.

The Role of Recliners in Tension Relief

Recliners can help alleviate the physical manifestations of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), a condition Sarno identifies as a major cause of back pain. Recliners can help mitigate the physical symptoms of the mind-body stress relationship by providing a comfortable, supportive space.

Understanding Pain Relief through Proper Support

Recliners can be vital in poor posture and reduce back pain for sleep and relaxation. Their design offers targeted support, aligning the spine correctly and relieving pressure points. This support is crucial to promote good posture and manage chronic back and neck discomfort, as it aids in preserving the spine's natural curvature.

Robin McKenzie's Approach to Back Health

Robin McKenzie, a world-renowned physical therapist and an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, developed the McKenzie Method. His book, "7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life," emphasizes the importance of proper posture and movement in alleviating neck, shoulder, and back pain. Recliners align with his approach by providing the necessary support to maintain a healthy posture, which is essential for long periods of relief.

Recliners and the McKenzie Method

McKenzie's method, recognized globally, highlights the vital role of spinal discs and recommends exercises for immediate relief that last for extended periods.

Recliners complement this method by ensuring that when at rest, the spine is in a position that supports disc health. Their ability to adjust and provide personalized comfort makes them ideal for implementing McKenzie's principles for a free back pain life.

If you need help deciding which recliners to select, please consult your local or the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). The ACA website has a "Find a Chiropractor" tool that allows you to look for chiropractors by location, insurance accepted, and other criteria.


As we conclude our guide on the best recliners recommended by chiropractors, remember that your comfort and spinal health are key. 

These top picks promise relaxation and support your back's well-being. 

Please choose the recliner that resonates with your needs from our list of what recliners do chiropractors recommend and embrace a world of lumbar support, comfort, and health. 

Happy reclining, and may your choice bring you endless relaxation and joy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Recliners Good for Back Problems?

Recliners can be beneficial for back problems, offering support and relief by maintaining natural spinal alignment and reducing pressure on the back. However, choosing a recliner with proper ergonomic features tailored to individual needs is essential for maximum benefit.

 Is there research supporting the use of recliners for back health?

Research indicates that recliners, especially those with ergonomic designs, can support back health. Studies suggest that recliners help in promoting proper alignment and reducing pressure points can alleviate back pain and improve overall comfort and posture.

 How should recliners be used for optimal back health?

For optimal back health, use recliners with ergonomic support for optimal back health, ensuring proper spine alignment promotes good posture. Adjust the recliner to maintain a natural posture, with knees level to hips and feet flat on the ground. Regularly changing positions can also prevent strain and enhance comfort.

 Which recliners offer the best lumbar support for spinal stenosis?

Recliners provide excellent lumbar support for spinal stenosis, including those with adjustable lumbar mechanisms, firm cushioning, and ergonomic designs. Brands like La-Z-Boy, Stressless, and Human Touch Zero-Gravity are renowned for providing targeted support that can alleviate discomfort associated with spinal stenosis.

 What are the best zero-gravity recliners for back pain relief?

The best zero-gravity recliners for back relief include the Human Touch Perfect Chair, Svago ZGR Plus, and the Varier Gravity Balans Chair. These models offer superior ergonomics, elevating legs to reduce spinal pressure and enhancing circulation for effective back pain management and relaxation.


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John E. Sarno, M.D. Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection,  ‎ Warner Books. 1991.193 pages.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or claims. It is essential to consult with healthcare professionals for specific medical advice and treatment recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

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