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With so many king-size mattress dimensions available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Did you know the difference between a Standard King and a Texan King can drastically affect your sleep experience?

Imagine lying on a mattress perfectly tailored for your room size, budget, and sleeping style, ensuring you wake up refreshed daily.

Please dive into our comprehensive guide and find the ideal king-size mattress for your unique needs, ensuring optimal comfort and space.

The Types of King-Size Mattresses

Selecting the right mattress size can dramatically affect a good night's sleep. When choosing a mattress size, it's essential to consider both body weight and sleeping position.

Luxurious King-Size: Redefine your sleep experience (Credit: Canva)

The Standard King Size Bed

Understanding the Standard King

How much room do you have for your bed? The California King Bed is the epitome of expansive sleep space.

The Standard King mattress, often called the “King," reigns supreme in bedrooms nationwide.

As the most prevalent choice among couples and individuals who desire ample sleeping space, it has become synonymous with luxury and comfort.

For those with different mattress preferences, a single mattress like the normal king is often a better fit than adjusting an adjustable bed frame to house double beds or even twin-size mattresses.

Key Measurements

  • Width: 76 inches. This expansive width allows for ample movement, ensuring sleepers can turn, twist, or stretch without disturbing their partner.
  • Length: 80 inches. It caters well to taller individuals, ensuring their feet don't hang off the end.

How much space is between the queen and king? The latter offers a personal sleeping space close to two twin mattresses, ideal for those valuing personal space.

One of the primary reasons the Standard King remains a top choice is its balance of roominess and practicality.

It provides couples with personal space equivalent to two twin beds pushed together.

Moreover, its commonality means that bed accessories like frames, sheets, and comforters are readily available and often more varied in style and pricing.

What do the twin XL mattress and the King mattress have in common?

When choosing a new mattress, size is one of your most important decisions. Twin XL and King are two of the most popular mattress sizes.

A twin XL mattress is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a king mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. This makes

The extra length of the twin XL mattress makes it a good option for taller people or people who like to stretch out when they sleep. The king mattress is a good option for couples or people who want a lot of space to sleep.

Your best mattress size will depend on your needs and preferences. A twin XL mattress may be a good option if you are a single person looking for a comfortable and affordable mattress. A king mattress may be a better choice if you are a couple or someone who likes to spread out when you sleep.

The California King Mattress

A beautiful King-Size promises sweet dreams (Credit: Canva)

The Allure of the California King

The California King, frequently termed the "Western King size bed,” is a mattress that boasts a unique dimension, offering an elongated length compared to its standard counterpart.

Distinctive Dimensions

  • Width: 72 inches. While it's slightly narrower than the standard king, it still offers ample space for couples to sleep comfortably.
  • Length: 84 inches. This added length makes the California King mattress the perfect solution for taller individuals who often struggle with feet dangling off standard mattresses.

Why Choose the California King Mattress?

The California King Mattress is more than just a serious bed size; it's a statement. It provides extra leg space, ensuring taller folks can stretch out fully. Its unique king-size bed dimensions can give a room a different aesthetic appeal, making the sleeping area look longer and more spacious.

Split King Bed: Dual Comfort in One Frame

A Split King brings a unique and customizable sleep solution to the bedroom. Users can tailor each side to their specific comfort and mattress preferences by combining two twin-size XL mattresses without affecting their partner.

Key Specifications

  • Width: Equal to a regular king, ensuring that it provides a broad sleeping area.
  • Length: Essentially double of a standard king, which stems from the two twin XL mattresses that comprise its structure.

Benefits of the Split King

Having a Split King offers unparalleled personalization. Whether partners have different firmness preferences or one tends to toss and turn, this setup ensures each sleeper gets what they need.

Moreover, when paired with adjustable bed frames, each side can be inclined or reclined independently, providing even more versatility in sleep positions.

Dive into glamorous King-Size mattress nights (Credit: Canva)

Texas King: An Expansive Sleep Space

While less commonly known, the Texas King provides an even more generous surface than the standard king.

A perfect choice for those wanting extra space, it's notably larger, ensuring ample room for sleepers who love spreading out.

Dimensions Breakdown

  • Width: Typically measures around 80 inches, broader than the standard king size.
  • Length: About 98 inches, adding significant extra foot space.

Why Choose a Texas King?

Opting for a Texas King means prioritizing spaciousness. It's ideal for taller individuals who often find their feet dangling off standard sizes.

The extra space is also invaluable for co-sleeping families or those who enjoy lounging and reading in bed with pets. This oversized mattress ensures everyone can fit comfortably without feeling cramped.

Wyoming King: Spacious Luxury

Dimensions and Size

The Wyomingian King differs from your typical mattress size by size and dimensions. Representing a perfect blend of width and length of a traditional king mattress, it caters to those needing extra legroom without compromising the side space. Measuring an expansive 72 inches wide and a considerable 88 inches long, it's a step above many regular king options.

  • Width: 72 inches, mirroring the California king.
  • Length: 88 inches, adding 4 inches to the California king's length.

Lastly, the Wyomingian King and Alaskan King differ mainly in size. Both are spacious, but the Alaskan King is larger, offering more width and length than the Wyoming King.

Why Choose Wyoming King?

The Wyomingian king fills that gap for those who find the California king's length just shy of their requirement.

It's ideal for taller individuals or those who prefer the luxury of a more expansive mattress.

Comparison with Other Kings

While it retains the width x length of a California king, its distinctive length sets it apart.

This mattress caters to an exclusive group, ensuring both width and length are always in supply.

You can also consult a certified sleep science coach about the perfect mattress. They can guide you through the complexities of bed and help you make the best decision for restful sleep.

Luxe Sleep is a King-Size mattress perfection (Credit: Canva).

Top King-Size Mattresses Reviewed

Saatva Mattress Overview

Saatva Classic: the King-size dream standard (Credit: Saatva).

When exploring king-size mattress dimensions, one often comes across various brands. The Saatva Mattress, known for its luxurious feel, offers ample space for those wanting more than double beds.

While twin bed dimensions might be suitable for young adults, others might crave the luxury of the Saatva Mattress in a California king-size.

Pain Relief Performance:

The Saatva Mattress has received accolades for its pain relief capabilities.

It's designed to distribute weight evenly, preventing pressure points and relieving pain-prone areas like the neck, back, and hips.

Its coil-on-coil construction ensures adequate lumbar support, making it especially beneficial for those with chronic back pain.

Motion Isolation:

For those who share a bed, motion isolation is crucial. The Saatva mattress excels in this area, ensuring that the movement of one partner doesn't disturb the other.

The memory foam layer absorbs movement effectively, allowing undisturbed sleep, even if your partner tends to toss and turn.

Firmness Level:

  • Plush Soft: Best for those sleeping on their side and prefer a softer surface.
  • Luxury Firm: Their most popular option, suitable for all sleeping positions. It provides a balanced feel.
  • Firm: Ideal for back and stomach sleepers, offering maximum support.

Edge Support:

Edge support in Saatva mattresses is impressive. Thanks to the high-density foam encasement surrounding the innerspring system, the edges remain sturdy and do not sag over time.

This makes it easier to get in and out of bed and increases the usable surface of the mattress.


  • Memory Foam Layer: This layer adapts to the body's contours, offering targeted relief to pressure points.
  • Coil-on-Coil Construction: The dual-layered coil system distributes weight evenly, reducing the chances of pressure buildup.
    On the other hand, the WinkBed Mattress is a favorite among those transitioning from a full-size mattress. Its dimensions cater to individuals who need more than what twin size or twin Xl size mattresses provide.


The Saatva mattress caters to a wide range of body types and weights.

Its diverse firmness options ensure that whether you're lightweight or heavier, there's an ideal match for you. Particularly, the Luxury Firm option is versatile, accommodating the needs of the majority of sleepers.

DreamCloud Original Mattress Overview

DreamCloud Original: King-size sleep luxury (Credit: DreamCloud).

DreamCloud Original Mattress aligns closely with the normal king or California-sized bed. It's a step up from college dorm rooms, which typically house twin mattresses or sometimes a twin XL.

Pain Relief Performance:

DreamCloud's unique blend of memory foam and innerspring provides excellent pain relief.

The memory foam layers contour to the body, offering relief to critical pressure points, such as the shoulders, hips, and back.

Paired with the support of the innerspring coils, it ensures optimal spinal alignment, which is crucial for alleviating back pain and other discomforts.

Motion Isolation:

The DreamCloud mattress performs exceptionally well in motion isolation thanks to its multilayered memory foam construction.

Individuals sharing the bed can rejoice as movements from one side barely transfer to the other.

Full mattress dimensions suffice for those with smaller rooms or guest rooms. But a spacious master bedroom offers more room, making queen beds like the DreamCloud Original Mattress

The individually wrapped coils also contribute to this isolation, ensuring each sleeper can enjoy an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Temperature Regulation:

When it comes to temperature neutrality, the DreamCloud Original stands out.

The gel-infused memory foam layer draws heat away from the body, while the innerspring layer facilitates airflow.

This dual-action mechanism ensures the mattress remains cool, preventing sleep disturbances due to overheating.

Firmness Level:

  • Medium-Firm: This is the standard firmness level for DreamCloud, providing a balanced feel. It needs to be more soft and firm, making it suitable for many sleepers.

Edge Support:

For those who often find themselves sleeping or sitting on the edge, the DreamCloud Original doesn't disappoint.

Its reinforced perimeter ensures the edges remain stable, avoiding the common "rolling off" feeling.

This enhanced edge support also means a larger usable sleeping surface.


Gel-Infused Memory Foam: This top layer adjusts to body shape, cradling pressure points and offering relief.

  • Supportive Innerspring Coils: These provide foundational support, ensuring even weight distribution and further reducing pressure buildup.


DreamCloud Original's medium-firm setting is versatile, catering to various body types and weights.

Whether you're petite, average, or on the heavier side, this mattress offers the right balance of contouring and support.

Its hybrid construction ensures that sleepers of all weights can enjoy the foam's plush comfort and the springs' resilient support.

Helix Midnight Mattress Overview

Helix Midnight: King-size dreams come alive (Credit: Helix).

The Helix Midnight California King Mattresses are among the brand's most popular offerings, designed with those sleeping on their side in mind.

The Helix Midnight Mattress gives a hint of luxury, designed for those who desire a bed size bigger than a full-size bed but not as vast as an Alaskan king.

Pain Relief Performance:

Helix Midnight stands out when it comes to pain relief.

Its dynamic foam layers work with the innerspring system to provide optimal contouring around the shoulders and hips, typical pressure points for those sleeping on their side.

Sleepers wake up free from the aches and stiffness caused by inadequate support.

Motion Isolation:

Motion transfer can concern couples or those who share their bed. Helix Midnight tackles this with its layer of memory plus foam, which absorbs movement efficiently.

The individually wrapped coils beneath further minimize motion transfer, ensuring that restless movements from one sleeper don't disturb the other.

Temperature Regulation:

A common worry with memory foam mattresses is heat retention.

However, the Helix Midnight is designed for breathability. Its gel-infused memory foam dissipates heat, and the pocketed coil layer promotes airflow.

This ensures the mattress remains refreshingly cool, facilitating a comfortable night's sleep regardless of the season.

Firmness Level:

  • Medium: Helix Midnight is engineered with a medium firmness level, striking a balance that caters to a broad spectrum of sleepers but is particularly comforting for those sleeping on their side.

Edge Support:

A reinforced perimeter ensures the Helix Midnight offers robust edge support.

Whether sitting on the side or sleeping close to the edge, there's no feeling of instability or sagging.

This feature provides additional sleeping space and ensures the mattress's longevity.


  • Memory Plus Foam: This specialized foam provides a gentle cushioning effect, adjusting to the body's contours and alleviating pressure.
  • Pocketed Coils: The supportive coil layer ensures even weight distribution, preventing pressure point buildup and further enhancing the mattress's pressure-relieving capabilities.


Designed with versatility, the Helix Midnight can accommodate various body types and weights.

Its hybrid construction supports heavier individuals while offering plush comfort for lighter sleepers.

The medium firmness level ensures users benefit from a well-balanced sleep surface regardless of stature.

Nolah Evolution 15

Nolah Evolution: King-size comfort reimagined (Credit: Nolah).

Nolah Evolution 15 stands out among king beds due to its unique mattress dimensions. It's often chosen by those who find the twin size needs to be improved.

Pain Relief Performance:

The Nolah Evolution 15 is a game-changer in terms of pain relief. Its strategic layering ensures optimal spine alignment, reducing stress on common pain points.

Whether it's the lower back, hips, or shoulders, sleepers find that the Nolah Evolution 15 supports them in all the right places, reducing the likelihood of morning aches.

Motion Isolation:

For those who share their bed, the Nolah Evolution California King mattresses ensure that one person's movements don't become the other person's disturbances.

The high-resilience foam efficiently absorbs motion, while the independently wrapped coils further reduce motion transfer, making for undisturbed slumber, even with a restless partner.

Temperature Regulation:

Heat retention is a concern many have with mattresses. However, the Nolah Evolution 15 is crafted with cooling in mind.

The breathable foam layers and the air-circulating coil system ensure a cooler sleep.

The mattress's surface remains refreshingly neutral, allowing sleepers to rest without overheating.

Firmness Level:

  • Medium-High: The Nolah Evolution 15 offers a medium-high firmness, ensuring it's supportive yet accommodating. This level of firmness is ideal for those who seek a balanced feel – not too soft, yet not overly firm.


  • AirFoamICE™: This is Nolah’s proprietary foam. It’s designed to contour to the body, ensuring that weight is evenly distributed, reducing pressure on sensitive areas.
  • Coil System: The wrapped coil system provides a robust support core and further aids in evenly distributing weight, ensuring that pressure points are minimized.

Edge Support:

When it comes to edge support, the Nolah Evolution 15 excels. A reinforced edge system ensures the mattress's edges are as supportive as its center.

This means more usable space and a consistent sleep surface near the middle or the edge.


The Nolah Evolution 15 is versatile and accommodates various body types and weights.

Its hybrid nature ensures that it remains supportive for those on the heavier side while providing the plush comfort lighter individuals seek.

Nectar Mattress

Dive into Nectar Mattress's King-size embrace (Credit: Nectar).

Many students are graduating from college dorms, familiar with the Twin, 38 x 75 dimensions, and transitioning to the Nectar Mattress for that extra space.

Pain Relief Performance:

Pain-free mornings start with the right mattress. With its adaptive memory foam layers, the Nectar Mattress works diligently to align the spine and support the body’s natural curves.

Its specialized structure relieves common pressure points, ensuring that shoulders, hips, and lower back get the care they need, eliminating the chance of waking up with nagging pains.

Motion Isolation:

California King-size bed provides extended length and luxury. Although sleeping alongside a partner who tosses and turns can be challenging, with the Nectar Mattress, such disturbances are a thing of the past.

Its memory foam construction excels at absorbing motion, ensuring that one's movements don't ripple across the bed, allowing both individuals to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Temperature Regulation:

Overheating at night can lead to disrupted sleep. The Nectar Mattress, understanding this, integrates cooling technology into its design.

The top layer, infused with gel, pulls away excess heat, while the breathable construction promotes air circulation, ensuring sleepers remain cool throughout the night.


Medium-Firm: The Nectar Mattress strikes a balance with a medium-firm feel.

This level ensures the mattress is supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers while offering the plushness those sleeping on their side often seek.


Adaptive Memory Foam: This contouring foam ensures that the body’s weight is evenly distributed, mitigating the stress on sensitive areas.

Gel-infused Top Layer: Apart from cooling, the gel-infusion provides additional cushioning, particularly beneficial for hips and shoulders.


Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of sleepers, the Nectar Mattress supports heavier individuals while ensuring lighter folks enjoy its plushness.

Its medium-firm nature ensures versatility across various mattress preferences, body types, and sleeping positions.

Regarding body weight, the Olympic queen variant of the Nectar Mattress offers more than standard queen-size beds, measuring 60 x 80 inches.

A common query is the difference between king and California sizes. While both are wide, the California king-size mattress is longer, often fitting comfortably in master bedrooms.

Beautiful nights begin with King-Size beds (Credit: Canva).

Factors to Consider When Choosing a King-Size Mattress

Mattress sizes vary, catering to different space needs. Choosing the right mattress is crucial for quality sleep. While comfort and support are paramount, various other factors come into play, especially when considering king-size beds.

Understanding mattress size dimensions is crucial when considering bed frames, as the wrong frame can limit your room.


Your preferred sleeping position has a significant bearing on the type of mattress you should opt for:

  • Side Sleepers: Typically require a softer mattress that conforms to the body's curves, ensuring adequate support for the hips and shoulders.
  • Back Sleepers: Benefit from a medium-firm mattress. This balance ensures the lumbar region is adequately supported, preventing the back from arching too much.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Often need a firmer mattress to prevent their pelvis from sinking, which can strain the spine.

Double mattresses have long been a standard for many, but the allure of a king-sized mattress like the ones mentioned often entices people, especially those with children or pets.


Before investing in a king-size mattress, it's crucial to assess the dimensions of your master bedroom first:

  • Space Allowance: A king-size mattress requires considerable space. Ensure your room can comfortably accommodate it, with ample space for movement and additional furniture.
  • Aesthetic Balance: A massive mattress in a small room can feel overpowering. Conversely, in a large bedroom, it can be a statement piece, making the space feel cozy.
  • Access: Consider the path the mattress will take to its final spot. Tight corners, narrow hallways, or stairwells can pose challenges during delivery.


While online shopping is convenient, when it comes to mattresses:

  • Personal Feel: Spending a few minutes lying on a mattress can give you a tangible sense of comfort and support. Every individual's comfort preference is subjective; what feels like a cloud to someone might feel too soft to another.
  • Return Policy: If you opt for online shopping, ensure the company has a liberal return policy. Some companies offer sleep trials, allowing you to test the mattress for several nights.


Consider who will be using the mattress:

  • Solo Sleepers: While a king-size might seem excessive, those who move a lot in their sleep or prefer more space may find it ideal.
  • Couples: A king-size offers plenty of room for both individuals. This is particularly beneficial if one person is restless, as it minimizes sleep disturbances.
  • Families: For parents who co-sleep with their children or pets, a king-size ensures everyone has ample space.
    Compared to the King size, Twin-size mattresses are compact but offer cozy comfort. But Twin XL Mattress gives a tad more length than Twin. However, King-size beds offer unrivaled spacious luxury.



  • Setting a Budget: King-size beds come in a range of prices. Establish a budget to help narrow down options.
  • Quality Over Price: While it's tempting to go for cheaper options, remember a mattress is a long-term investment in your health and comfort. Spending more initially can ensure durability and sustained comfort in the long run.
  • Look for Deals: Mattress sales are common, especially during holidays or end-of-season sales. Waiting for a discount can allow you to get a higher-quality mattress within your budget.
    You can also consider a queen-sized bed that fits most master bedrooms perfectly.


Choosing a mattress can feel overwhelming, given the plethora of options:

  • Salespeople: Leveraging their knowledge can be invaluable. They can guide you based on your preferences, providing insights you might not have considered.
  • Reviews: Today, many online platforms offer detailed customer reviews. These real-world experiences can provide a clearer picture of what to expect.
  • Professional Advice: If you have specific health concerns or chronic pains, consulting a healthcare professional can guide your choice, ensuring your mattress aids rather than hinders your health.

While the vastness of a king-size mattress can be a luxurious addition to your bedroom, making an informed decision is vital.

Get the best nights with Winkbeds King-Size beds (Credit: Winkbeds).

The king-size bed dimensions vs. the other mattress dimensions

King-size beds offer expansive space, surpassing most mattress sizes and dimensions, making them ideal for couples or families who co-sleep.

However, they might be overwhelming for small rooms. A twin mattress is ideal for smaller spaces or single sleepers, while a twin XL size mattress provides added length, fitting tall individuals better.

Two twin XL mattresses together equal a king mattress, offering versatility. A full-size bed and a twin-size mattress often share the same length, but full-size bed dimensions offer more width, perfect for growing teens.

Queen-size bed balance space and compactness, suitable for most couples.

On the other hand, California king beds are longer but narrower than standard kings, catering to taller sleepers. Bunk beds maximize vertical space in smaller rooms. King mattresses require larger horizontal footprints, offering unparalleled comfort for couples in spacious bedrooms. Bunks target children; kings target adults.

For taller individuals who do not want a King bed, twin XL beds or a full XL mattress are advantageous, with the added mattress thickness ensuring comfort.

Lastly,please remember: whether you opt for a single mattress, double bed, or even an RV mattress, prioritize comfort to ensure restful every night.


Selecting the perfect king-size mattress is a blend of personal preference, practical considerations, and informed choices.

Your mattress is more than just a sleeping surface; it invests in your well-being, ensuring restorative sleep and comfort.

By factoring in your sleeping style, bedroom dimensions, personal trial, number of users, budget constraints, and seeking expert advice when needed, you pave the way for a sleep experience tailored to your needs.

As you choose the right mattress, remember that quality sleep translates to a healthier and more productive life.

Choose wisely and sleep soundly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a king-size bed in feet?

A normal king-size bed measures approximately 6.33 feet in width and 6.67 feet in length. This translates to 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. However, bed dimensions vary slightly based on the specific design and region. Please always check manufacturer specifications when you purchase.

How big is a Texas King mattress?

A Texas King mattress measures 80 inches wide by 98 inches long, translating to approximately 6.67 feet in width and 8.17 feet in length. It's larger than the standard king-size, offering more space for those wanting extra room or sharing the bed with multiple family members or pets.

Is a king-size bed 7 feet?

No, a standard king-size bed is not 7 feet in length. Typically, it measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, roughly 6.33 feet in width and 6.67 feet in length. Only certain larger variants, like the Texan King mattress, surpass 7 feet in length.

What is the actual size of a king-size bed in feet?

A normal king-size bed measures approximately 6.33 feet in width (76 inches) and 6.67 feet in length (80 inches). This provides ample space for two adults to sleep comfortably, making it a popular choice for master bedrooms.

How much bigger is a king than a queen-size mattress?

A king-size bed is wider than a queen mattress by 16 inches. While both measure 80 inches long, a king is 76 inches wide, and a queen is 60 inches wide. This difference offers couples more space or room for children or pets to snuggle.

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