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Hey there, sleep fans! 

Imagine sinking into a mattress that's just right and doesn't break the bank.

 That's what ZINUS Green Tea Mattresses are all about. The best-selling mattress brand makes super comfy, especially for you side sleepers, and guess what? 

They're packed with airflow-enhancing comfort foam and green tea freshness for a cool snooze. But here’s the scoop—everyone's talking about how these mattresses steal the season.

 You can take advantage of getting your slice of sleep heaven. 

Keep reading, and let's find the perfect one for you before they're all snatched up!

Green Tea Memory Foam Queen Mattress

(Credit: Zinus)


Why Side Sleepers Prefer It

Medium-soft (4 on a 10-point firmness scale)

Are you a side sleeper? If yes, you'll love the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. It's like it was made just for you! 

When you sleep on your side, your best mattress needs to be a superstar at supporting your shoulders and hips. And that's exactly what this green tea memory foam mattress does. 

It's soft enough to let you sink in a little but firm enough to ensure you're not sinking too much. 

This balance is perfect for keeping your spine straight so you wake up feeling like a champ with no aches or pains. The highest quality foam hugs your body, making you feel snug and secure all night.

(Credit: Zinus)

Features and Advantages

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress isn't just comfy; it's packed with features that make it a winner. Let's break down what makes this mattress so cool:

Green Tea Infusion:

    • The secret ingredient is green tea extract! It keeps your green tea memory foam mattress fresh by fighting off those stinky smells nobody likes.

Good Pressure Relief Foam:

    • This special charcoal-infused memory foam takes the pressure off your body. How does the Zinus comfort foam encourage airflow? It's like a stress ball for your muscles, squishing down where you need it.

(Credit: Zinus)

High-Density Base Support:

    • At the bottom of the green tea memory foam mattress is a super strong foam that ensures the mattress doesn't give up on you. It's the mattress's backbone!

CertiPUR-US Certified:

This fancy certificate means the mattress is made without any bad stuff. It's like a gold star for being safe and sound.

    • The green tea memory foam mattress is in a box. Yep, it's like magic. You open the box, and poof! The mattress becomes full-sized.

Easy Shipping:

Remember to click or check out the new bed. Here's the price at the end. You might find a lot of your dreams!

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Pros and Cons:

Let's talk about the good and the not-so-good of this green tea memory foam mattress:

  • #1: The memory foam is like a gentle hug for your body. It shapes itself to you, which is awesome for a mattress.
  • #2: The green tea smells fresh, which is a breath of fresh air... literally!
  •  #3: It's built to last with strong foam at the bottom. There is no saggy mattress here!


 This isn't it if you're looking for a super bouncy bed. The foam is more about hugging than bouncing.

Affordable Comfort: Why the Mattress Ranks Highly Among Customers

With a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 150,955 ratings on Amazon, you know this green tea memory foam mattress isn't messing around.

 People love it because it's kind to their wallets and their sleep. It doesn't have all those crazy price tags you see on other mattresses, but it still gives you that top-notch sleep you're after. It's like getting a luxury ride without that luxury price. 

And who doesn't want that? It has everything you need: no fiberglass (because who needs that?), a custom contour that feels like it's made just for you, and sturdy. Plus, it's all squished into a box for easy delivery to your doorstep. 

When you unwrap it, it's like a present to yourself that keeps giving you night after night. So, if you want to sleep like royalty without spending a treasure chest, this Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress might be your best bet.

(Credit: Zinus)

Cooling Green Tea Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress

(Credit: Zinus)

The Side Sleeper's Cool Choice

Medium-soft (4 on a 10-point firmness scale)

The Zinus Cooling Green Tea Gel Memory Foam Mattress is like a breath of cool air for those who sleep on their sides and get warm at night. 

This green tea memory foam mattress isn't just another place to crash—it's your cool zone that lets you drift off without breaking a sweat. Imagine it's a hot summer night, but instead of tossing and turning, you're out like a light, thanks to the cooling magic of this mattress.

The green tea memory foam mattress has all the comfy pressure-relieving memory foam to cradle your hips and shoulders, with the superpower of keeping you cool all night.

Cooling and Comfort: Characteristics and Perks

This mattress has some cool features that are worth chatting about:

    • This green tea memory foam mattress has a cooling gel like an all-night ice pack. It helps you stay cool, even when your room feels like a sauna.
    • The green tea isn't just for show; it helps keep your mattress smelling as fresh as daisy pressure relieving foams.
    • It's like the green tea memory foam mattress has superpowers, ensuring you don't feel any pressure points while lying down.
    • The CertiPUR-US certification guarantees this mattress is made without any bad stuff. Think of it as a superhero shield for your health.
    • It comes in a box, and all you've got to do is set it free. It's ready for you to jump in and snooze in no time.

Chill Out with Cooling Gel:

Green Tea Goodness:

Pressure Relief:

Safe and Sound:

Simply Unbox and Unwind:

Remember to click and check the bed's price when you're done reading. Your wallet might thank you!

(Credit: Zinus)

 Pros and Cons:

Let's lay down the good stuff and the not-so-great about this green tea memory foam mattress:

  • #1: It's like sleeping on a cloud that can also keep you cool.
  • #2: Thanks to the green tea, no more smelly mattress blues.
  • #3: The twin mattress supports your body. You'll feel like your body gets a gentle hug all night:


 If you like a mattress you can sink into deeply, this one's a bit firmer mattress.

(Credit: Zinus)

What the Customers are Saying

Customers are giving this green tea memory foam mattress a thumbs up, scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 72,830 Amazon reviews. That's a lot of happy sleepers! 

They say it's like having a personal air conditioner and a cozy bed. People who used to wake up feeling like they've run a marathon in their sleep are now waking up refreshed. 

And guess what? No fiberglass to worry about. It's a bed that understands you want to keep cool and be comfortable without any worries. Plus, it's a snap to set up—take it out of the box and ready to go. 

It's like getting a VIP sleep experience without the VIP price tag. So, if you're ready for some cool, refreshing zzz, this might be the green tea memory foam mattress you've been dreaming about.

(Credit: Zinus)

Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

(Credit: Zinus)

Why It Is the Ideal Choice for Side Sleepers

Medium-firm (6 on a 10-point firmness scale)

Side sleepers, rejoice! The Zinus Green Tea Cooling Swirl Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is made with you in mind. 

It has the softness you need for your shoulders and hips and the extra support that keeps your spine right. Imagine sleeping on a green tea memory foam mattress like a team, with each part doing its job to help you get the best sleep ever. 

If you sleep hot, the foam part gives you a comfy, cushiony feel, while the spring part ensures you don't sink too much. It's the perfect match for a peaceful night, especially when you want to stay cool and comfy.

(Credit: Zinus)

The Best of Both Worlds: Attributes and Benefits

Let's take a peek at what makes this hybrid mattress a winner:

    • Infused with green tea, this memory foam mattress stays fresh, helping you say goodbye to icky smells.
    • These springs work like secret agents. They move independently, so the mattress doesn't make a fuss when you toss and turn.
    • The Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, weighing 58.4 pounds, with a maximum weight of 500 pounds, offers a refreshing sleep with its innovative design.
    • Ever sat on the edge of the bed and felt like you might slide off? Not with this mattress! It keeps you safe and snug, even on the edge.
    • This green tea memory foam mattress is rolled up in a box. Just put it where you want it, unwrap it, and watch it grow into a full mattress!

The Green Tea Cooling Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress combines antioxidant-rich green tea and moisture-absorbing technologies for extra comfort. This innovative mattress ensures a fresh, cooling sleep experience, enhanced by the natural benefits of green tea and moisture management.

(Credit: Zinus)

Cooling Swirl Memory Foam:

Experience perfecting mattresses with cooling swirl memory foam that feels as plush as a cotton. This layer ensures enough support and comfort, ideal for budget shoppers seeking the right combination of tea and moisture-absorbing properties.

Green Tea for Freshness:

This mattress incorporates antioxidant-rich green tea, which stays fresh longer. Green tea's moisture-absorbing qualities contribute to a cleaner, more refreshing sleep environment, appealing to those desiring natural freshness in their bedding.

Pocket Innersprings:

The pocket innersprings offer a resilient foundation, providing the necessary support for a restful night's sleep. Available in other sizes, these springs ensure the mattress fully expands, adapting to your body for unparalleled comfort.

Edge Support:

Edge support in this mattress is meticulously designed for those who appreciate durability and stability. The construction provides a reliable sleeping surface that retains its shape and structure, even on the edges, enhancing the mattress's overall comfort and longevity.

Easy Set-Up:

Don't miss out! Click to check the bed’s price and score a deal on a great sleep.

 Pros and Cons:

Here are the big wins and a little drawback of this hybrid mattress:


If you love super soft beds, this one's a bit more on the firm side.

(Credit: Zinus)

Top-Rated for Affordability and Firmness: Customers’ Feedback

This hybrid mattress is a crowd-pleaser, with 15,192 Amazon reviews rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

That's a lot of stars! Customers discuss how the hybrid mattresses are easy on the wallet but check quality. They love the blend of softness from the foam and the firmness from the springs. 

It's like getting the best of both worlds without emptying your piggy bank. People are also cheering about how the green tea memory foam mattress is sturdy and keeps its shape, making it a smart buy that lasts. 

If you're hunting for a mattress that gives you top-notch sleep without the top-notch price, consider giving this one a look.

(Credit: Zinus)

Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress

(Credit: Zinus)

The Plush Pleasure of the Green Tea Luxe for Side Sleepers

Plush (3 on a 10-point firmness scale)

Side sleepers, get ready for a treat! The Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress from Zinus is like a plush pillow for your whole body. It's not too hard or soft, but just right for keeping your body aligned from your head to your toes. 

This plush mattress is a game-changer. It's got all the softness to let your shoulders and hips sink in a little bit, which is super important for keeping your spine straight. The twin mattress comes at an affordable price of $169.99

And the best part? You wake up feeling refreshed, with no sore spots or stiff muscles.

Qualities and Pluses

Here are some of the top things that make the Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress a fantastic choice:

    • This green tea memory foam mattress is like a gentle hug. It takes all the pressure off your body, so you feel weightless.
    • Moisture absorbing Activcharcoal infused: The Green Tea and ActivCharcoal infusion in Zinus mattresses helps maintain freshness by absorbing moisture and minimizing odor, enhancing the sleep experience with improved hygiene.
    • Thanks to the green tea infusion, this mattress keeps fresh, so every night feels like slipping into new sheets.
    • It's CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it's made without harmful chemicals. You can sleep safe and sound.
    • The bed-in-a-box design means it comes right to your door, and setting it up is a breeze.
    • It feels good to support homemade products, and this green tea memory foam mattress is all-American, from the making to your sleeping.

(Credit: Zinus)

Pressure Relieving Comfort:

Freshness All Around:

Safe and Certified:

Easy to Set Up:

Proudly Made in the USA:

When you're done reading, please click and check the price of this comfy bed.

 Pros and Cons:

Here's the scoop on the good and the not-so-good:

  • #1: The luxe memory foam lives up to its name, offering luxury comfort.
  • #2: The freshness of green tea keeps your bed smelling great.
  •  #3: It's made here in the USA, giving you the quality you can trust.


If you're looking for a bouncy bed, this isn't it. It's all about that soft, contouring comfort.

(Credit: Zinus)

Why It Is a Top-Rated Mattress by Customers

With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating and 1,983 reviews on Amazon, customers love the Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress. It's a favorite for those who want to feel pampered without spending much money. 

People love how the mattress feels soft yet supportive, ensuring they sleep like babies. Its absence of bad stuff makes it a hit for those who care about what they're sleeping on.

 And when you can have it delivered in a box and set up in minutes, it's no wonder this green tea memory foam mattress is getting lots of love.

The Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress is a stellar pick for anyone looking for a plush, cloud-like feel in a bed, especially if they sleep on their side. 

It's got all the cozy qualities you want, plus the peace of mind that comes with safe, certified materials. 

The customer ratings testify to its comfort and value, making it a smart choice for your bedroom. If you're in the market for a new mattress, take a moment to click and check out this one. You might find your sleep transformed.

(Credit: Zinus)

Financing Options for Your Zinus Mattress

Are you dreaming of a Zinus bed but want to keep your budget happy? No worries! With Zinus, you can order your comfy mattress now and pay over time. 

You can spread the cost over 3, 6, or even 12 months. And guess what? If you qualify, you could get an APR of 0% - like a payment plan without extra cost! 

Zinus has teamed up with Affirm to make this possible because good sleep and smart spending go hand in hand. 

Want to see just how easy it is? Click to check out the bed's price and explore your financing options. Sweet dreams and smart buys await!

(Credit: Zinus)

Understanding the Trial Period and Warranty for Zinus Mattresses

Are you worried about committing to a new mattress? With Zinus, you can take a 100-day test and sleep right in your home if you're in the U.S. 

That's over three months to decide if it's the perfect match! And if you're all about long-term relationships, Zinus has your back with a 10-year limited warranty on their green tea memory foam mattresses. 

Knowing they've covered you, you can rest easy for a decade. Ready to take the plunge? Click to check out the prices and get cozy with a Zinus mattress that is your dream come true.

(Credit: Zinus)

Getting your Zinus mattress is super easy, and guess what? Shipping won’t cost you a penny - it’s free! 

Plus, you get 100 nights to hang out with your new mattress, which is plenty of time to ensure you are a perfect match—not feeling the love? No problem. 

Just reach out, and as long as it's still in tip-top shape - no stains or weird smells, please - you’ll get a full refund.

So, why wait? Click to check the price and start your 100-night trial with a comfy Zinus green tea memory foam mattress. Your dream sleep is just one box and a click away!

(Credit: Zinus)

Zinus Against the Competition

ZINUS vs. NapQueen Anula 12" Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

(Credit: NapQueen)

When it's time to hit the hay, you want a mattress just right for you. Let's dive into the world of ZINUS and NapQueen Anula 12" Green Tea Memory Foam Mattresses and see what's up.

Sleep Positions:

The NapQueen is a champ for back and side sleepers. It cradles you where you need it, waking you up feeling awesome.

Material Quality:

Both ZINUS and NapQueen boast high-quality materials. They have that rich green tea that helps keep things fresh and soft memory foam back that feels like a cozy hug.

Pain Relief Performance:

If you've aches and pains, these green tea memory foam mattresses have your back (and side and stomach). They're all about making sure you're comfy and pain-free.

Cooling Features:

Getting hot when you're trying to sleep is a no-go. ZINUS has a cooling gel that's like a built-in fan. NapQueen's memory foam also keeps you cool, so you're not waking up in a sweat.


ZINUS hits that sweet spot of being just firm enough. NapQueen is a bit softer, which is great if you like feeling like you're sleeping on a cloud.

Edge Support:

Ever sit on the edge of the bed and almost slide off? Not with these mattresses. They've got solid edge support so that you can sit and sleep without worry.

Pressure Relief:

Pressure points? What pressure points? Both mattresses are good at spreading your weight evenly so that every part of you feels included.

Body Type and Weight:

Whether you're light as a feather or have a bit more to love, ZINUS and NapQueen are ready for you. They're built to support a range of body types and weights.


Comfort is key, and it's a tie here. Both mattresses are like sleeping on many pillows, but you know, better.

Noise Level:

Are you tossing and turning without waking up the whole house? Yes, please. These mattresses are super quiet, so go ahead and move around all you want.

Both ZINUS and NapQueen are top contenders in the mattress game. They've got the comfort, the coolness, and the quietness you need for a top-notch snooze. Now, it's just about picking the one that feels like it was made for you. Sweet dreams!

 ZINUS vs. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

(Credit: Nectar Sleep)

When it's bedtime, picking the right mattress is a big deal. You've got ZINUS on one side and Nectar on the other. Both are awesome, but let's see what separates them and what they have in common.

Sleep Positions:

Nectar is a hit with average-weight sleepers—back, side, or stomach; you're good to go. ZINUS is especially nice for side sleepers, giving extra cushioning where it counts.

Material Quality:

Both mattresses are like the VIPs of the mattress world. ZINUS is known for its green tea goodness, while Nectar is known for its high-quality memory foam that stands the test of time.

Pain Relief Performance:

Nobody likes waking up feeling like they slept on a pile of rocks. ZINUS and Nectar are all about easing those pains, ensuring you wake up feeling fresh.

Cooling Features:

No one wants to sleep in a sauna. ZINUS has cooling gels to keep the heat away, and Nectar's memory foam is designed to let air flow so you stay cool.


ZINUS is like the Goldilocks of mattresses—not too firm or soft. Nectar is on the firmer side, giving you solid support.

Edge Support:

Sitting on the edge of the bed without slipping off is the goal. ZINUS and Nectar have you covered so that you can enjoy every inch of your mattress.

Pressure Relief:

Pressure relief is crucial for a good night's sleep. Both mattresses distribute your weight to ensure no spot experiences too much pressure.

Body Type and Weight:

ZINUS and Nectar are ready for whatever you bring to bed, thick, thin, or somewhere between. They're built sturdy to support different weights and body types.


Comfort is king and both mattresses rule. They're all about making sure you're so comfy that you don't want to get up in the morning.

Noise Level:

There are no squeaks or creaks here. ZINUS and Nectar keep it low so you can toss and turn without a peep.

Choosing between ZINUS and Nectar is like picking your favorite ice cream flavor - they're both great. It just depends on what you love more. Happy sleeping!

ZINUS vs. Lucid Dream 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

(Credit: Zinus)

A good mattress can make or break your night when it's time to hit the sack. Let’s compare ZINUS to the Lucid Dream 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress and see what's what.

Sleep Positions:

The Lucid Dream mattress is great for side and back sleepers. Its gel material molds to your body just right. ZINUS is also a side sleeper’s buddy, giving that cushiony feel where it’s most needed.

Material Quality: Refreshing green tea

ZINUS and Lucid Dream both bring their A-game in materials. ZINUS uses a mix of refreshing green tea and cooling gels, while Lucid Dream uses high-quality gel memory foam that’s all about durability.

Pain Relief Performance:

With these mattresses, you don’t have to count sheep. They both aim to ease your pain. ZINUS and Lucid Dream have layers that work hard to soothe sore spots.

Cooling Features:

Getting too hot can mess up a good sleep. ZINUS uses cooling gel to fight the body heat off, and Lucid Dream’s gel memory foam helps keep you chill all night.


If you’re into a mattress that’s not too hard, ZINUS is your go-to. Lucid Dream is a bit firmer, which is great if you like a solid feel under your sheets.

Edge Support:

ZINUS and Lucid Dream both know that edge support matters. They ensure you won’t roll off the side, keeping you safe and snug.

Pressure Relief:

Both mattresses spread your weight evenly, so there’s no extra pressure on any part of your body. They’re like a personal support team for your sleep.

Body Type and Weight:

Whether you’re light or bringing a bit more to the bed, ZINUS and Lucid Dream are up for the task. They're made to comfortably support a variety of body types and weights.


It’s all about feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud, and both mattresses deliver big comfort. They’re plush and cozy and make you want to hit snooze.

Noise Level:

Both mattresses are as quiet as a mouse. You can move around all you want, and it won’t make a sound.

Are you choosing between ZINUS and Lucid Dream? It’s like picking between two awesome flavors of ice cream. They’re both sweet, so you have to go with what makes you happy. Sweet dreams!

A Brief History of the Zinus Mattress Brand

Zinus began its journey over a decade ago, crafting a special recipe for success in the sleep industry.

Founded to provide quality sleep solutions, Zinus has consistently rolled out best-selling mattresses and bed frames, appealing to a wide range of sleepers with innovative designs and natural ingredients.

(Credit: Zinus)

The Zinus Bed Frame Innovation

Zinus bed frames are as robust as they are stylish, designed to support and extend the life of your mattress.

Is the content expertly packaged and easily shipped? Absolutely! It does do to ensure a hassle-free setup. With Zinus, you're not just buying a bed frame but investing in a foundation for rejuvenating rest.

The Middle Layer Magic

The proprietary green tea and CertiPUR-US certified foam used in the middle layer of Zinus mattresses cater to average-weight sleepers, offering a supportive feeling that cradles the achiest joints.

This unique combination promotes a pressure-relieving, awake-free sleep experience.

Sleep Enhancing Qualities

Zinus mattresses have sleep-enhancing features like open-air pockets for breathability, reducing motion transfer for undisturbed slumber, and a comfort layer that addresses hip pain.

They're designed to return to their original shape night after night, truly qualifying as some of the best mattresses available.

Natural Elements for a Fresh Experience

The infusion of rich green tea helps neutralize smelly smells, ensuring freshness. Zinus believes in using natural ingredients to enhance the quality of sleep.

Their mattresses, adorned with a symbolic US flag, pledge to deliver rest and a piece of tranquility crafted with a special touch of nature.

(Credit: Zinus)


So, side sleepers, you're searching for the perfect ZINUS mattress? 

Remember, the best one for you has that just-right mix of softness for comfort and support to keep your spine aligned. 

ZINUS offers a variety of mattresses that promise cool, refreshing sleep and pain relief that lasts all night. 

With options that cater to different preferences in firmness and material quality, you're sure to find a mattress that feels like it's made just for you. 

Sweet dreams on your ZINUS, where every night feels like a cozy hug from your bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Zinus green tea mattress last?

A Zinus mattress is designed to offer comfort and support for years. Depending on care and usage, it can last between 6 and 8 years, which is the typical lifespan of memory foam mattresses.

 Is there a class action lawsuit against Zinus?

A class action lawsuit was filed against Zinus due to allegations that their mattresses contained fiberglass, leading to potential health risks and property contamination. It's important to stay updated on current affairs as the situation may evolve.

Is Zinus a good brand of mattress?

Zinus provides good quality, affordable mattresses with various features, such as green tea-infused memory foam. Many customers rate Zinus mattresses positively, especially for their value for money and comfort, but individual preferences and experiences may vary.

Is there fiberglass in the Zinus mattress?

Some Zinus mattresses have been reported to contain fiberglass as a fire retardant within the inner mattress cover, which has been a concern for some customers. Reviewing product specifications and company policies for the most accurate information is crucial.

Are Zinus foam mattresses safe?

Zinus foam mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they're made without harmful chemicals and meet strict emissions, content, performance, and durability standards. This makes them a safe choice for consumers looking for a less toxic mattress.

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