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Imagine a mattress specifically designed for heavier sleepers, providing optimal comfort, durability, and support for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

The Big Fig Mattress combines high-quality, durable materials with innovative features to create a sleeping surface tailored to people with bigger figures.

In this comprehensive Big Fig mattress review, we’ll dive into the bed, examining its performance factors, construction, foundation compatibility, and expert opinions to help you decide whether it’s the right mattress.

Short Summary

  • The Big Fig Mattress is the best mattress for plus-sized sleepers, offering superior temperature control, edge support, and motion isolation.
  • It offers features beneficial to deep sleepers but may only be suitable for some individuals depending on their sleeping preferences and body types.

This Big Fig mattress review incorporates expert opinions from Certified Sleep Science Coaches to provide unbiased insights and recommendations.


The Stories of People Who Have Comfort and Deep Sleep WIth the Big Fig Mattress

Why It is the Best Mattress For Those Needing a More Robust Design

Finding the best mattress online can be overwhelming, particularly for individuals with a larger body frame. The Big Fig Mattress stands out in the market and is the ideal solution for this demographic. Here are the three reasons why it's the best option:

Specially Designed for Larger Frames:

Unlike standard mattresses, the Big Fig performs very well as it is engineered to support bigger figures up to 500 pounds, providing unrivaled comfort and stability. The 13-inch thickness and medium-firm firmness level (rated 6 out of 10) ensure a relaxing sleep aligned with the needs of plus-sized individuals.

With a thickness of 13 inches, similar to some memory foam mattresses, this hybrid mattress offers a medium-firm firmness level, rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Proudly standing atop Big Fig's unyielding support

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Robust Construction and Durability:

One of the standout features of the Big Fig bed is its anticipated longevity.

Built to last at least 10 years and potentially up to 20, and with its durable materials, the mattress's design prioritizes pressure point relief and support for stomach and back sleepers.

The 20-year warranty is a testament to its quality, offering a secure and lasting investment.

Ease of Purchase and White Glove Delivery:

Exclusively available on the Big Fig website, purchasing this mattress online is a hassle-free experience.

The added perks of free shipping within the U.S., including white glove delivery, add to its appeal.

The firm bed is exclusively available on the Big Fig website, making it easy to purchase a mattress online and benefit from free shipping, including white glove delivery, in the U.S.

In conclusion, the Big Fig Mattress addresses the unique requirements of heavier individuals, combining specialized design, robust construction, and convenient purchasing options. It's a trailblazing product that has set new standards in sleep comfort for plus sized sleepers.

Families cherish their Big Fig moments

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Price Range of the Mattress

Twin: $ 1099.00

Twin XL: $1199.00

Full: $ 1299.00

Queen: $ 1499.00

King: $ 1699.00

California King: $ 1699.00

Split King: $ 2399.00

Big Fig Mattress Performance Factors

When choosing a good mattress, it’s essential to consider performance factors such as temperature control, edge support, off-gassing, pressure relief, and motion isolation.

The firmer mattresses excel in all these areas, offering a cool and comfortable sleep experience, strong edge support, minimal off-gassing, pain relief, and good motion isolation.

Customer feedback on the firmness and support the Big Figure Mattress provided has been overwhelmingly positive.

The mattress is rated to support individuals weighing up to 550 pounds and couples up to 1,100 pounds, making it an excellent choice for heavier folks. Furthermore, the dense foams used in the Big Fig Mattress resist sagging and mattress indentations, ensuring a long-lasting and durable sleeping surface.

Firmness and Thickness

Medium-firm bed: 6 out of 10

12 inches thick

4 layers of foam: gel-infused latex, high-density memory foam, high-density poly foam, and high-density base foam

No box spring required: The Big Fig Mattress, with its maximum weight capacity, supports medium-firm mattresses effectively without needing a box spring.

Performance Highlights

Pressure relief: The Big Fig Mattress is designed to relieve pressure points on the body, making it a good choice for people with back pain, hip pain, and other aches and pains.

Support: The medium-firm bed provides good support for the spine, even for heavy sleepers.

Cooling: The gel-infused latex layer helps to keep the Big Fig mattress cool and comfortable.

Motion isolation: The mattress absorbs motion well, so you won't be disturbed by your partner's movements.

Big Fig: The ultimate sleep companion.

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Temperature Control

Most mattresses seem incompatible for Those seeking extra support. One of the standout features of the Big Fig Mattress is its superior temperature regulation.

It doesn’t matter if you naturally sleep hot or want a cool and comforting sleep environment; this medium-firm bed is designed to cater to your needs.

With cutting-edge ThermoGel cooling technology, the Big Fig Mattress ensures that plus-sized sleepers remain cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The responsive material is refreshing and effectively dissipates body heat, contributing to a relaxed sleep experience.

Enhanced Airflow and Cooling Technology

In addition to the ThermoGel cooling technology, this Big Fig goes further with two additional cooling features: a perforated foam layer and a tall, coiled latex layer.

These strategically designed elements work in unison to promote airflow, enhancing the mattress's temperature regulation properties, which are very good against excessive body heat.

The perforated foam layer allows air to circulate, while the coiled layer adds an extra dimension of breathability. The combination of these features guarantees that you’ll stay cool and assures that you'll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Mattress’s temperature control is a testament to its commitment to providing a sleep experience tailored to modern needs and preferences.

Big Fig's edge: superior in durability.

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Edge support

A Crucial Feature For Support

Edge support is essential to a mattress, especially for those who sleep with a partner or move around often during the night.

It can significantly impact the overall comfort and quality of sleep. The Big Fig Mattress has tackled this issue head-on, offering top-notch edge support with firm foam encasement.

This innovation ensures that sleepers will never experience the unsettling sensation of collapsing the side of the bed when close to the edge. The secure feeling provided by the Big Fig robust edge support enhances the entire sleep experience.

The Benefits of Unmatched Edge Support

The Big Fig Mattress doesn't just stop at providing edge support; it excels. Its firm foam encasement ensures an even sleeping surface to the edges, an essential feature for those sharing the bed or having an active sleep pattern.

With the medium-firm bed, the fear of feeling unsupported or unstable near the edge of the bed is a thing of the past.

This high stability translates to more peaceful and restful nights, making this Big Fig ideal for various sleepers. Its robust edge support affirms quality and comfort plus sleepers, underlining the brand's commitment to delivering a truly restorative sleep experience.

Big Fig and pets: a perfect pairing.

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A Common Concern with Big Fig Mattresses

Off-gassing, a process where volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released upon unboxing, can concern many when purchasing a new mattress. With the Big Fig Mattress, this off-gassing aligns with other hybrid beds.

Quick Dissipation with A big fig mattress with memory foam and pocketed coil layer

Although a new Big Fig Mattress may have an initial smell due to off-gassing, consumers can rest easy knowing that this odor typically dissipates within 24 to 48 hours.

You can quickly enjoy your new mattress without lingering or unpleasant scents, embracing a fresh and comfortable sleep experience.

Pressure relief of the Big Fig Mattresses

The Big Fig stands as a bed that is designed to provide optimal comfort and support to sleepers weighing over 130 pounds, particularly for back and stomach sleepers.

Its medium-firm firmness level ensures the hybrid mattress offers adequate pressure point relief, reducing the risk of developing pain or discomfort throughout the night. Experience the difference with a big fig bed tailored to your needs.

However, it’s worth noting that the Big Fig may be too firm for certain body types and individuals, particularly side sleepers and those with lighter body weight. A mattress with more sinkage to cushion pressure points may be more suitable in such cases.

Big Fig: where innovation meets sleep.

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Motion isolation

A Must-Have for Couples

Motion isolation is vital for those sharing a bed, as it minimizes movement disruptions from one side of the bed to the other.

This quality can significantly enhance sleep quality for couples, allowing both partners to rest peacefully. The Big Fig medium-firm Mattress recognizes this need and offers excellent motion transfer capabilities.

Uninterrupted Sleep with the Mattress

The Big Fig Mattress ensures that even if one person tends to toss and turn during the night, the other sleeper remains undisturbed. Its design prioritizes motion isolation, enabling both partners to enjoy a serene night's sleep without interruptions.

If you're looking for a medium-firm mattress that respects individual sleep patterns while promoting joint comfort, the Big Fig Mattress could be the ideal choice for couples.

A couple joyfully unboxing their Big Fig mattress.

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Pros & Cons Analyzed


Exceptional Support for Heavier Sleepers

The Big Fig mattress is specifically crafted for individuals with heavier bodies, providing unmatched support. Its high-density foams resist sagging and indentations, ensuring a durable, long-lasting surface that maintains comfort and integrity.

It supports five times the weight and includes a bed frame, box spring, and individually wrapped coils. For old mattress owners, free repair adds value.

Outstanding Temperature Regulation

Heavier sleepers will appreciate Big Fig's exceptional temperature regulation. Equipped with advanced cooling technology, it ensures a comfortable and refreshing sleep experience tailored to those who need robust temperature control.

This couple trusts Big Fig's sturdy design.

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Superior Edge Support

Edge support is another strong suit of the Big Fig Mattress. Its poly foam encasement ensures stability even near the edges, enhancing the overall sleeping experience for those with a larger build.

The Big Fig mattress, a firm bed built for heavier folks, offers a top layer with air flow and transition layers designed for back and stomach sleepers.

Excellent Motion Transfer

Heavier individuals, especially those sharing a bed, will benefit from the Big Fig's good motion transfer. It minimizes disturbances from one side to the other, providing peaceful sleep.


It may Be Too Firm for Some

The Big Fig Mattress may be unsuitable for lighter or side sleepers, who might find it too firm for their needs. While beneficial for heavier bodies, this rigidity might not provide optimal comfort for others.

Consider Your Sleeping Preferences

Choosing the Big Fig Mattress requires careful consideration of your sleeping preferences and body types. Though it offers remarkable benefits for heavier sleepers, there may be better fits for everyone. Some may consider it a too-expensive mattress.

Understanding the Mattress Features and Benefits

Every layer in Big Fig promises quality.

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The Big Figure Mattress boasts many features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for those with a bigger figure.

The hybrid mattress provides optimal comfort and support for plus-sized sleepers by combining gel-infused latex foam, memory foam, pocketed coil layer, and a high-density polyfoam base.

With big fig mattresses, you can expect a restful night’s sleep tailored to your needs.

In this section, we’ll explore each of these features in more detail, helping you better understand the mattress’s construction and advantages.

By understanding the unique combination of durable materials and technologies used in the Big Fig Mattress, you’ll be better equipped to decide if it’s best for you and your sleeping needs.

Gel-Infused Latex Foam

Cooling Comfort: Gel Latex Foam

The gel latex foam layer in the Big Fig Mattress is not just an addition but a significant component that redefines comfort. It's designed with a dual purpose: to provide cooling and pressure relief for plus-sized sleepers.

The infusing gel in the latex foam ensures enhanced airflow and breathability, a crucial feature for those who tend to sleep hot. This innovative latex comfort layer maintains a refreshing sleep environment, helping you stay cool and relaxed throughout a good night's sleep.

Big Fig: Redefining mattress excellence.

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Pressure Relief and Contouring

Beyond its cooling properties, the gel latex foam layer excels in contouring your body and alleviating pressure points.

This pressure points relief feature caters to each sleeper's unique shape and average weight, allowing for a personalized comfort experience. Whether settling down after a long day or recovering from strenuous activities, this poly foam layer gently supports pressure areas like the shoulders, hips, and back.

By offering both cooling and pressure-relieving properties, the gel latex comfort layer stands as a testament to the Big Fig Mattress's commitment to providing a luxurious and rejuvenating sleep experience.

It is indeed a crucial element that elevates the overall comfort and performance of the mattress, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of sleepers.

The Best Memory Foam Mattress For for a Bigger Body Frame

Memory foam is another key component of the Big Figure Mattress, providing contouring support and additional pressure point relief for sleepers.

The memory foam layer in the memory foam mattress adapts to the shape of other mattresses and your body impressions, offering personalized comfort and support while reducing the risk of developing pain or discomfort at night.

This contouring support is particularly beneficial for heavy sleepers, ensuring that the mattress adequately supports their unique body shape and weight distribution.

Pocketed Coil Support Comfort Layer

Targeted Support and Durability

The Big Fig Mattress's pocketed coil layer is more than just a structural component; it's a tailored solution for heavier sleepers seeking comfort and support.

Comprising up to 1,600 individually wrapped coils (in king size) constructed from robust 15 gauge wire, this latex comfort layer also provides targeted support to critical areas like the spine, shoulders, and hips.

The individualized nature of the pocketed coils allows them to contour to the body, keeping the spine aligned and providing relief where it's needed most.

This innovative design adds to comfort and significantly enhances the mattress's durability.

A Customer ready to unbox their the Big Fig mattress.

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A Perfect Blend of Pocketed Coils and High-Density Foam

The edge support of the Big Fig Mattress provides owes its strength to the combination of pocketed coils and high-density foam. This collaboration ensures the mattress offers a uniform sleeping surface up to the edges.

The reinforcement provided by dense foam surrounding the pocketed coil layer delivers a secure feeling even when close to the edge of the bed.

For those with larger body size, this blend of coils and poly foam provides the necessary support and stability, ensuring a peaceful and restful night's sleep. It's a thoughtful design that underlines the mattress's commitment to offering a quality sleep experience for heavier individuals.

High-Density Polyfoam Base

Providing a Stable Foundation:

The density polyfoam base in the Big Fig Mattress is a critical structural component, anchoring the entire mattress and providing a firm and resilient foundation.

This base layer is integral to the mattress's longevity and ability to maintain shape and comfort through years of daily use.

It acts as a reinforcing layer, bolstering the support system to ensure the mattress remains robust and resistant to wear and tear.

Big Fig's edge ensures consistent support.

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Tailored Support for Heavier Sleepers

Meeting the Needs of Heavier Sleepers:

Heavier sleepers often face the challenge of finding a mattress that accommodates their average weight without sacrificing comfort.

The Big Figure Mattress, with its high-density polyfoam base, is crafted to meet this specific requirement.

This tailored support ensures the bed can comfortably sustain heavier individuals without concern for sagging or diminished support over time.

Stability and Durability

The high-density polyfoam base provides a typical foundation for the Big Fig Mattress. Its focus on stability and durability ensures that the mattress maintains its form and comfort throughout its lifespan.

The design specifically targets the concerns of deep sleepers, offering a solid structure that supports without compromising on comfort.

Peace of Mind and Long-Lasting Solution

The design of the Big Fig Mattress not only guarantees immediate comfort for deep sleepers but offers a long-term solution.

The high-density polyfoam base ensures the mattress will not sag or lose its supportive qualities, allowing for a consistently restful sleep experience.

By prioritizing stability, durability, and tailored support, the Mattress emerges as a reliable and thoughtful solution for those seeking a mattress that truly understands and caters to their unique sleeping needs.

The couple is the process of unboxing the Big Fig bed.

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Big Fig Foundation and Bed Frame Compatibility

The Big Fig Mattress is compatible with various bed frames and foundations, ensuring you can find the perfect setup for your sleeping needs. The company recommends several options for a bed foundation.

These include platform beds, adjustable frames with a built-in base, wood slats, and sturdy foundations. The mattress, featuring 18 slats and double center rails, is available for purchase, offering a specialized solution designed to support the mattress properly.

However, if you already have a foundation you prefer, you may opt out of the Big Fig foundation and save $100. Just ensure your existing foundation is compatible with the Big Fig bed by consulting the information provided on the company website.

By offering a specialized foundation and compatibility with various bed frames, the Mattress ensures you can find the perfect support system for your needs.

Big Fig's sturdy design Is adaptable to all sleep positions.

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Alternatives to Big Fig Mattress: Comparison to Other Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses: The Big Fig Mattress is a hybrid mattress, which means that it combines foam and latex layers. Hybrid mattresses are known for providing good pressure relieving features and support.

Other medium-firm mattresses: The Big Fig Mattress is a medium-firm mattress, which is a good choice for most sleepers. It is not too soft or hard, providing a good balance of comfort and support.

Let's look at them side-by-side:

Big Fig vs. WinkBed Plus

WinkBed Plus

Designed for Heavier Sleepers: Similarities

The Big Figure Mattress and the WinkBed Plus Mattress are specifically designed to accommodate heavier sleepers. They offer strong support systems and durable construction to cater to individuals with heavier body weights' unique needs, ensuring comfort and stability.

Target Audience: Variations in Sleeping Styles

While the Big Fig mattresses primarily focus on providing support for deep sleepers, the WinkBed Plus extends its design to cater to combination sleepers, back sleepers, and couples. This broader focus may make WinkBed Plus a more versatile option for different sleeping styles.

Comfort and Support: Shared Qualities

The Big Fig and WinkBed Plus mattresses prioritize providing sufficient support without compromising comfort. Their designs include features that ensure proper alignment, pressure relief, and a restful night's sleep, appealing to those looking for a balance between firmness and comfort.

Making the Right Choice: Weighing the Options

While the Big Fig Mattress and WinkBed Plus share a target audience regarding weight, their variations in catering to different sleeping positions and styles may influence the buying decision. By understanding these similarities and differences, consumers can make a more informed choice that aligns with their specific sleeping needs and preferences.

Big Fig vs. The Helix Plus Mattress

This Helix Mattress is perfect for plus sized sleepers.

Helix Plus Mattress

Tailored to Heavier Sleepers: A Common Goal

The Big Fig Mattress and The Helix Plus Mattress are firm mattresses that properly support heavier sleepers. The underlying design principle for these mattresses centers on providing adequate support and durability for those with larger body sizes, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience.

Cooling Solutions: A Distinct Feature of Helix Plus

While Big Fig offers temperature regulation features, The Helix Plus Mattress specifically targets heavier side sleepers who require additional cooling. The design of Helix Plus emphasizes temperature control to enhance the comfort of those who tend to sleep hot, setting it apart from the Big Fig.

Side Sleepers' Needs: Helix Plus's Special Focus

While the Big Fig Mattress is specifically designed for the general needs of deep sleepers, The Helix Plus takes a more specialized approach by focusing on side sleepers. This targeted design might make Helix Plus more suitable for those who predominantly sleep on their sides.

Choosing What Suits You: An Informed Decision

Comparing the Big Fig and The Helix Plus Mattresses highlights shared aims and distinct features. Understanding these similarities and differences is key to making an informed decision that aligns with your unique sleeping style and needs.

Whether it’s the all-around support of Big Fig or the specialized cooling and side-sleeping focus of Helix Plus, your decision will depend on your requirements and preferences.

Expert Opinions of a Certified Sleep Science Coach

Dr. W. Chris Winter, author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It, recommends that plus-size people choose a bed that is firm enough to provide support without being too hard. He also says the mattress should be comfortable enough to sleep on all night.

In his book, Dr. Winter cites studies that show that sleeping on a supportive mattress can help to improve sleep quality for people of all weights. He also emphasizes the importance of comfort and pressure point relief when choosing mattresses.

Engaging the services of a Certified Sleep Science Coach can yield personalized feedback and guidance on enhancing sleep quality and the ability to track progress through health trackers.

By incorporating expert opinions from Certified Sleep Science Coaches in this Big Fig Mattress review, we aim to provide unbiased insights and recommendations for potential buyers.


The Big Fig Mattress reviews revealed that the bed is a top-tier option for heavier sleepers seeking a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.

With its innovative combination of gel latex foam, memory foam, pocketed coil support layer, and high-density polyfoam base, the mattress offers superior temperature regulation, edge support, motion isolation, and pressure relief. The Big Fig foundation and bed frame compatibility also ensure you can find the perfect support system.

While the Big Figure Mattress may not be suitable for all individuals, particularly lighter sleepers or side sleepers, its unique features and construction cater to the needs of those with a bigger figure.

By considering expert opinions and exploring alternative options, you can decide whether the Big Fig Mattress is the right choice for you, ultimately leading to a better night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Big Fig Mattress Review

How long does a Big Fig Mattress last?

The Big Fig Mattress is designed with durability, especially for deep sleepers. With its high-density foams and strong support system, it is crafted to resist sagging and indentations. Though individual experiences may vary, the mattress typically offers a lifespan that aligns with or exceeds industry standards.

What is the firmness of a Big Fig Mattress?

The Big Fig Mattress is engineered to provide a firmer feel, catering to the needs of deep sleepers. Its construction includes high-density foams and a robust support system, offering a level of firmness intended to provide optimal support and comfort for individuals with larger body sizes.

Do you need to flip a Big Fig Mattress?

No, the Big Fig Mattress is designed with a specific top and bottom, so flipping it is unnecessary. Instead, it's recommended to rotate the mattress 180 degrees every few months to promote even wear. This maintenance helps ensure that the mattress retains its comfort and support characteristics over time.

Can you try a Big Fig Mattress?

Yes, many companies selling the Big Figure Mattress offer trial periods, allowing customers to test the mattress at home. This trial period allows one to determine if the mattress meets individual comfort and support needs. It's always best to check with the retailer for their trial terms and conditions.

Is the Big Fig Mattress suitable for side sleepers?

The Big Figure Mattress is designed for deep sleepers and offers a firmer feel. While it provides adequate support, some side sleepers may find it too firm, especially if they prefer a softer surface that contours more to the body. Individual preferences and comfort needs will vary. The Big Fig Mattress may be suitable for some side sleepers, though it might be too firm for those with lighter body weight.


Dr. W. Chris Winter. The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It. Berkley; Reprint edition. 2018.

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