(Last Update: 05/01/2024)

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Do you feel like your feet are always dangling off the bed?

Imagine a bed frame just the right length to stretch out fully and still have room.

A Full XL Bed Frame could be the game-changer for tall folks looking for that perfect fit and cozy sleep.

Keep reading to discover how a Full XL Bed Frame might be the sleep solution you've been dreaming of!

ZINUS Korey Metal Platform Bed Frame

Sleek, strong, tall-friendly. Metal elegance.

(Credit: ZINUS)

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PRICE RANGE: $122.99 - $169.99

Ideal Users for the ZINUS Korey full XL metal Bed Frame 

The ZINUS Korey Metal XL bed frame is perfect for anyone who loves a sleek look in their room. 

  • The best-seller XL bed frame is especially great for teens wanting a cool, modern vibe. Plus, it's strong enough to support all kinds of sleepers, making it a solid choice for everyone.


  • Sturdy Design: The strong metal bed frame means you won't hear squeaks or creaks.
  • Comfy Headboard: The XL bed frame's soft upholstered headboard is perfect for leaning against while reading or playing games.
  • No Box Spring Needed: You can place your mattress on top of the wood slats, saving you money and hassle.

Real Opinions on the Korey Metal Bed Frame

 People love the ZINUS Korey Metal Frame! Boasting an impressive 4.6-star rating from more than 8,662 reviews., this Full XL bed frame is a hit. 

  • The best-seller bed frame maker is known for focusing on affordability, durability, and ease of assembly.
  • Users rave about how easy it is to put together and how it gives their room a new look.

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Tall sleepers' dream, full XL comfort

(Credit: ZINUS)

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Anwickhomk Upholstered Modern Platform Bed

Modern comfort, stylish nights.

(Credit: Anwickhomk)

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PRICE RANGE: 106.00- $115.67

Who Should Choose the Anwickhomk Platform Bed? 

  • The Anwickhomk Platform Bed frame is a dream come true for anyone who loves a trendy and comfy bedroom.
  • It's perfect for young adults looking for that cool, techy edge in their space. Plus, the XL bed frame is a great pick for those who enjoy reading or watching TV in bed.


User Insights on the Anwickhomk Bed frame

  • People can't stop talking about the Anwickhomk XL bed frame! 
  • They love the stylish look, and the LED lights create a cool vibe in their room. 
  • It's also a hit for being sturdy and quiet, no matter how much you move around.

Are you curious how the XL bed frame would look in your room? Click to check out the price and get ready for some awesome sleep!

An upholstered bed, cozy nights.

(Credit: Anwickhomk)

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Nutan 8-inch Box Spring/Foundation

Reliable foundation of robust support.

(Credit: Nutan)

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PRICE RANGE: $105.43 - $199.81

Target Audience for the Nutan Box Spring:

 The Nutan Box Spring is a great match for anyone needing solid mattress support. 

  • It's especially good for students or young adults setting up their first bedroom. If you're looking for something simple and reliable, this is for you!


  • Easy Assembly: You will only need a few tools or time to assemble this XL bed frame.
  • Strong Build: Made with sturdy wood, it's built to last and keep your mattress in great shape.
  • Perfectly Sized: It snugly fits into spaces where every inch counts, especially in the Full XL dimension.

Evaluations from Users 

  • Folks who bought the Nutan Box Spring are giving it a thumbs up, with a solid 4.0 out of 5 stars.
  • They're saying it's super easy to set up and strong. Plus, the XL bed frame looks clean and neat in any room.

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Eight inches of solid support.

(Credit: Nutan)

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Arizona Full-XL Solid Pine Wooden Bed 

Rustic charm Solid pine for spacious rest.

(Credit: Wood To The World)

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PRICE RANGE: $209.99-232.99

Who Benefits Most from the Arizona Full-XL Bed?


  • Natural Pine: The full-size bed frame is solid pine wood, giving it a cool, rustic vibe.
  • Ready for DIY: Since it's unfinished, you may paint or stain it in any color you like!
  • Strong Support: The hardwood slats of the XL bed frame mean your mattress gets great support; no box spring is needed.

Customer Feedback 

  • People have given the Arizona wooden bed frame a 3.5 out of 5 stars. They're happy with its solidness and love that they can customize the look. 
  • Some say it's like getting a wooden bed frame and a fun project.

Are you interested in making it your own? Click to check out the price and start planning your dream bed!

Pine perfection and fully comfortable.

(Credit: Wood To The World)

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Spinal Solution Low Profile Wood Boxspring/Foundation

Low, sturdy foundation, high comfort.

(Credit: Spinal Solution)

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PRICE RANGE: $168.00 - $420. 69

Best Suited for the Spinal Solution Boxspring

The Spinal Solution Boxspring is a great choice for those who prefer a bed frame not too high off the ground. It's ideal for kids, teens, or anyone who likes a sleek, low-profile look in their bedroom.


  • Just the Right Height: This boxspring lowers your XL bed frame, making it easy to hop in and out.
  • Fully Assembled: It comes ready to use, so no tools or complicated instructions are needed.
  • Solid Support: Your mattress gets the firm support it needs, which can help you sleep better.

Reviews of the Spinal Solution Boxspring 

  • Customers love this boxspring, giving it a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. They're saying it's the perfect mix of convenience and comfy.
  • Plus, it's sturdy and makes their bed frame just the right height.

Want to see how it can upgrade your sleep? Click to check the price and get all the details!

A great wood boxspring for sound sleep.

(Credit: Spinal Solution)

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Mayton 8-inch XL Box Spring/Foundation

Eight-inch foundation for full support.

(Credit: Mayton)

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PRICE RANGE: $117.29 - $190.78

Preferred Users of the Mayton 8-Inch Foundation 


  • Simple Setup: You'll have the full-size bed frame ready quickly, with super easy assembly.
  • Strong and Sturdy: Built with durable wood, it's made to last and support you while you sleep.
  • Space-Saving Design: Its compact size fits well, even in smaller rooms or tight spaces.

Consumer Reviews of the Foundation 

Strong foundation with space-saving design

(Credit: Mayton)

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Mantua Premium Platform Bed Base

Sleek, strong. Premium platform, elevated sleep.

(Credit: Mantua)

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PRICE RANGE: $127.61 - 249.67

Ideal Candidate for the Mantua Bed Base

  • The Mantua XL bed frame is a hit for anyone who loves a modern look without fuss. 
  • The XL bed frame is especially cool for teens who want a bed that's stylish and easy to move around. Plus, it's a smart pick for those needing extra bed storage space.


Customer and User Feedback 

  • Folks are really happy with the Mantua Bed Base, giving it a strong 4.6 out of 5 stars from 630 ratings. 
  • They're saying it's cool-looking and super sturdy and practical. Want to see how the XL bed frame could make your room awesome? Click to check the price and find out more!

A Premium platform for stylish sleep.

(Credit: Mantua)

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Bronze Power Bed Frame and Base

Adjusts easily Bed frame with modern tech.

(Credit: Simplie Fun)

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PRICE RANGE: $1,393.97 - 1414.99

Who Will Appreciate the Bronze Power Bed Frame?

  • The Bronze Power XL bed frame is perfect for those who love gadgets and tech in their room. 
  • It's great for teens wanting a bed frame that does more than sit there. If you like adjusting your bed with a button, this is for you!


User and Customer Reviews 

  • People who have tried the Bronze Power XL bed frame are big fans. They love how it moves and say it's super strong and reliable.
  •  It's like having a bed from the future! Are you interested in taking your room to the next level? Click to check the price and see all the cool things the XL bed frame can do!

Sleep or lounge at a button press.

(Credit: Simplie Fun)

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The right bed frame can transform your sleep experience, especially if you're tall.

 A Full XL Bed Frame offers that extra space you crave. 

Consider your room's size and comfort needs; if the fit feels right, go for it! It's all about what makes you wake up feeling great. 

Ready to stretch out and enjoy every inch of your bed? A Full XL is your ticket to dreamland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a full XL fit on a full frame?

A Full XL mattress is longer than a standard Full so that it won't fit properly on a regular Full frame. You'll need a Full XL frame to accommodate the extra length for a perfect fit.

 Will full sheets fit a full XL?

Standard full sheets won't fit a Full XL mattress, as it is 5 inches longer. You'll need to get Full XL sheets to ensure they cover the mattress completely and stay in place for a comfortable sleep.

 How wide is a full XL bed frame?

A Full XL bed frame typically measures 54 inches wide, the same as a standard full, but it's 80 inches long, providing extra legroom for taller individuals.

 Are full sheets the same as twin XL?

Full sheets and Twin XL sheets are different. Full sheets are wider, while Twin XL sheets are longer and designed to fit the narrower, extended length of a Twin XL mattress.

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