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In the world of luxury and comfort, the way products are delivered matters just as much as the products themselves.

Enter Mattress’s White Glove Mattress, a premium service beyond mere transportation.

It's an experience ensuring your new mattress is handled with the utmost care, delivered to your bedroom, and set up precisely.

Dive into this article to discover how this luxurious touch can redefine your sleep experience and why it might be worth considering for your next mattress purchase.

The Rise of Luxury in the Sleep Industry

The quest for a good night's sleep has evolved over the centuries, transitioning from mere necessity to a symbol of luxury and comfort.

Historically, royalty and the elite prioritized opulent bedding, often with elaborate designs and premium materials.

Recently, with growing awareness about the significance of sleep for health and well-being, the sleep industry has capitalized on this by introducing innovative luxury products. Luxury sleep experiences have become more accessible to the masses.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White Glove Delivery is the pinnacle of personalized delivery services. Unlike standard deliveries that drop a product at your doorstep, this service takes it a step further.

Professionals deliver, unpack, set up, and sometimes even provide a brief demonstration or instruction.

In the context of mattresses, this means transporting the mattress to the desired room, setting it up on the bed frame, and removing all packaging.

A Brooklyn Bedding Titan Mattress perfectly unpacked and installed (Credit: Brooklyn Bedding)

Distinguishing Features of White Glove Delivery

  • Careful Handling and Transportation:

One of the standout features of White Glove Delivery is the meticulous care given during transportation.

Every mattress is handled precisely, ensuring it remains pristine from the warehouse to your bedroom.

Specialized vehicles and trained personnel ensure no damages or mishaps during transit.

  • Unpacking and Assembly:

Gone are the days of wrestling with plastic wraps and hefty manuals. With White Glove Delivery, professionals are responsible for unpacking your new mattress.

They also assemble it, ensuring it's perfectly placed on your bed frame, aligned correctly, and ready for a good night's sleep.

  • Removal of Old Mattress and Packaging:

An added luxury of this service is efficiently removing your old mattress if needed.

This is a blessing for those who dread disposing of large items.

Moreover, all the packaging materials from the new mattress—plastic, cardboard, and more—are taken away, leaving your space clean and clutter-free, allowing you to enjoy your new sleep setup immediately.

The Saatva Classic Mattress ready for your ultimate Comfort (Credit: Saatva)

Benefits of Choosing White Glove Delivery

  • Hassle-free Setup:

One of the primary advantages of opting for White Glove Delivery is the elimination of any setup headaches.

Navigating the intricacies of unwrapping, placing, and setting up a mattress can be daunting for many. This service ensures that you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Assurance of Product Safety:

Investing in a luxury mattress means you expect it to arrive in impeccable condition.

With White Glove Delivery, there's an added assurance that your mattress is handled with the utmost care.

  • Time-saving:

Time is a luxury many can't afford to waste. Traditional mattress setups can consume a significant chunk of your day, from unboxing to disposal of old items.

White Glove Delivery streamlines this process. By letting experts handle the delivery and setup, you save precious hours.

Comparing Standard vs. White Glove Delivery Services

At first glance, Standard and White Glove Delivery services serve the same purpose – getting your product to you. After purchasing your mattress at checkout, it will be shipped and delivered to your stairs. Schedule a time with the company's trusted delivery partners for a seamless white glove experience.

But the experience and delivery services that they offer differ greatly:

  • Standard Delivery:

Often a door-to-door service, standard delivery typically leaves the product at your doorstep or in a designated area.

It's up to the customer to unbox, transport to the desired room, set up, and dispose of any used packaging material.

  • White Glove Delivery:

This best service goes the extra mile. Professionals deliver and unpack the package, set up the product in the desired location, and handle waste disposal.

It may also include removing your old mattress in the context of mattresses.

Free White Glove Services

Whether it is the United States or Canada, the mattress industry has witnessed a notable shift towards customer-centric services, and leading the pack are some renowned brands offering exceptional value through free White Glove Delivery from factory or store to our home.

  • Casper: A brand synonymous with innovation in the sleep industry, Casper ensures its customers enjoy a seamless transition to their new mattress.
  • Purple: Known for its unique grid technology, Purple extends its commitment to customer satisfaction through its delivery service.
  • Nectar: With a strong reputation for comfort and durability, Nectar ensures its customers don't break a sweat during the setup.
  • Tuft & Needle: Merging affordability with quality, Tuft & Needle goes the extra mile with their delivery service. Customers can expect a smooth setup process, emphasizing the brand's focus on a comprehensive sleep solution.

These brands underscore the importance of selling a product and delivering an experience.

The Nectar Premier Hybrid at its Best: Ready for tonight! (Credit: Nectar)

While in the sleep industry, many mattress companies offer complimentary White Glove Delivery, some provide a premium, paid version, ensuring an even more enriched experience with added services. Here's a look at some of the notable names:

Brooklyn Bedding:

  • Brooklyn Bedding, known for its diverse mattress range, requires a fee for its white-glove service, which includes not just the basics like mattress removal but added features like ensuring a pristine sleep environment.


  • Helix, championing customization, mirrors this luxury in its service. Beyond the usual bed setup, they offer add-ons like bed frame assembly, all for a fee.


  • Avocado, a beacon of sustainability, offers an eco-centric sleep solution. Their white glove delivery, although premium, promises a hassle-free transition to your new bed.

Sleep Number:

  • As pioneers in adjustable firmness, Sleep Number's White Glove Service ensures that your bed's intricate tech details are set up perfectly with their paid service. Opting for paid services from these brands means prioritizing an all-encompassing, luxurious sleep setup experience.
    Each service for these bedding products, whether dealing with the heavy lifting or removal of your old bed, adjustable base, bed frames, a box spring, or scheduling the delivery process, is designed with the utmost care.
  • These brands emphasize selling a mattress and delivering a complete experience, right down to the foundation removal and handling of the packaging.

Ensuring the Best White Glove Service Experience

Securing a seamless White Glove Delivery experience requires preparation on both ends: the delivery team and the customer. Here are some pointers to ensure the process of offering any white glove service is smooth:

  • Coordinating with the Delivery Team:
  • Open Communication: Always provide accurate contact information and be accessible for scheduling changes or inquiries.
  • Clear Instructions: If your residence has specific access restrictions, such as gate codes or limited parking, inform the delivery team beforehand.
  • Timeliness: Be available during the designated delivery window to avoid rescheduling or delays.
  • Preparing Your Home:
  • Clear Pathway: Ensure that hallways and stairways are clear of any obstacles for easy mattress transportation.
  • Space Preparation: Designate and prepare the exact spot where your new mattress will be placed. This might include removing old bedding or clearing away clutter.
  • Safety: If you have pets or young children, keeping them in a separate room during the delivery and setup might be best to prevent mishaps.

Following these guidelines sets the stage for a hassle-free White Glove Delivery experience, ensuring immediate enjoyment of your new mattress.

The Sleep Number Climate 360 is installed for a good night's sleep (Credit: SleepNumber)


The evolution of the sleep industry has ushered in not just product innovations but also enhancements in the delivery experience.

White Glove Delivery signifies a shift towards luxury, convenience, and customer-centricity, whether free or paid.

The obvious benefits are numerous: hassle-free setup, time-saving, and the assurance of product safety.

However, as with all premium services, it has cost implications.

The choice ultimately boils down to one's priorities. This premium service might be worth the investment if you value ease and a seamless transition to your new sleep sanctuary.

After all, a good night's sleep begins with the right foundation, both in product and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Glove delivery worth it?

White Glove delivery offers unparalleled convenience, handling product setup and removing old items. While it comes at a premium, the hassle-free experience and ensured product safety often justify the additional cost alone. For those prioritizing ease and a luxurious experience, it's often deemed a worthy investment.

Why is white glove delivery so expensive?

White Glove delivery is pricier due to its comprehensive services. Beyond standard transportation, it involves meticulous product handling, specialized equipment, trained personnel for setup, and sometimes disposal of old items. This premium service ensures convenience and product safety, justifying its elevated cost.

What does the White Glove delivery service include?

White Glove delivery service goes beyond standard delivery. It typically includes transporting the item to the desired room, professional unpacking, setup or assembly, and removing all packaging materials. For mattresses, it often also encompasses mattress removal and the disposal of the old mattress, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer.

Do you tip white glove delivery?

Tipping White Glove delivery personnel is a gesture of appreciation for their specialized service and meticulous care. While they note it's not mandatory, many customers tip as a thank-you for the extra effort in ensuring a hassle-free and professional setup experience.

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